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About this City Journal

A new city journal from Exla357, Terra Nova chronicles the developement of various regions from intricately detailed mountain lakes and streams to suburbia to huge Megalopoli.

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epigone: Thanks for your comment! The wait is over...

terring: Thank you for stopping by, Elias. Your comments and feedback are appreciated :yes:

DCMetro34: Hey there, DC, nice to have you here!

NMUSpidey: Actually, it stands for United Union of Simnation, but nothing is set in stone....who knows, it could stand for that :D Wow, a five star rating with one update? That would be awesome!

Thanks to everyone for their comments and feedback, this is the kind of stuff that keeps me going!


Okay, okay, I knew you guys would love that pic. Sad news is that the only part of that city that is done is the part that I took the picture from. DON'T WORRY, you'll see it, just in another (soon to come) update. THIS update focuses on a sudden wave of interest I got in RHW interchanges. I was wanting to make a realistic looking, unique, three way interchange. To make it realistic I would uses grade separated overpasses, lighting, FARHW, signage, etc. I was very pleased with the result. Here is the fruit of my labors, in a step by step process. ENJOY!

A note about my pictures:I take all my pics in full screen. As a result, they are massive. I resize them to 800x600 to keep loading times down and to make sure they fit all monitors. However, if you would like to view them in full size (I can't remember my resolution, I think it's 1024x?), all you have to do is click on the image.

1.1: I'll start out with a nice piece of land from Santa Barbara. Here, I'm using:

Olympic Terrain Mod

Olympic Coast Tree Controller

Brigantine Water (Though visible in this pic)


1.2: The site of this 90 degree curve will be where the interchange goes. I have leveled the area and turned the grid on:


1.3: I build the first ramps. The north side is graded using land and the south isn't. You'll see why later:


1.4: I needed space to make the FAMIS connection:


1.5: Next, I build the Southbound-Westbound connection ramp.


1.6: For the Eastbound-Northbound ramp, I use a FARHW 6s-Dual 4 splitter and tunnel it under the main overpass area:


1.7: I finish the loop ramp and add the final connection, Westbound-Northbound. The interchange is almost complete...


1.8...It just needed some landscaping and eyecandy. There is the finished interchange. The highway coming from the bottom is the WestboundxEastbound, as is the one from the right. The new freeway is the one going north out of the shot. You like it?:


1.9: And here is a directional guide:

Kudos if you can spot my fail


That's all the time I have right now. Comments and feedback are welcome. Thanks for your time!


PS: To all you lurkers out there, that little sidebar at the right hand side of this entry shows who has visited.....so if you think you can get away with not commenting...well...you can, but I will know about it! :lol:


Hey there, thanks for stopping by!


Some of you may know me from here, SC4Devotion, or YouTube. I am all over the place.

After about 8 months of browsing around SimCity 4 custom content and forums, and starting an MD and CJ, I realized that my SC4 inspiration jumps around too much to be committed to one thing (Greater Lambourq Region, all I had was skyscrapers, etc.). That gave me the idea to start Terra Nova, which is more of an all-around type thing. For those of you familiar with my MD on SC4D, Californian Cities, don't worry, I will be continuing with it on a regular basis. I am also pondering whether to have one of those You-Build-It things; only time will tell, eh?

That's all I have for now, comments and suggestions are welcome. Expect an update sometime next week.


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