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I recently made a bid for the AIN Expo at the Alliance of Independent Nations, which unfortunately failed. So I decided to post it here!


Daloa, the third largest city in Illu'a, will try to prove its worth by hosting the AIN Expo 2011.

First off, I would like to say "Welcome to Daloa!"


The Daloa skyline at night. Sorry guys, no world record tall buildings or giant 24/7 video screens here.


We have never been about that since our founding in 1707, our rapid growth after the 1898 Treaty of Daloa, and even as we bid for the AIN Expo. This picture is of Downtown Daloa immediately after the treaty was signed.


Instead, we strive to create a harmony with the city and the nature surrounding it. A 15 minute drive west from Downtown Daloa brings us to the Urban Development Boundary. All development beyond agriculture cannot go beyond this boundary without going through a long, bureaucratic process.


At the western end of the border, there is the Abbot National Park. Known for rich wildlife and recreational opportunities close to Daloa, all visitors to the Expo can experience the natural beauty of Illu'a.


Within the city, there's more fun. First Avenue, the most famous fashion area in Illu'a, is located in Downtown.


The Lilastad is one of the older districts in the city, known for a large variety of cultures and the famous Daloa Hot Dog, wrapped in deep fried bacon, and topped with gravy and bread crumbs.


Of course there's Downtown, serving the droves of commuters and businessmen that populate Daloa.


Going farther north, there is the small town spirit of towns like Cambridge.


For those that really like education, the Lordside-Illu'a National Laboratory and Museum is near Cambridge, researching scientific breakthroughs since 1949.


Businesses and stores work through the night.


The Daloa Waterfront in the early morning. Here, merchants and store owners are preparing for locals and tourists alike.


In the meantime, students at Daloa University are preparing for classes.

In Daloa, there are a variety of hotels guests can book. For the sake of convenience, I will show you our best hotels in the city.


This is a render of the Crown Hotel, slated to be complete by the time the Expo starts. It is the only beachfront hotel within five kilometers of the Expo.


The Hotel Pondside is a newly built hotel showcasing a retreat to nature within the city. A variety of trees from local forests have been planted within the hotel-owned park. Inside the building is a gym, a restaurant above a large aquarium, and a small greenhouse where hotel exclusive fruits and vegetables are grown. Right across the street is the site of the Expo (to be revealed soon)


For those who don't really care about the free park with the hotel, there is the Comlax by Daloa Station. The Comax (building with the helipad) is the best hotel in Daloa for people on the go. With the fastest hotel broadband in any Daloa hotel, complimentary travel lounges and massages, and convenient transportation access, many come out of the Comax better then when they came in. About a kilometer away from the Expo, this hotel can be easily reached by taxi or Light Rail.

From the Hotel Pondside picture, you could catch a glimpse of the Expo grounds. But here, for the first time, is a picture of the full expo grounds!


The Expo grounds are going to be built over an underutilized part of inner Daloa. The site used to contain decaying industry and a freeway interchange. For the Expo, the freeway has been routed underground. All Expo pavilions will be built on the stretches of grass. This open design ensures free creativity when nations decide on their pavilion buildings.


At the center of the Expo grounds is the Norman Noblax Center. The Noblax will be a major landmark, gathering place, and event center. For the Expo, taxis and designated shuttle buses will drop off visitors right at the Noblax.


This building will house up to four of the Expo pavilions (one of them being Illu'a). All other pavilions will be built by their respective countries on the stretches of grass.


With the Daloa Expo Grounds, we took great care to ensure as much integration with the city as possible. This Expo is for the citizens of Daloa as much as it is for the representatives of other nations.

I'm sure that many of you are wondering how a city the size of Daloa is going to handle a traffic problem the size of the AIN Expo. Trust me, we have that covered.


Daloa Henry Edwards International Airport is the main airport for Daloa and a secondary airport for Colbitz. The airport is able to easily handle 900 plane movements a day.


In order to handle the increase in flights, a new International Terminal was built with 10 widebody gates.



In addition to the new terminal, the cargo area of the airport has been greatly expanded. All cargo will be loaded and unloaded swiftly and without harm.

If the airport goes over capacity, the Illu'a freight network can transfer freight smoothly from three other areas in Illu'a.



There are two possible ways to get from the airport to the Expo by mass transit. One way is to take the first completed segment of Illu'a High Speed Rail from the airport to Daloa Station (the one to the right). From there, it is a couple short stops to the Expo. The other way to get to the Expo is to take the X40 bus and transfer to the NDT Silver Line. This is the slower, cheaper option.


Expo traffic is planned in Daloa to maximize the use of mass transit. There are six designated places to Park and Ride. If you want to avoid the hassles of Expo traffic, you can park your car at a Park+Ride, then take light rail all the way to the Expo. Trains will run 24/7 with headways as small as three minutes during the Expo.


Even with all the transit options out there, some visitors still might want to drive around the city. While not an automobile paradise, Daloa still has a major freeway going through it. The IL30 goes directly from Henry Edwards Airport to Downtown.


The first route into Daloa is the Ted Kelley Memorial Bridge. It leads directly into Downtown Daloa.


The second route goes across the Ashcroft City Bridge, which leads to off-ramps underneath the Expo Grounds.


If you are arriving by tour bus, taxi, or want to drive all the way to the Expo, the main automobile entrance is on the east side. Tour buses and private vehicles park in the upper area of this picture, where they are then shuttled to the Norman Noblax Center. Special taxis can directly access the Norman Noblax Center.


If your feet are tired of walking around the Expo, there is a frequent, reliable tram service within the boundaries of the Expo Grounds.


This is a speech attached to the bid.

Hello. I am Edward Pitt, President of Illu'a. As you already know, we are five days away from deciding the city that will hose the 2011 AIN Expo. I would like to say on the behalf of Illu'a that we are eager to welcome the many nations of the AIN to Daloa. Out of all of Illu'a, there is no better city to host the Expo than Daloa.


I live in Colbitz, and I have to admit I love it there. But I was born and raised in Daloa for over 35 years, and I know personally the spirit throughout the city. It's a city of bold goals and big dreams, a city that thrives on creativity, a city that shows what is possible in the world.


In Daloa, the old and new are blended flawlessly together, making a city that is unique in every way. Millions of people go in and out of the city every year not only for what's at the center, but also for the vast expanses of nature that are part of Daloa's lifestyle. Daloa is already the greenest city in Illu'a, with over 40% of all power generated by renewable sources. We have planned the Expo to be near the city center, accessible from almost everywhere in the city by mass transit.


Everyone in our nation, from the small towns to the federal government, is committed to the success of this Expo. The City of Daloa, the Province of Abbot, both houses of Congress, thousands of volunteers from all over the nation, and myself, all support this bid. Illu'a supports this bid.


Illu'ans know that if you reach high enough, you can do anything. If you choose Daloa for the Expo, I will promise you that Daloa will make the AIN proud. Thank you.



I'm testing out this concept where I show you the elaborate plans I have for everything that never appears in a normal U-Build-It update using some experimental stylistic things.

I would like to introduce you to Cambridge as a whole. The red boxes indicate the parts that you may have seen from U-Build-It. HERE and HERE. Note that the boxes are not 100% accurate.


And now for the explanation of the area. The town of Cambridge is supposed to be a resting point for travelers from Daloa to northern Illu'a. It continued to flourish as a very small town until the railroad was built straight through it. From there, Cambridge expanded to around the present ring/bypass road and freeway. In the 1960's, suburbanization creeped in, along with a large contract for a laboratory. Within a decade, new construction surrounded the old town. Today, the core is considered the 'center' of the entire area along with the laboratory.


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