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Buruu Region

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About this City Journal

Follow the stories of many mayors as they develop, plan and grow their cities.

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Greetings friends! I come to you with a mini-update of sorts. Not too much has happened overall in Buruu since the intro, but I did get 2 new mods: RHW and NWM. So far, I have not used NWM. However I did spend a good deal of time playing around with the RHW. I'll share the results a little further down. But first...


Coppertown2 - Thanks! Some areas are still very haphzardly complete, or more along the lines of my old style of play: zone only dense, 6x6 grid and pack 'em in. So far, I'm pleased with the results of the change in playstyle.

JGellock - Thanks for reading. The layout will definitely keep in this style as I expand. I'm not too sure what you mean by urban renewal in this case, but certainly there are areas to improve. The region views look fairly nice, and though Duffton is quite established, some of the other cities have problem I've yet to fix... but thats for another update!

Current Region View:


As you can see, not too much has changed. I've expanded Northburg and improved the high tech sector in the northwest of Buruu City. In addition, the highway between Xenoxos and Duffton has undergone some... experimentation with RHW.

Real Highway Mod Experimentation

First I want to tip my hat to the creators of this thing because, the results you can produce with it are simply amazing. Thanks guys! For me though, I'm just unsure if I want to take on the time investment. Maxis interchanges take about 3 seconds to plop. It took me about 3 hours to figure out and on/off ramp from avenue and you don't even want to know how long the trumpet interchange took. That said, I'm fairly pleased with the results! And here they are. My first RHW interchanges!



I already mentioned my first concern with RHW: time. But my second is: space. The on/off above is already pretty tight... and while it looks nice, I feel like it already takes up too much space. I prefer the look of highways really being tightly woven into the city, mostly because it preserves the look of density and doesn't break the city up into chunks. But on the other hand RHW looks great and realistic compares to the hideous maxis interchanges.

But what really concerns me about space is THIS:


How the devil I'm going to get RHW + interchanges through there I haven't the faintest, all the while preserving the CBD I worked so hard to build.

I'm definitely curious what you guys think about this situation. Questions and comments are welcome!


Greetings! Welcome to Buruu!

Simcitizens have already begun to settle down in the region, which is currently home to 1,050,000 of them.

Lets take a look at the map of the region, shall we?

(Clicky for full res)


... And what about the transit?


Buruu at a glance: cities and towns

Hay guyz, what you got goin on in dat region dere...

I'll show you!

Duffton is currently the largest city and the commercial center in the region. It is home to over 500,000 sims. The city itself is located slightly inland from pirate bay along the Buruu River, and is criss-crossed by many smaller streams. Duffton's urban sprawl is affecting the neighboring regions greatly, and many sims commute into the city to work in offices, while others may need to commute out to all the industry that has been pushed out of the city limits. You can see here the highway weaves through downtown as it passes Duffton's Memorial Park.


Kremkrok is an industrial town that grew up on the outskirts of Duffton. This area employs many of Duffton's citizen, especially the poor, working in the vast industrial sector. Heavy industry and pollution are serious problems in this city, and recently Duffton's mayor, Duff has grow concerned about pollution washing down the rivers into his city. However the promise of jobs, open lawns, and space make Kremkrok a fast growing area in the region. But as long as mayor King K. Rool (king of what? his own made up world?) continues to subsidize industry, Kremkrok will remain choked in pollution.


Northburg has been almost entirely swallowed up by Duffton's urban sprawl. The monorail and highway between the cities is the busiest in the region. Mayor Sven Tyme is a good friend of mayor Duff and the two often work together to solve the cities' problems.


Eggplant Crossing is a tiny town on the forks of Veggie creek. Mayor Mr. Potato Head (so loving named by his simcitizens) is out to preserve the rural areas of his town from Duffton's encroaching urban sprawl. Currently, he's got subdivisions and industry right on his doorstep.


Buruu City is a large city located on Buruu Island. The city is up-and coming, and mayor Mike Fish makes lots of promises. Simcitizens are skeptical he can keep these promises, however, and many seem to think he is all smoke and mirrors.


Xenoxos is a mid-size town at the mouth of the Black River that is currently thriving on trade outside of the region as well as between Buruu City and Duffton.


Rogerville is a town northwest of Duffton led by egotistical mayor Donnie Swanson. (He thinks he's special) Donnie is always looking to expand his town and status, hoping to someday be mayor of Duffton, or the region. At what lengths he'll go to accomplish this remains to be seen. The town iself is very self-sufficient and surrounded by farmland. It has many parks and is linked by highway to Duffton. Though empty-headed Donnie put a grotesque oil power station right next to the highway as you approach the town.


Greendale is a small town nestled in a valley, far north of Duffton.


Sackville is a tiny farming town on the flats of the Azuro penninsula. The town is located on Shade Creek. Mayor Harry Ball is currently growing very concerned for his community; he's got expansionist industrial maniac King K. Rool right on his doorstep. It seems unlikely that this tiny town will stand in the way of K. Rool's industrial machine.


Frequently Never Asked Questions:

Q: Whats the point of this region/CJ?

A: I figured once I had over a million sims and something more or less presentable, I'd make a CJ about it and how it goes. This CJ will mostly be about the mayors of each town dealing with problems they have with transit or jobs, as well as just expanding their cities. I hope to give each mayor a personality through some stories, but I haven't work out details yet. In addition, since I still haven't mastered this game, I hope that new players might be able to learn from this CJ as I grow my cities, make mistakes, and try to fix them.

Q: Why so little custom content?

A: Ah-hah. I feel like with the amount of custom content out there (most of which I don't even know about, because I'm new) I've got to carefully choose which mods to use. Also, I feel like a lot of the mods make the game not feel the same way that it was intended to. That said, I'm considering getting a bunch of the aesthetic mods, but I'm not too sure I want the CJ to deviate from the 'Maxis feel'. But... we'll see how it goes :P

Q: Which mods DO you use?

A: A list:

  • Many custom BATs, mostly dense CO$$/$$$ and residential of all types.
  • NAM
  • Free Grass Park
  • No Pedriana's Plants Mod
  • Simfox Day n' Nite Mod
  • I-HT R$$$ job fix
  • Self-edited transit capacities:
    -Bus Stop: 17,000
    -Subway: 24,000
    -Monorail: 45,000

Q: Are the cities grown? Why?

A: Yes, 100%. No plops with jobs or residents. Trying to get the sims to grow what I want where I want it is a challenge which makes this game fun for me.

Q: Open to suggestions, praise, criticism, comments?

A: Yes, 100%. Please comment, I want to know what you guys want to see!


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