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About this City Journal

My first CJ of a thriving metropolis

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The Fallout


A major riot was started in central Palisades when protesters started throwing garbage at President Verdebaum when he was visiting the Town Hall regarding safety issues. Verdebaum managed to escape in his motorcade, and he had the police arrested all of the protesters. Palisidians were outraged with their leader. Shops were being looted and violent crimes were committed.


To control the population, Verdebaum created a military base just outside of Palisades


Later that month, after nearly all of the Palisidians had turned against Verdebaum, a drastic decision was made by verdebaum.

The Palisidians had heard something in the distance. They all stopped for a minute, to see a formation of jets flyign directly over the city.


Seconds later, a bomb was dropped in the center of downtown


Within minutes, all Palisidians were taking cover. Bombs were falling right and left


Even through the night. Verdebaum would not show any mercy to the city of Palisades.


Fire erupted throughout the city, and nearly all of Palisades was engulfed in flame


All of the citzens have either fled the city, or were killed on this tragic day


No one remained in Palisades. When asked for a reson for bombing Palisades, Verdebaum blamed it on the lie that the Palisidians were plannign to attack other parts of the Republic. Citizens believed him, and thought he had made the right decision. They will never know how corrupt their leader really is.


Sorry for the abrupt ending everyone. This was just a test city for me, but dont worry, there will be more well-planned and more interesting cities on the way. Thanks for Follwing Palisades!


New GLR System!


In the past few months, Verdebaum saw it was necessary to install ground light rail into Palisades. He built an overtruss brinde to connect it to the mainland.


The Main line runs North and South along the central avenue


Crosses with the main East/West line


To Deal with the new energy requirements, the wind farm was taken down and sold. The funds were then used to buy a small nuclear reactor. This provides copius amounts of power to the Palisidians


Recnently, citizens of the Republic have been becoming less approving of Verdebaum. Throughout many of the Republic's cities, small riots have been taking place. Protests against Verdebaum's decisions have went from peaceful to violent. Luckily, our leader has greatly funded the law enforcment system. To prevent future riots, Verdebaum placed new police stations in all of his cities, including three in Palisades.


Palisidians are slowly getting angrier with their leader, and even some small revolutionist groups are gathering.

Thank you for visiting! Next update should be fun! As always; suggestions, questions, comments, etc are greatly appreciated



To overview Palisades current state. Three main neighborhoods with a commercial center dividing them. Farms are beginning to slowly diminish in the outskirts


Weathly environmentalists have begun to move into the city


Through donations, the wealthy newcomers persuaded Verdebaum to create schools, hospitals, and parks


Debates on the new facilities took place here; at the new city hall. The news of the new civic centers was broadcasted directly from the recently constructed radio tower.


Although more high-class residents are strolling in, there are still many poverty-stricken residents living in tenements in central Palisades


To deal with the massive expanse, the power and water systems were expanded


As more Palisidians continued to worry about the fire issue, a High-Tech fire station was created. This station can cover all of the currently occupied city.


TEASER Verdebaum saw an opportunity to expan his Public transit network into Palisades...


Thanks! Please free to comment! I'm always taking suggestions.


Disaster Strikes


Palisades has been growing steadily and quickly due to the cheap and plentiful land.


In fact, almost the entire Northwest land-mass of Palisades has been taken over by farmers and their families. (I Tried to edit out the background to make it seem a little more realistic, sorry for the amateur paint job)


Four new blocks of housing have been created to house the masses of travellers arriving. However, as you can see, Palisades is just comprised of farmland and small houses, with few basic amenities since Verdebaum thinks nothing bad could ever happen in one of his cities...


One beautiful warm sunny day in Palisades had persuaded a group of new neighbors to throw a barbaque. As one clumsy sim was preparing his burgers, he had forgotton to turn off his grill. This caused a small fire in his backyard, which caught onto a clothesline and then quickly spread to the neighboring houses.


No fire station had been built in Palisades, so it was up to nature to decide when the fire would stop. Thankfully, the Palisidian sims had gahered their gardening hoses to douse the flames. Final damage from the fire is shown below


Shocked from the news, Verdebaum quickly constructed a fire station just north of where the fire took place.


Many Sims are now afraid for their safety, and Verdebaum knows that the Palisidians will want more protection.

To add to the reality of this CJ, here is a Dramatic Re-enactment of the proabable cause of the fire:

Please Comment with any Suggestions or Questions!


First Settlers


Some residents from the Eastern part of the Republic decide to move to Palisades in an attempt to start an agricultural lifestyle. Smog and pollution cover the rest of the Spanish Republic, and environmental activists are flocking to Palisades by the Hundreds.

A wind farm is built to begin electricity generation


An overview of the new farms and houses


A close-up of the new residents


A few Months later, small stores begin to show up


The main produce of Palisades are oranges and pumpkins.


Most recent Palisades Overview


Thats all for now. Thanks for viewing! comment with any suggestions or quistions!


The Beginning

This is my first CJ. It will be created with the use of few mods. Enjoy!


Located on the Atlantic coast of the Spanish Planes, the Arbol and Vidrro Rivers flow though the newly claimed territory of Palisades. Part of the United Spanish Republic, President Verdebaum intends to create a City with impecable public Transportation to create an efficeint city. He plans to start with an agricultural city and then grow into a commercial paradise. Verdebaum is famously known for his wealth, spirituality, and ingenuity, and imfamously for his ego.

Verbebaum believes that a good city always starts with a mode of tranportation; in this case, its an avenue connecting the Atlantic to the rest of the Republic


A Steel Arch bride overpasses the Arbol River. Designed by Verbebaum himself.


At the end of the avenue, Verdebaum erected a statue of himself facign the west, to bring visitos and tarvellers.


A close-up of Verdebaum's posed statue.


Thats all for the first update! Thank you for visiting!

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