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The Province On Water

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Yohannes Mengsteab

Feres, (which means horse), is one of the newly experimental transportation lanes created by the provincial government to connect the various cities on water to one another through land transportation. It has been relatively successful in its objective.


Humorously, although the land in these areas were reclaimed for the sole use of transportation, with land at a premium, commuters are settling and industry is developing on any piece of the minuscule land left available. The L'Érythreé government has unsuccessfully attempted to evict many of the residents, businesses, and factories in the land available.


However, with land prices skyrocketing and the price of land reclamation, the provincial government turns a blind eye to the illegal land development and actually directly governs and taxes any development on these lanes.


Yohannes Mengsteab

Well to a town in transition, welcome to Adhi Megbi (which literally means land of food or land of lunch).

There is no better example of the level of rapid development Ioannes, Selam, and Beraki all faced then Adhi Megbi. This town is in the current process of rapid development. Adhi Megbi was founded as one of the many agricultural communities in L'Érythreé created by the provincial government on reclaimed land to ensure adequate food supply for the rapidly growing population of the province. Yet what the provincial government did not anticipate was the rate of demand spillover to these communities.


As demand began to spillover from Ioannes and Selam to the smaller surrounding agricultural towns such as Adhi Megbi, these towns began to grow and attract new residents. Adhi Megbi is still essentially an agricultural community, however, it is also a pretty sizable town with a very dense city center. This is turning Adhi Megbi, and many towns like it, into a juxtaposition of rural locals and invading urbanites.


Here it is possible to see the extent of demand and development with the farms slowly decreasing to make room for further residential development and forcing the provincial government to reclaim more land for agricultural use.

Yohannes Mengsteab

Compared to Ioannes and Selam, Beraki is not as old as one may think. Founded as a small agricultural community on a group of 5 islands that locals used canoes to navigate through, it grew as middle to low income locals from Selam began to move en masse to this small town due to high residential demand that made it very expensive to reside in the city. A rapid increase in commercial, industrial and legislative activity coupled with gentrification in Ioannes contributed greatly to the Beraki's residential growth. The city developed rapidly and it, similar to Ioannes, was forced to destroy a great number of historic buildings, develop the land on agricultural farms, and reclaim the rest.


It is now houses very modern apartment buildings for workers who commute to Ioannes or Selam. The only historic buildings it houses are the government building in the center island.


Now the municipal government is facing a spillover of commercial and industrial demand from Selam and Ioannes, succumbing a little, with much opposition, to the pressure by commercial enterprises and industries.


Yohannes Mengsteab

Welcome to Selam, the Historic Core City of L'Érythreé. It is by far the oldest city in the province, thus a very popular tourist attraction. Selam began life around the sea trade, benefiting from having the largest amount of land and having the Peace River, or what the locals call Mai Selam, run through the heart of it (this is where it got its name). It, therefore, has the least amount of land reclamation and buildings built atop water.


Unlike, the capital, Ioannes, the municipal government is very keen on limiting new land development, and the condemnation of buildings in Selam. It is not unusual, and perhaps very common, for the government to force land developers to keep the old facades of building in development, often leaving empty shells of these building during construction and keeping the city sheltered from tall modern skyscrapers. With limited development space, residential and commercial demand rapidly accumulated to extreme levels. Sometimes tourists actually outnumber the locals in the city and often stay in hotels outside the city. This has caused Selam to be the most expensive city of L'Érythrée as well as house the largest high income population in the province. There have been negative effects of this, the high demand has often forced the locals to move out in large numbers to either Ioannes or Beraki.


The strict development rules however, have kept Selam beautiful. It is truly a stunning city with a beautiful city squares, stunning pedestrian walkways, and fantastic architecture.

Yohannes Mengsteab

Welcome to the Ioannes, the Capital of the L'Érythreé.

Ioannes was originally founded as a city on a small and very closely linked group of islands in a heavily trafficed sea. However, as the city developed, land was at great premium. This forced the municipal governments of Ioannes to adapt by reclaiming land. The governance of Ioannes was marveled at as the city was known for its ability to quickly adapt to socio-economic factors that it faced. At this time, with the aid of the development of a sturdy industrial base fully equiped with seaports, the population of Ioannes exploded and quickly began to become a very important financial hub.

Selam was historically the older and more important city, holding the occupancy of capital of the province. As Ioannes grew in importance, especially commercially, the capital was moved to and firmly established in this fine city from Selam, whose municipal government refused to destroy its historic buildings and adapt to meet its rapidly increasing demand. As as result it is the most heavily populated and has the largest financial district in the province.


One of the major criticisms of the municipal government of Ioannes were its willingness to replace several of its historic buildings and bridges, with glistening skyscrapers and dull bridges designed for heavy use to keep up with its rapidly escalating demand. Ioannes once hosted the largest assortment of small bridges,and public squares found in the country. It now houses several skyscrapers and modern buildings that overlook what is left of the historical district.


Now before you start thinking that its all work in Ioannes, Ioannes is a very popular tourist destination with an entire section of the city designed specifically for entertainment. It houses many beaches, a pier with regularly changing vendors, cruise ship, and a resort island with Teren (minority ethnic group found in L'Érythreé) inspired architecture.

Iohannes is a relatively major city in this particular region of the world: a financial hub and a very important high tech industry base.

Yohannes Mengsteab

Welcome To The Province on Water, L'Érythreé.

Here is an aerial view of the land (so far) encompassing the province


Here is the aerial view showing the specific cities within the province. There's the bustling provincial capital of Ioannes, the largest populated city. The older, popular tourist destination of Selam. The mainly residential city of Beraki. The agricultural town of Adhi Megbi. Lastly, Feres is not really a city or town but more of land reclaimed for better intracity transportation.


Lastly, here are the street map of the famed province.


More greatness will come soon...

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