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About this City Journal

Showing the main arteries of Amoria

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The A-11 Begins in Kennedy Isles on the coast of the ocean. IT travels inland where it begins to climb the Iron Mountains until it leaves the region.


The A-11 begins in the city of Kennedy Isles, then turns north, paralell to the railroad.


We travel along the A-11 which happens to follow Ore Creek . The bi-way also happens to pass a historic park, which once use to be an old outpost for trade in the region.


The A-11 then quickly enters Sommerset where it still follows Ore Run until it goes back up into the hills.


Passing trough Sommerset, the A-11 quickly leaves as soon as it enters, and so does Ore Run.


The A-11 enters the town or Creasent Valley, and must cross the Creasent Bridge be fore it enters town.


We cross the bridge to Creasent Valley, and begin our acsent up the Iron mountains.


We now have entered the town of Montovia, and the A-11 must wind up some hills before it can make it to town.


The A-11 has now made its way to Middle Montovia, but it now turns up a steep grade to get to the top of the mountains.


Now the A-11 is about to leave the Greater New Washington region, but before it does, it is paved along picture perfect Iron Lake.




H-279... a small highway that leads from the Atoma Bridge to the H-79.


We start along this freeway beginging with the A-6/H-279/H-79 exit.


After we get on this road, we must immediatly turn off of the A-6 to continue our tavel on the H-279.


We next leave New Washington to enter the city of Atoma. We see the first and only exits, which are the Mathews Road exit, Thompson Street exit, and Stone Avenue exit.


Not very far from Stone Ave. the H-279 ends at the Atoma Bridge, but our journey not ends here, it ends one the other side of the bridge.


And what is on the other side of this bridge? Well its the Atoma mall of course.



Im just redoing my CJ for my routes and highways.... This is one im posting again...

The A-6 as far as Ive mad it now, highlighted in red.


First we start by traveling from the A-6/H-79 exit. The H-279 also starts here.


Right after the the H-79/A-6 junction, we come to the H-279 exit where the H-279 diverges of the A-6.


After the H-279 junction, we come across the 40th, 43rd, and 44th Street exits.


Now we see the 44th, 45th, and 47th Street exits. The 47th Street exit was where the former mayor had an "unfortunate

" accident, which forced him to drop out of the city elections. :uhm:


We now come to the 50th and 53rd Steet exits, which are the last 2 exits before leaving New Washington.


We now have entered Gracedonia, and pass the 57th Street exit.


We now cruise along the A-6 and come to a mess which is the 59th-63rd Street exits.


Further along the A-6 we pass the 65th Street Exit and the A-6/H-23 interchange.


After passing this we come to the 76th Street exit and this is the last stop before we cross into Montovia.


We now enter Montovia and are greeted by the A-57.


We now have to cross the Steel River and begin to climb the Iron Mountain Range. During the acsent we enter Lower Montovia.


We continue to ascend until we come to Middle Montovia.


We acsend some more until we reach the Rust Plateau, and enter Upper Montovia. The A-6 then has to go between Iron Lake, and Montovia Pond.


As the A-6 cruves around Montovia Pond, it also leaves Montovia as well, entering Valley Vue.


We now enter Valley Vue, and the A-6 turns left into town. the A-6 turn left also marks the end of the A-84.


As we enter town, we turn right, to descend down the Mountains into Iron Valley.


The A-6 continues to descend down the mountains through Valley Vue.


We now near the end of the Valley Vue town limits but before we do we cross the A-6/A-19 Interchange.


The last town before the A-6 leaves the New Washingion Region is the town of Greenwood, in the Iron Valley.



Today this is the once great city of Washington.


History that lead up to Military Road M-A-7

The city was never saved during the Civil War, which was only 15 years ago. Now the deserted city burns and the island the main commerical center sits on is below the sea, its only a matter of time before the reminants are gone, and the ruins become more ruins.

The city was destroyed when many of Amoria's people wanted to break off due to rapid change and equality. A war broke out between the rebels and the Amorian military. The world watched as a military super power, and a economic power house tear itself apart. The rebels won battle after battle, the Amorians kept on losing their own homeland to rebel forces. The Amorian military regrouped to the Kennedy Isles t re assemble their forces. A massive rebel force neared the capitol of Amoria, Washington. The Amorian military had to travel 6 miles of dirt road called 7 Mile Drive (which was more than 7 miles), while the rebels were only 10, but they had the advantage, Highway 79, a recently paved highway that could take them their in only minutes, but the Amorian military would take at least 30 minutes to even get to H-79.


The leader of the rebel forces lead them into the city where it was over run, and destroyed. The Amorian military flanked the rebel forces only hours later where the rebel leader was killed by a marine sniper. The last ditch effort given by the Amorian military was a sucess and a year later unity was restored to the war torned super power.

The dirt roads where the cities of Kennedy Isles and New Washington stand today were a wake up call to the Amorian government. They need a route where they can delploy units when needed. Paralell to the A-7 is the M-A-7, from Kennedy Isles military base Amoria can send units between New Washington and Kennedy Isles in only minutes.

Main Base on Kennedy Isles to New Washington's


After going to the mainland, M-A-7 is jointed with A-7 for half a mile


Again on its own, it is blocked by military checkpoints.


Along the M-A-7, stands a motor pool.


As we enter New Washington, the road turns onto the ocean for a fifth of a mile, give or take.


The M-A-7 ends at the New Washington naval yard, which only can support one ship at a time, but still provides New Washington with a small military.


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