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Ipanema 1

Ipanema (Portuguese pronunciation: [ipaˈnẽmɐ]) is a neighborhood located in the southern region of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between Leblon and Arpoador. The beach at Ipanema became widely known by the song "The Girl from Ipanema" ("Garota de Ipanema"), written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes.

by wikipedia EN







in next update...


Hey everyone, everything ok? I stopped poting my XL city because I missed it...and so I stoped playing CitiesXL.

Anyway, I'm rebuilding Rio de Janeiro on Sim City 4, but I'll not guarantee a perfection as seen in Paris because there aren't many good quality brasilian/latinos bats.

And NO, I'll not rebuild the slums.




Major transportation.




Places to recreate in the game.

Maps and region by me.


Zona Sul, part 2

Part 2

"The neighbourhood of Copacabana beach hosts one of the world's most spectacular New Year's Eve parties ("Reveillon"), as more than two million revelers crowd onto the sands to watch the fireworks display. As of 2001, the fireworks have been launched from boats, to improve the safety of the event.[27] To the north of Leme, and at the entrance to Guanabara Bay, is the district of Urca and the Sugarloaf Mountain ('Pão de Açúcar'), whose name describes the famous mountain rising out of the sea. The summit can be reached via a two-stage cable car trip from Praia Vermelha, with the intermediate stop on Morro da Urca. It offers views second only to Corcovado mountain.

One of the highest hills in the city is the 842 metres (2,762 ft) high Pedra da Gávea (Crow's nest Rock) near the botanical gardens. On the top of its summit is a huge rock formation (some, such as Erich von Däniken in his 1973 book, "In Search of Ancient Gods", claim it to be a sculpture) resembling a sphinx-like, bearded head that is visible for many kilometers around.

Hang gliding is a popular activity on the nearby Pedra Bonita (Beautiful Rock). After a short flight, gliders land on the Praia do Pepino (Cucumber Beach) in São Conrado. Since 1961, the Tijuca National Park (Parque Nacional da Tijuca), the largest city-surrounded urban forest and the second largest urban forest in the world, has been a National Park. The largest urban forest in the world is the Floresta da Pedra Branca (White Rock Forest), which is also located in the city of Rio de Janeiro.[28] The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro or PUC-Rio), Brazil's top private university, is located at the edge of the forest, in the Gávea district. The 1984 film Blame it on Rio was filmed nearby, with the rental house used by the story's characters sitting at the edge of the forest on a mountain overlooking the famous beaches."







"Copacabana is a borough located in the southern zone of the city Rio de Janeiro, known for its 4 km beach which is one of the most famous in the world."






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Zona Sul, part 1

[i'll be traveling on 29 to 9]

The South Zone of Rio de Janeiro(in Portuguese: "Zona Sul") is composed of several districts, amongst which are São Conrado, Leblon, Ipanema, Arpoador, Copacabana, and Leme, which compose Rio's famous Atlantic beach coastline. Other districts in the South Zone are Glória, Catete, Flamengo, Botafogo, and Urca, which border Guanabara Bay and Santa Teresa, Cosme Velho, Laranjeiras, Humaitá, Lagoa, Jardim Botânico, and Gávea. It is the richest region of the city and the most famous overseas, and the neighborhood of Leblon in particular has the most expensive real estate in all of South America.












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The big project is finally completed, Rio Empire is the largest building in town, situated right in the middle of it.


Other large buildings are also built ...


A modern tower is built right on the main avenue for renewing the city center.







Farther to the north of the city industries are beginning to be opened.


Vision of the motorway linking the north of the city center so faster.




The most luxurious hotel in town, the Copacabana Palace, located in the zona Sul-Copacabana is open!



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New Tower Rio

Sorry guys, I'm not well today to develop the story, so I'll just upload the photos ok?

Desculpa gente, não estou bem hoje para desenvolver a historia, então vou upar apenas as fotos ok?


Vision City Tower Rio


Rio Tower


Vision of the center and the Linha Amarela.


A large building under construction, just news soon...


View from Cristo Redentor to Zona Sul


First developments!

The discovery of the territory of Rio was about 500 years ago during exploration, the explorers enchanted tropical land, with its beauty so incredible that yielded a beautiful painting, it was decided then that territory would be maintained as forest reserve for the king .


A single road was built so the king to better appreciate the forest ...


"First city roads" / "Primeiras estradas da cidade"

Many years after the forest had to cede the city, the country must create a new center of tourism and trade, then large investors immediately saw the territory of the river as a point to this, his first major building was the Cristo Redentor, on top of a magnificent mountain and thus can observe the entire river "open arms"as if to embrace the city!


"Vision of Cristo Redentor" // "Visão do cristo redentor"

The southern and central zone were the first to develop, building several luxury and businessmen were built to house the growing population of rich people who wanted "a place to spend the holidays"

Some building for the middle class were also built, as are the hotels and commerce needed new workers and shoppers.


"View of the center and north of the beginning" // "Vista do centro e inicio da zona norte"

The center continued to dessenvolver, the northern area with residences for the middle / poor also began to be built, the viaduct was opened the yellow line connecting the north so the center more quickly and reducing the traffic.


"Santos Dumont Airport" // "Aeroporto Santos Dumont"


The airport was built mainly for domestic flights, good location in the city the airport is a beautiful piece of engineering, his name was Santos Dumont in honor of the creator of the plane 14bis.


A descoberta do territorio do Rio foi a cerca de 500 anos atras durante as grandes navegações, a terra tropical encantou os exploradores, com suas belezas tão incriveis que renderam uma bela pintura, foi decidido que então aquele territorio seria mantido como floresta reservada para o rei.

Uma unica estrada foi construida para assim o rei poder apreciar melhor a floresta...

Muitos anos depois a floresta teve que ceder espaço a cidade, o país precisava criar um novo centro de turismo e comercio, então os grandes investidores viram imediatamente o territorio do rio como ponto para isto, sua primeira grande construção foi o cristo redentor, no alto de uma magnifica montanha podendo assim observar todo o rio de "braços abertos" como se abraça-se a cidade!

A Zona sul e o centro foram os primeiros a se desenvolver, varios predios de luxo e de empresarios foram construidos para abrigar a crescente população de ricos que desejavam "um local para passar as ferias"

Alguns predios para a classe media tambem foram construidos, já que os hoteis e comercio precisavam de novos trabalhadores e compradores.

O centro continuava a se dessenvolver, a zona norte com residencias para a classe media/pobre começou a ser construida tambem, o viaduto da linha amarela foi aberto assim ligando a zona norte ao centro mais rapidamente e diminuindo o transito.

O aeroporto foi construido principalmente para receber voos domesticos, em boa localização para a cidade o aeroporto é uma bela obra de engenharia, seu nome foi em homenagem a Santos Dumont o criador do avião 14bis.

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Hello everybody okay? I'm Efkin, I'm from rio de janeiro, Brazil, and am starting to play cities xl = 2011)

My first CJ in Simtropolis CJ was the recreation of Paris in Sim City 4 (Paris CJ Link), and now I'm starting to play the Xl I decided to create a city-based map and the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Why choose the map of Rio de Janeiro?

I like mountains and sea, this is a special features that allow the river to the city being considered by many "wonderful"

Have slums in "Rio"?

NO. The game is not focused on the creation of slums, the city is only based in Rio de Janeiro, is not a copy nor an effort to develop the city "Rio de Janeiro" into the game perfectly.

Why Portuguese is also the posts?

I am Brazilian and speak / write Portuguese, as my English is very bad I have to appeal to online translators, so I'll post in both languages​​, if someone also knows some Portuguese, and see my gigantic mistake to let me know please correct me same.

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Olá pessoal tudo bem? Eu sou Efkin, sou do rio de janeiro, brasil, e estou começando a jogar cities xl 2011 =)

Meu primeiro CJ no Simtropolis foi o CJ de recreação de paris no Sim City 4 (Link), e agora estou começando a jogar o Xl resolvi criar uma cidade baseada no mapa e na cidade do Rio de Janeiro.

Por que escolher o mapa do Rio de Janeiro?

Eu gosto de montanhas e mar, isso é uma caracteristicas especiais do rio que permitem a cidade ser considerada por muitos "maravilhosa"

Terá favelas no "Rio"?

NÃO. O jogo não é voltado para a criação de favelas, a cidade é apenas baseada no Rio de Janeiro, não é uma copia e nem a tentativa de criação da cidade no jogo com perfeição.

Por que tambem está em portugues as postagens?

Eu sou brasileiro e falo/escrevo portugues, como o meu ingles é muito ruim eu tenho que apelar para tradutores online, então vou postar nos dois idiomas, caso alguem tambem saiba portugues e veja algum erro gigantesco meu me avise por favor para eu corrigir o mesmo.

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Dados da cidade:

Nome: Rio

Clima: Tropical

População: +1.000.000

Recurso: Turismo

Idioma mais falado: Portugues e ingles

Moeda: Real

City Data:

Name: Rio

Climate: Tropical

Population: +1,000,000

Action: Tourism

Most spoken language: Portuguese and English

Currency: Real

[en]City map//[pt-br]Mapa da cidade:


[en]Map of regions//[pt-br]Mapa das regiões:

Blue: Zona sul [south Zone]

Red: Centro [downtown]

Yellow: Zona Norte [North Zone]

Green: Cidade universitaria [university city]

Pink: Zona Leste [East Zone]


[en]Map of the freeway//[pt-br]Mapa das auto-estradas:


And comment!!!! Thanks!!!!


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