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About this City Journal

Sydney, Capital of New South Wales, and Australia's most populous city, is taking a leap into the virtual world, but needs to be rebuilt from the ground up! I, Neowolf, have been tasked...

Entries in this City Journal


1. Port Botany Sea Port

This has probably been my favourite section to build upon. At the moment, the Sea Port has been wiped twice, and is currently on the 3rd and final edit. My initial problem with this port was that the land on Sir Drunkapple's map was angled badly, meaning a direct build was not possible with the tools at my disposal. However, a quick re-brushing of land quickly straightened up the port, and made loading and unloading containers much easier for the vessels.

I originally created the port based on the current configuration, however there is work under way to expand, allowing much more cargo. I figured there's no reason not to allow for the new and improved port section, making it much more impressive!


Port Botany Sea Port, 2010


Port Botany's Artist Impression upon completion of Expansion



An overview of the entire port. The port is actually spread over 2 tiles, the middle being just near the southern inner wharf. I had stitched the images together used several zoomed in shots from both tiles, however I was met with a potentially fatal flaw -- the water on the South of the top tile was darker than the water at the North of the bottom tile! Disaster!

A saviour was found however, in the form of a little program called "Photoshop". Using the water from the northern tile, the southern waters became a blissful darker blue in no time.

As you can see, the expansion in the norther-west has been included, though is not yet a reality... in reality. These works are currently easily viewed from the scenic Botany Golf Course.

A very busy port, featuring companies such as Patricks and D.P. World, many many containers are coming in and going out every day.

A very identifiable feature also seen from land and air are the many fuel tanks scattered around the port, along with plenty of space for containers to be loaded, unloaded and stored.


While a vessel is being loaded with new containers, many trucks have arrived in the slot time to be loaded with their containers. Unfortunately, delays later into the day are very common.


The latest and greatest cranes will be in operation for the new expansion, allowing much more capacity for Port Botany, meaning Sydney will not be bottlenecked from cargo for decades to come.


I hope you all enjoyed reading about Port Botany, there will be more to come.


The Region View

The "Big Picture" of this project is to complete the Sydney landmass as provided by Sir Drunkapple.

SimSydney is 19 x 18 Large Tiles, featuring Woy Woy in the North, Woronora Dam in the South, and past Penrith in the West.

1st Region Overview: 24th December, 2010


Areas Near Completion:

  • CBD
  • Cronulla
  • Woy Woy
  • Maroubra / Randwick

Areas to Upgrade:

  • Airport
Areas Completed:

  • Seaport

The majority of Sydney's South Eastern Suburbs have been completed, however to meet this projects high expectations, the airport and seaport will need to be updated.


Project Introduction

G'day Everyone,

SimSydney, like the "real Sydney" is a massive city. There are millions of inhabitants, and more houses and business than we wish to count. All of this will need to be built if SimSydney is to succeed.

The Land

The very Earth that SimSydney is to be built upon has been graciously contributed to this project by Sir Drunkapple, Australia's most famous virtual landmass architect. Should a renegade SimSydney attempt to be created, they would naturally find the land of Sydney here:


The Inspiration

Using modern mapping technology (eg. Google Maps), Sydney will be replicated to make all Sims feel at home in SimSydney.


The Final Result

For SimSydney to meet all objectives, a region view of the entire Sydney Map must be complete, with particular attention paid to the CBD, and places of interest (Seaport, Airport, Sydney Harbour Bridge etc).

For appreciation of this project, a collage of the Region, and Places of Interest will be designed to show the very best of SimSydney, and professionaly printed for mounting upon a wall. The project will be considered a greater and greater success for every human being who makes the comment: "Wow".


December 31, 2011.

2012 is the year of Sim'Gong. A future project dedicated to virtualising Neowolf's home town, Wollongong, upon the completion of a successful SimSydney.

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