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My CXL Sketchbook

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About this City Journal

I recently got my hands on the newly-released Cities XL 2011, and decided to start a CJ about my various "city-sketches". Cities XL really gives me the freedom to create a unique city everytime.

Entries in this City Journal


Starting Over

So... in short I lost all my cities, and have been working on a new one that has about 125,000 people now. School recently began, so I am busy obviously, but I did have time to take some pics. No extravagant photoshopping here... but I really wanted to post these pics. :) I really enjoyed the photoshopping I did for the storm pic in the last update, so hopefully I'll have time to do that for my next one.

As you can see, most of the pics are in the same general vicinity. Reason being, I had recently built a metro line and some other land-bridges for the first time and wanted to feature those. :P





Also, my current bus lines... I will have a pic of my metro lines in the next update. :)


As always, thanks for viewing and commenting! Simtropolis is such wonderful online community; I'm glad I'm a part of it. :)



Hey everyone!

I had a burning desire to play some CXL, which was probably due to the fact that Focus Home announced CXL 2012, which will over 1000 buildings, 60+ maps, and will be user-friendly on the modding front. :D

I haven't looked too much into it all... but does anyone know if we are going to be able to create buildings from scratch for the next CXL? By their description, it kinda sounded like it... but I was wondering if anyone had a definitive answer.

Either way, it's coming out in only a few short months, and sounds like it will be quite the addon for all us 2011 players.


So in the last update I promised I would give you guys some pics of Newport, my largest city. So, I took some shots, one of them being at night. It was a pretty nice shot in my opinion, but there was a big black spot at the top of the pic from where the mountains are. You couldn't see the mountains since it was night, so I stared at the pic for a minute or two, before deciding how to fill all that empty space.....


Now that was a long intro for a pic. :P I like to photoshop my CXL images more than my SC4 ones because CXL images are more realistic. SC4 basically gives you the same image every time, just at variable zooms. CXL really gives you the freedom to go virtually anywhere.


Okay, so my city has topped 570,000 citizens now. :) I didn't build much to it yesterday when I played, but I did give it's transit system a facelift. Before yesterday, we had 2 of the 3-line bus terminals; one for each side of the river. Yesterday, I bulldozed both of them, and plopped a nice 12-liner downtown.

Now almost everywhere in the city is covered by a bus route...


And the traveler satisfaction really showed the citizens' content!


That's all for now; I should have some more pics in the near future! :)



500,000 And Counting

Hello everyone!!

Samerton: Thanks for commenting each week, Sam! :D

Mithokey: I hate your comment, but since it's so awesome, I like it! :P

Simfreak1998: Thanks Chip, that's saying a lot coming from a SC4 player like you. :)


I promised you some pics of my 500,000 person city that actually showed what the city looked like, and today I have just that. :D

As for the MTA train, progress is slow and steady at this point. When I get one thing to work, something else goes wrong, but that's how it goes, huh? :P It's a real challenge getting some of the textures to line up on the sides, but I'm working on it. ;)

And this is my current version of the MTA train...


I know the border doesn't fit this pic at all.... but I couldn't find a shade of pink that looked right, either. :P


In the upcoming days I will take some more pics, and have a big update with my re-texturing of vehicles!

Until then, take care! :D



Evillions: Thanks much for your input! I don't think custom buildings are an option yet either, but I sure hope they become one. :)

-ICE-{man}: Your reasons are the exact same as mine! I do think we'll be able to create custom buildings someday, and CXL will get a lot of new players! Thanks for visiting! :D

Samerton: Thank you very much commenting! :)

Well, I did play some CXL over the weekend, and my city now boasts about a 500,000 person population. I have some traffic maps and satellite views (Fun to look at, I know :P ) to show everyone. The maps were taken at 400,000... and 500,000. This is just to show the growth of the city so far...... in the next few days, I'll take some zoomed in pics, and throw together a story about them, kinda like I've been doing.

My graphics card chipset >.< wasn't really cooperating this morning, so I couldn't take any detailed pics in high quality for you guys. I have been saving up for a while... and I am looking to buy a graphics card that I can plug into one of the expansion card slots on my laptop. If you guys know of any that work well with CXL, please don't hesitate to point me in that direction! As of now, I'm a little clueless. :P

So bear with me on the detailed shots (I know they're a much more enjoyable read). :)

Anyway, here is an aerial traffic congestion view at 400,000 inhabitants.


And, another at 500,000 citizens.


And, the accompanying satellite view for 500,000 people.



As an added bonus (how car salesperson of me :P ) I'd like to show you some custom content I was working on.

It was an MTA subway train! :D


It was a reskin of Skimbo's MARTA train, I believe. My only problem was.... when I went in game, this happened. >.< As you can see, the area of the car where the doors are s'posed to be is another texture.



What I think the problem was, was that Skimbo's model had wider doors. So, in my model, it would have needed to take up the same amount of space, but my doors were actually smaller. So... that's the only reason I can think of, but again, if any of you guys have any ideas of what could be causing this; please, please don't hold back!

Of course, this isn't the final model of the train, but I wanted to show you guys to see if you had any insight into my problem. :)

Comments are always welcome, and greatly encouraged! :D And I also tip my hat to you if read this whole update!! :P



It's been a good while since my CXL or SC4 CJ update; a few months by now, I s'pose. I have played both SC4 and CXL for a long time (was in the original CXL 2009 beta, in fact), and I like them both. To be honest, I would probably play CXL a lot more if we could just create more custom content for it (i.e. buildings, mods, etc.). As a matter of fact, I am not really sure what stage the whole "figuring out how to put 3ds models into the game" process is at, but if someone does now about, I'd be very thankful if you dropped a comment bringing me up to date with the situation.

At the turn of the year, the CXL forums seemed active, but lately, there hasn't been much activity. I know that the CXL forum site that Focus Home runs is much more active, but I'd really like to get some life back into these forums and CJs.

So, I dug up some aerial pics that I haven't posted yet, and I'd like to share them with you. They're nothing special, but it'll give ya something to look at in case you read my little rambling above.

Hope you all enjoy, and I hope I can work myself back into these forums and CJs, and hopefully spark some excitement in them. :)



Take care,




Damastius: Thanks DM, an honor to have you comment!

Samerton: Thanks a lot for your comment.

Mithokey: Thanks to you, too.

Schulmanator: Thanks Schul, glad to see you've followed my migration pattern from SC4 to CXL4.gif

B22rian: Thanks Brian, and I just had to name it after Baltimore! 

The transportation options for CXL 2011 is for sure one of my favorite aspects in the game. I am a big transit guy, so I was bound to have one of these types of updates. 2.gif

 Here is a day in the life of the transporation planner of Plainview, Baltimore's most prosperous city thus far. Enjoy! (As always, click for full resolution on the images)

Mr. Thomas Bellamy, trnasportation planner of Plainview, starts out his day with his commute across the Chesomac River over to the Heardquarters of Metro Operations, located on the far right.


Today, his job is quite simple. He is to venture out into the sprawling metropolis of about 150,000, and observe how his newly established transportation infrastructure is running. First, he takes the metro to 1 of the only 2 stations in the city, disembarks from the train, and uses a maitenance entrance to get on the median between the metro tracks. Transportation planner isn't always a family-friendly job in Plainview.


Tom then hurries back to the metro station, and catches the bus that is a block away. So far, so good. The bus arrives right on time, and the bus driver even greets him as he boards. He hops off the bus at the Vine City Bus Stop, and mingles with commuters, interviewing them about the new mass transit system. Waving as the next bus comes to the station, Tom bids farewell to his fellow mass transit enthusiasts. Tom was sastified with his work, and humbled by the public's reaction. 


Just as dusk came over the metropolis, Tom stole one more glance from the blacony of his highrise apartment. Tom was pleased that he would have some positive news to report to the mayor amid Plainview's rough economic times. But what pleased him more, was that he had succesfully fulfilled his father's dream of Plainview becoming a bustling city full of content inhabitants. 


Thanks for viewing.

Live life to the fullest! 10.gif



In case you missed it......

I recently got my hands on the newly-released Cities XL 2011, and decided to start a CJ about my various "city-sketches". Cities XL really gives me the freedom to create cities I used to draw in sketchbooks, hence the name. I decided to name it "Baltimore" solely for the reason that I am from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I hope you enjoy viewing my CXL world as much as I did creating it.

I like writing as well, so I will throw in a few stories in future updates. CXL is the perfect game to do this with, too. 4.gif

Without further ado......Baltimore! 

(Click on the images for full resolution)






Thanks for viewing! 

Live life to the fullest. 10.gif


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