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About this City Journal

Bordering Birmingham in the West Midlands, Spoclety has over 700,000 residents, and the largest self-sustaining local administrative area budget in the world.With a great public transit...

Entries in this City Journal


Maps, Maps, Maps

The founder of the city, Mr. Spoclety would never have thought of what his small place would look like today. He could never have dreamt of the achievements his tiny hamlet has done. To show how much the city has expanded, here is a colour-coded map of the history of the territory the city has occupied.


N.B. In the central cream section the Year is 40, and in the north-east green sector is Year 20

History of Expansion

Here is a map of the current city districts and district areas.

Map of Districts

As you can see the biggest district is Eloiseville (green shades), and the largest area is East Ridgetown (dark purple)

And finally, this map is of the constituencies the city holds. Constituencies

Aversmith and Harney have Labour representatives, and Eloiseville has a Liberal Democrat representative.


Capital Ideas

Ordinance 8-C (The Industrial Pollution Act) has failed. The city council has taken action to remove all industrial sectors (Ordinance 14-Q 'The Industrial Demolition Act'), resulting in a giant loss of air pollution in the city. The land has been redeveloped. Because it is no longer an industrial estate, the names of the city's districts will go back to pre-Ordinance 7-F (The Harney Merger Act) borders. What is Eloiseville will be renamed Harney again, and the new former industrial estate will become Eloiseville.

Newly Formed Eloiseville

The small area encompassed by the red line was the former industrial estate, and now the new Eloiseville district. The line was drawn on the image after an upgrade to the Mirum's software made it capable of auto-labelling streets and districts. However, the auto-label function is still in its infancy, so we'll have to see.

Also, the satellite has been used for the SETI program, and will hopefully pick up traces of intelligent life.

But, however, due to the city's rising standings in the Barclay's Premiership (Major League Conventional Football for those not in the know), sponsorship offers are at an all time high, from transnationals like Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Unilever. Some in footballing circles say that the homegrown players of the squad are just as good as Manchester United in playing capability, after their 2-1 win against Fulham yesterday.

The Stadium

This picture, from the satellite Mirum, shows the Spoclety United stadium. To the right (north) of the stadium, is the famed University of the City of Spoclety and the City Fair. To the bottom (east), you can see the Spoclety International Airport Terminal 1&2. There are talks in the Council of building a third terminal. And, to the left (south) you can see Monumental Row, a collection of life-size replicas of many world landmarks, including the Empire State Building and the Bank of China Tower. This location is in the East Aversmith area, near the western side of the city.

Also, for the first time in decades, a form of transport other than the car is the most widely used. Walking. According to statistics collected by the city's Department for Demography and Data (DoDD), more citizens walk to work or home than drive a car, with using the city's Underway network coming a very close third.

Also, the city's long-term resident population has hit 900,000 with experts predicting 1,000,000 within some time. If the mark was hit, this would make Spoclety the second-largest metropolitian administrative area (after Birmingham - London is actually run by 40-odd bourough councils), and the third largest city (after Birmingham [1.1mn] and London [8.9mn]).

Spoclety has also been paired with the city of Lerherbridge, in South California. Stay tuned for their mayor to write about his city.


New City Directives

The latest thing to happen is the installation of a brand-new geo-stationary communcations satellite for the UK. Pioneered using students, professors from the University and city officials, Mirum  A has been launched from the ESA/UKSA (European Space Agency/UK Space Agency) Craft Port.

The satellite is not only capable of giving GPS co-ordinates to an accuracy of 1cm, but can take high-resolution photographs of Earth, with a zoom capable of looking at a newspaper in a person's hand.

We have taken the oppotunity to use Mirum to take pictures of our fair city. Although this view may look hideous, even horrifying, several new directives are in order.

View of Spoclety Taken by Mirum A

In the East section of the city (as on the image) there are several 'green spaces' within the industrial sector. This is part of a new scheme to lower industrial pollution. The council have decided to not raise taxes on industry, but has instead said that all current and prospective industrial users MUST put at least 50m2 of trees or green spaces, in order to combat the rise in pollution. Failure to do so will result in land being re-zoned for other uses.

Some directives that are not shown on the map include the merging of the district of Harney with some other parts to form Eloiseville, named after the wife of Spoclety. This will rename the constituency Eloiseville, and a by-election will occur. Bookmakers are saying that the area could vote Labour.

Another directive is to build more parks in dense public areas, such as Old Spoclety (in the SW of the photo) and in North Harney (or N. Eloiseville), at the very North of the photo.

The second image shows the level of zoom that can be done by Mirum. (This is only half the level)

The City Council Building, As Seen By Mirum

The image is of the South West Eloiseville/South East Old City districts of the city, separated by the M8 also known as the In-City Expressway.

There are some notable places in this image.

There is the Council Building, which is modelled on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. 

In the bottom of the image, you can see the M8, also known as the In-City Expressway.

Just North of the M8, you can see the Gatley Power Plant, named after the Roads and Transport Minister, who designed most of the initial roads in the city's grid system, and the route of the first bus service, and the first few Underway Lines, including the Cibus-Line.

Next month the city will host the Gaming Conference, a giant meeting and show for all of the major video-game players (no pun intended), including EA, and Spoclety-born Lusio Games (Lusio is Latin for playing), at the world-famous Aula Loquitur in central Eloiseville.

There are new updates on the city problems.

Air Pollution is slowly decreasing due to the Green Industrials Act.

Road traffic has been lessening its strain on capacity by the placement of new bus stops in residential roads, and the creation of more Underway Lines that go through such zones as well as commercial zones.


Explaining the city

The Spoclety local area is one of the well-equipped and best funded cities in Britain, and is an example to many the world over.

The city was started over 150 years ago, under the leadership of M. Spoclety. After his death 30 years after the start of the city, the place was renamed after him. However, by this time, high-rises, the University, and much of the city's infrastructure was created. Many of the roads, power plants, water pipes, and municipal buildings have not been touched since their building, and only thirty new roads were created or extended since.

The city is a hung council, i.e. there is no overall control of the city council by one party. However, the city, overall voted Labour in the elections. The city also has a swing constituency: Spoclety Aversmith-Waterside, which was coaxed by major political parties. It eventually turned into a LibDem constituency, whereas before it was Labour-controlled.

The city can be split into three constituencies and its containing wards/districts:


- Aversmith



-West Harney


-Harney (excl. West Harney & North Harney)

-Old City




-North Harney


-Spoclety Industrial Estate



White: 50%

South Asian: 40%

Black: 14%

Other: 1%


Under-16: 30%

16-68: 50%

68+: 20%


Male: 48%

Female: 52%


Christian: 30%

Muslim: 30%

Athiest/Non-Religious: 30%

Other: 10%


Labour: 30%

Tory: 20%

Lib Dem: 25%

Other: 25%

The city also has the highest retirement age in the western world: 68 years.

The city is divided mostly by the main dual-carrigeways, which run in a grid-system, along with the roads and some smaller streets.

The city is served by the two motorways that run through it, plus the internal motorway that links the east of the city to the Old City in the south-west, couriering people and goods.

The city has Spoclety International Airport (IATA: SPL), a network hub for many airlines who don't want to re-route through London Heathrow.

The city has an incredible night-life, with many districts being mini-cities in themselves with shops, drive-ins, large department stores, and homes.

The city has a mixture of high-rise luxury apartments and smaller homes and bunglalows, with many buildings reserved for social housing, meaning there is no homeless guy on the streets tonight.

The city is home to Essent Media Group, one of the world's largest film, TV and music producers, and world-famous rock act Automated Smiles.

There also is a well-funded public transport system, run by the council's Network Transport. The city has over fifteen subway lines (called the Underway) and twenty or so bus routes. The city council wanted to have an above-ground rail link, however, this was voted down as the proposal would take up room that could be put to use for homes and businesses.

Nearly all of the council-funded schools have near 100% A* grades, with all students getting a free place at the University of the City of Spoclety, with out-of-towners paying £5,000 a year for accessing the 'common man's Oxbridge'.

The city has excellent health coverage, with nearly every square-kilometre of residental area being served by at least three clinics and one large hospital. An NHS investigation found care in these medical centres to be similar to those in private care.

The city is also the only city in Britain where nobody pays any tax. No money goes from the citizens', businesses', or industry's pockets to the city council. However, the city has one of the most self-sustaining budgets ever. Why? The city's strict zoning laws and traffic reduction schemes means that all owners of cars, trucks and other transport pay a £2 tax per month per twenty kilometres on every vehicle, with bus and subway fares at 70 pence.

The city also has notorious measurment laws, with all measurments of distance, volume, area, depth only being measured in SI units (e.g. metres, milliletres, hectares, kilometres).

However, the city is not all fun-and-games.

Although the city has one of the best-funded healthcare systems in the world, many clinics shut down for strikes, even though much of the council budget is spent on healthcare.

The city has a worsening air pollution problem, with dirty and manufacturing industries commiting the most to overall air polltution. Many laws have been passed in City Hall limiting the effect of emissions of cars (all vehicles and buildings in the city are powered by hydrogen, thanks to work at the University), and a Cleaner Air Act passed, industry has yet not cleared up its act. The council is deciding whether to introduce a tax on industry for the first time since the inception of the city.

The city has a traffic problem too. Although very few roads are congested, most roads in the city are operating at nearly 300% of capacity, especially on dual-carrigeways and roads, leading to many accidents. Plans have been drawn out by road planners to re-route traffic by building new roads, however, this is still in limbo in City Hall.

That's all there is to the city of Spoclety. It may not be the oldest. It may not be the coolest. But it damn well is pretty good.

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