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About this City Journal

Virgin Shores is an interactive city journal following the history of an oil-producing Pacific Northwest island nation where readers get to influence what happens, from running for a council...

Entries in this City Journal


As most of you should know from VS 2.0, I like to keep this interactive, and the main way that is done is through an elected Administrative Council consisting of department heads. I will do the same thing in this CJ, and will be accepting nominations VIA PM for positions. Elections are tentatively scheduled for towards the end of January, which is also when regular updates should commence. Positions are open to anyone and do not require anything other than being a regular reader of this CJ who wants to contribute, and being available to aid in making decisions. Terms last for 3 months, but this may be shortened or lengthened depending on how things play out.

The positions that are going to be available are:

  • Department of Transportation Head Administrator (approves/revises transportation proposals)
  • Department of Health, Education, and Human Affairs Head Administrator (governs over the living conditions of citizens and oversees schools and hospitals)
  • Utilities Commissioner (oversees the nation's electricity, water, and sanitation infrastructure)
  • Planning Department Head Administrator (oversees zoning and land use)
  • National Guard Commander-in-Chief (commands the nation's armed forces)
  • And any other custom positions will be considered.
Please PM me if you would like to run for any of these positions, and I leave you with another teaser:



It's back!

After taking a bit of time off from CJing, which included a good bit of SC4 time, I have finally gotten a region or two that will behave well enough for me to use them as a new incarnation of Virgin Shores. Development is coming along nicely on one of them, as anyone who is in chat regularly can attest. In just a short while (I guarantee by the end of Winter!) enough will be complete to begin regularly updating. In the meantime, however, enjoy this teaser:


Photoshopping courtesy of Archean

Information will be coming soon on the interactive component of the City Journal, including Council elections.

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