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About this City Journal

10 months later..... Back and (hopefully :P ) better than ever! =D

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Update 2: The Redeux

Wow, it's been about 10 months since I posted here. Too long... :( But never fear! :D I have recently been downloading custom content that caught my eye, and have compiled a fairly large basket of content. Today, I only have a teaser, but I hope this gives your some ideas about what I'll be doing in the future. :)

It is a fairly new style, it's not Greek like the first update, but rather.... just me. I just built what I was yearning to build, and I hope you enjoy my the way it turned out.

I encourage you to click the link for the full resolution picture in the new window.... it looks sooo much better. :D

Click for linky to big resolution! :P


I'd really like to thank everyone who's followed one of CJs, and I hope to make more of a permanent return to the CJ world. ^_^



Update 1 - Thermopylae

Lately, I have been focusing on more of a Mediterranean and rural style of play, as my family comes from Sparta in the Peloponnese, as well as Roumeli in the Central Mountains of Greece. I had been meaning to try this style of play for a while, but haven't gotten around to it until now.

So, for the most part, I will posting rural and Mediterranean-styled updates for all of you here! 

Without further ado, here is the start of my 3rd CJ: Roumeli: Through the Eyes of a Greek!

Dawn is breaking on a small town in the Thermopylae district; the capital of Roumeli. On many mornings, fog blankets the small farming settlement; along with light rain showers. This Sunday morning was no exception.


But, the soggy weather is always defeated by the sun later in the morning. It always seems that on Sunday morning, the sound of Thermopylaens singing at the local Greek Orthodox Church burns away the fog.thermopylae_church.jpg

The next morning is the beginning of the work week...and young Thermopylaens have a day at school ahead of them.thermopylae_school.jpg

While the young Thermopylaens are at school, the elders and government officials can be found at one of the Parliament House in the town.thermopylae_mall.jpg

Those who are not government officials are most likely farmers in the lower class. President Nichloas Stavrakos is a farmer at heart, and even though his policies seem benevolent at times, his taxes on farmers are brutal. The lower class families are stuck in a chain of poverty that is almost impossivle to break. (The quote in this pic is from Frederick the Great).thermopylae-jun.jpg

Thanks for viewing and commenting!

Live life to the fullest! 10.gif


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