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About this City Journal

An attempt to create a massive lower-class city. On SimCity4 Deluxe with NAM, industry quadrupler, BSC textures 1 (I think), NDEX Global Essentials, and some buildings downloaded from ST...

Entries in this City Journal


Middletown recently declined to accept any more of Industria's trash. The deal had been arranged years ago: Industria sells Middleton power, and Middleton takes Industria's trash. Middleton, however, found that their trash heap was full:


I think they want to clear it out so that the smell doesn't float over to the new stadium.

So Industria said, nevermind the environment, we'll just burn it! (Space is tight.) They decided to put an incinerator next to the three power plants already in operation.


Now they sell Middleton both power AND trash collection! Result!

And now, crime news. Crime is down, possibly because of the increased visibility of the prison's community service program.


Remember those yellow jumpsuits running all over during the jail break? Well now some of the city jail's 200 inhabitants are helping to clean up city hall the old fashioned way!

Other crimes remain static.



Flashers? I see the yellow, is that skin, or just an escaped convict? Or maybe it's a prostitute. I have no idea. Any thoughts?


And fights and flashers? (fight = top right, flasher? = bottom left)


The police are hard at work with their shiny helicopter, but the criminals just hide in buildings.


Dawn raid, anyone?

And that's the news for the day. I'll try to have some night shots next time.


Places of interest

The overall layout of Industriatown is pretty simple, residents on one side, commercial surrounding them, industry on the other side. Pollution is high, traffic horrendous.


Main Street -- linking the neighborhoods with the industrial district.


See the City Hall, both the old small one and the newer medium one. See the drastically under-funded and under-utilized museum. What's in it? Nobody knows, because half the population can't read the display signs. All we know is that there are some dead things in it.Doesn't really draw the folks in. See the courthouse, where families listen to their loved one's sentence. See the McDonalds and Old Joe's Drive-in Theater -- both far more popular than the museum.

Central Park


Central Park is located right next to Main Street, with some of the only green space in town. Want to play some soccer or baseball? Want to stroll under the trees? Sorry, this is the only place to do it. Maybe one day they'll get a concert park to host their favourite bands. Or, maybe not.

The Docks


The heavy levels of industry required a dock. The old dock (on the right) filled up quickly, so the new dock (left) was added. Currently the freight seems to prefer the new dock to the old. The ferry goes to Middleton, a nearby middle-class suburb. (More on that later.)

Four Farm Square


When Industriatown first started out, the first residents from nearby Sandbox wanted to recreate their agricultural paradise. So, four farms were planted with some low-density housing in the centre. Now this is the only remaining low-density housing in the city, excepting the lighthouse area. The farms, once vibrant and productive, suffered a big hit when some powerlines were lost in construction and are now derilict.

Newtown East


Recently some new developments have sprung up to the south of the original neighbourhood, Newtown East and Newtown West. These are apparently very attractive to middle-class and wealthy residents, possibly because of the walkway between the buildings, and has attracted a significant number of them. Hopefully this will serve to move them out of the city centre to make room for more ghetto. Pictured is Newtown East, mostly because I like the dual Copur Apartments on the end. Newtown West is very similar.

Edited, like the others, to shrink the pics.


The not-so-poor

Most of the people of Industriatown live in large tenements, like those from Carling Tower Hamlets.


Those are some neat UK-based buildings downloaded from here. Search UK and you'll find some excellent British ghetto buildings, like these crazy towers. Popular in Britain, popular in Industriatown.

Other residents live in smaller places, like those on Bum's Hotel Row.


But there are wealthier members of Industriatown.Wealthier+Residents.png

Notice the mansions near the top. Wierd. And the white Jolly Manor for the middle-class next to the park. The larger but equally middle-class Pratt Tower is behind it. See? Parks: they attract the middle-class like flies!

Of course, with the recent influx of middle-class came immigrants:


Damn those middle-class Dutch bastards! They ruin EVERYTHING! Look at how awful and out of place the building looks among the New York and Chicago tilesets. Blugh. Hideous. I'm hoping someone will build over them, because I keep trying to bulldose them, but they keep coming back! Nice in Europe, rubbish in this city.



I set out to make Industriatown an absolute ghetto. So I asked myself what middle-class people want: schools, hospitals, parks... and deliberately left them out. This worked a charm. A couple of parks were added to break the monotony, but as I used a non-grid layout for the residential area, there wasn't much to break up.

An elementary school and library were initially added to increase demand, but the people got too smart, so I killed the library. When the elementary school got too full, I just put a large one in with $0 spent on buses. It keeps people from complaining too much, keeps them from hitting 0 intelligence (yes, it happens), and keeps the average intelligence below 100.

I put a hospital in for a bit, but it attracted too many middle-class people, and was too expensive, so I killed that, too.

There are police departments and fire departments fairly well-spread out in the city.

Here's a picture of some of the utilities:


There's the police station, fire station and the big elementary school, the only one in town.

The lack of police stations did cause some problems, specifically, the low number of them to begin with. At one point I had a jail break.


See the little orange jumpsuited criminals running about? Crime lept up to almost 30. Now it hovers around 20, even with 4 police stations and a jail. Hooray for police!

No fires have yet been reported, but there are 2 large fire departments, so the matter should be taken care of.

(Edited to downsize the pics)


Once upon a time...

...there was a small town, outside of an agricultural town called Sandbox.

Sandbox (some years on, after the middle-class invasion)


It started small, with high taxes for the rich, low taxes for the poor, and a ton of dirty industry. And suddenly, a Industriatown was born.




Edited to downsize the pics.

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