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Previously a quaint South American Island chain in the mid-west Atalantic, San Espiranto is undergoing a rapid industrial revolution. While some islands still rely on a farming-based...

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Before I start, I should explain that I know very little about Spanish and Portugese, so the names of most of the Islands are just what 'sounded right' or amalgamations of the names of various South American cities. 

Isla los Esparargos is the most central of the remaining Farming-based communities, with over 80% of the small population working on farms. The village has tried hard to resist modernisation, with the old church still standing in the centre of the village. Nevertheless, the attractive beaches of the area are prompting more immigrants to settle there, and a small pocket of industry has emerged on one of the outcroppings that connect Isla Los Esparargos to nearby islands. The island remains something of a rural haven, with a population of just over 3000.

Farms on the Island come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Though larger and irregular farms are sometimes seen, many farms on the island are small squares, as the poorer residents cannot afford larger plots. A wide variety of crops are grown on the isle. 


The only disturbance to the fields on the isle is the new high-speed monorail link, connecting Sao Manaus in the north with the capital in the south.


The Monorail's futuristic bridges are a stark contrast against the more rustic, older road bridges.


Las Crossinga Vegada is the oldest bridge still standing. The Powerlines are a newer edition, to enable electrical siphoning from neighbours at peak times.


Villa Esparargos, Named after the island, is the only concentration of residences on the whole island. It's attractive beaches are a newly discovered haven for tourists.


The Island is connected by land to four of it's neighbours, more than most of the neraby landforms.


Thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to leave comments, good or bad.



San Espiranto Flag

San Espiranto

San Espiranto is a small island chain roughly 700 miles off the coast of north-east Brazil. The Islands themselves are mostly coral Islands, with a few still displaying volcanic activity. They vary in size from tiny outcroppings barely able to support a road to the Capital Island itself, a huge and mostly flat landmass with wide, spindly outcroppings jutting off in different directions. A Key issue on the islands is the rapidly dimishing amount of free space. The government wishes to preserve farming heritage on several islands, leaving less space for larger developments. Because of this, San Espiranto has a much higher concentration of high-rises compared to similar archipelagos.

[san Espiranto is my first major development, after the failed Utopia attempt. The region was originally started with no plugins installed, so some cities appear more 'stock' than others. I'm also fairly new to modding and Simcity 4, which I think is an interesting tradeoff between experience and ambition that come with knowing or not knowing the limits, respectively. However, I do have plenty of mods installed, including 2 different versions of Sainsburys (Thanks Simgoober!), so things shouldn't be too 'default'.]

Thanks for reading!

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