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Lucem Sequimur

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About this City Journal

Lucem Sequimur is the evolution of a world. You, as reader, will witness love, scandal, war, and so much more in the epic journey of the land. Nations will rise and fall, revolutions will...

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Novus Lumos


I am so glad to be back after a short break! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Today, we will be revisiting the concept of beauty as worship, but first I must get back to your comments!



canyonjumper: Thank you! I'm glad you appreciate creativity.

dedgren: Thank you very much, David! I really appreciate your comments. I am, even now, beginning to feel that I am more "acquainted" with merging natural and built together, and I hope others are seeing my improvements, as well. Thanks again!

Tomas Neto: Thank you!

Kwakelaar: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying this.

Nardo69: Thanks! I'm glad you're hooked.

CasperVg: Thanks!

Serebii666: Thanks!

Battlecat: Thank you! That's the look I'm trying to go for. 

Nikom: Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

art128: I hope your new year has gone well!

io_bg: Thank you! It has really been tough trying to find custom buildings for this MD, but I think I've found some that create enough variety.

art128: Thank you!

peter007: Thanks for pointing that out.  Wink I didn't notice them until you said that.

HotChocolate: I'm glad you enjoy the story! Thank you.

Novus Lumos


It is the year 350, and religion has just been established in the Freedonian Kingdom. Beauty has become a thing of worship, and to spread beauty is to spread the will of grace of Lumos. This provided a reason for expansion. To turn the rugged, wild wilderness into a sophisticated civilization.


Ulysses the Great, Supreme Ruler of the Freedonian Kingdom, ordered a group of thirty-five men to travel the creek leading away from Sema Aquarius in search of land for a new village.


It was a dangerous journey, where they encountered many dangers and great beasts. Eventually, they found a suitable place to create a village and spread the grace of Lumos. 


The village is now nearly as big as Ellis Hominis, and perhaps a bit more impressive. Citizens here live largely in seclusion from the rest of the Kingdom. There is no clear-cut path, and it takes days to travel to the nearest village, Sema Aquarius. For this reason, the village is almost entirely independent, and apart from monthly tax collections, experiences almost no connection with the rest of the kingdom. 


The village features an incredible governing hall, where the Village Council meets. It is one of the most ornate buildings in the Freedonian Kingdom.


The village is also home to this incredible structure, which is essentially a place of worship. Villagers climb the tower, which is the second tallest structure in the Kingdom, and feel a deep connection to Lumos as they look down upon the world. The tower and the governing hall are all parts of the spreading of beauty.


One day, a boy was playing outside the village, when he spotted something...


A village! Except no one in the Kingdom was aware of this village. In fact, no one had even contemplated the fact that other people could be out there somewhere, entire Kingdoms just over the crest of the hill. This raised new realizations in the Freedonian Kingdom, that they perhaps were not alone, and that they may not be the greatest, living only below Lumos. Thought radically changed at this discovery, as the Freedonian Kingdom may no longer be the center of everything. 

May you seek the light.





I would like to first wish everyone a happy and peaceful, albeit a bit late, holiday season! Back in the world of Lucem Sequimur, we will at last be exploring religion in the Freedonian Kingdom. But first...


(From SC4D)

art128: Thank you for your kind words. I had a lot of fun making the village!

perter007: I apologize. I glad you like the houses!

noahclem: I'm glad you enjoy both the storyline and the images. See you soon!

marsh: Great! I hope to see you again soon.

canyonjumper: Thank you for your kind words!

Aaron Graham: Thank you! I enjoy creating this story, and so I'm glad you enjoy reading it!

Ecoba: Thanks so much! I'm glad you appreciate the uniqueness of this MD.

RickD: I'm glad you enjoy it!

Kwakelaar: Thank you! I actually got my initial inspiration from your MD, which I admire and I hope to see another update from again soon.  Wink

(From Simtropolis)

Biriali: I'm very glad you are enjoying these updates. I remember pig latin as a fad in my sixth grade class... Wink



The kingdom continues to grow. Most notable from above is the expansion in size. In Year 300, there is approximately 250 inhabitants in Ellis Hominis alone. Sema Aquarius has also grown a considerable amount.


At this closer level, we can see some significant architectural changes. The straw shacks are becoming few and far between, and are replaced by brick and clay structures, which are much bigger, sturdier, and arguably more beautiful than that of days gone by.


The streets are bustling with people chatting, trading, and discussing matters of philosophy and even politics. 


Perhaps the most notable addition to this village is this house of worship. Known as El Lucem, the structure is by far the biggest, tallest, and most important building in the village.


Another, albeit much smaller house of worship exists in Sema Aquarius. So what exactly is it that is being worshiped?


You may recall the home of the Governor of Sema Aquarius. One day, one of the children was playing out in the woods. Eventually, he stumbled upon something quite profound...


A remarkable, blinding white patch of indescribable beauty shown brightly upon the child's eyes. After spending over twenty minutes staring at the remarkably gorgeous oddity, he ran back to tell his father. 

Now, the place is worshiped as a small piece of heaven. When near or on the freezing yet absolutely beautiful substance they came to call "Lucem," people felt a deep connection to some other worldly power. If you recall, the inhabitants of the Freedonian Kingdom are extremely pale, so white that they almost shine and shimmer in the sunlight. Something about the blindingly white quality of the lucem drew villagers to this mystical place. The lucem formed the basis of all religion in the land.


In the middle of the lucem sat a small hut, where villagers went to feel a close connection to an other worldly power. Eventually, this power earned a name: Lumos. Lumos was an abstract figure. He lived in the Kingdom only in presence. According to Lumosism, the name of the religion which worshiped the god Lumos, Lumos entered the mortal world through the mountain tops, and then moved about invisibly, maintaining order, justice, and most of all, beauty in the world. Beauty now became a thing of worship.

The most important aspect of Lumosism was that it was meant to be spread. Beauty, and therefore a greater connection to Lumos, was something that should be spread in order to discover the greater connection to the god. Lumosism had to encompass the world in order to find the greatest connection to Lumos possible. It was fate. It was destiny. The destiny of the Freedonian Kingdom.

May you seek the light.





Today, we launch ourselves almost 200 years into the future. How much has changed? We'll find out soon, but first...


Biriali: Thank you! I think I'll clarify for everyone that the language technically not Latin, although I have based the "flavor" and even some exact words from that language. Thank you again for your comment, and I hope to see you again soon.

JGellock: Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying it!



Immense changes have taken place since we last visited Ellis Hominis. Almost 200 years later, major social, cultural, architectural, and technological advances have been made. We now see bustling cobblestone streets, huge timber-frame houses, and a rough governmental system in place.


One of the major advances, cobblestone streets, is derived from this small discovery. Deep inside the hill north of Ellis Hominis is a significant deposit of rock, which is used in the production of the new streets. These streets allow more people to walk about without having to worry about the muddy dirt paths of yesteryear, marking the beginning of a new social era in history. As more and more people venture outside, relationships are forged, gossip is spread, trades are made, and as a result the first "social network" is created. Although not quite as technologically advanced as Facebook...


In the center of this picture is the home of Ulysses the Great, leader of Ellis Hominis and its sister village, Sema Aquarius. The home not only includes quarters for Ulysses the Great and his family, but also is the center of government in Ellis Hominis. Let us take a quick break to explain the current state of law in Ellis Hominis:

First of all, Ulysses the Great is the supreme ruler of Ellis Hominis and Sema Aquarius. Together, these two villages are known as the Freedonian Kingdom.  Ulysses the Great has five advisors. Collectively, they are known as The Council. While Ulysses the Great has ultimate control over affairs in the Freedonian Kingdom, the Council advises His Greatness and generally supports him. Few laws exist, and those that do are quite simple: Murder is punishable by death, stealing is punishable by the removal of a limb (at His Greatness' discretion), and other such common punishments. Essentially, Ulysses the Great has all the power. Yet he is a good and kind leader, generally, although he does quite enjoy his power and will stop at nothing to keep it. 



The military camp has seen major improvements in both infrastructure and organization. Several new structures were added to house soldiers, and a fence was erected to keep out unwanted visitors. 


In Lake Hominis, the fish population has begun to rebound, allowing for an extensive new fishery to be erected. Fishermen are still watchful of how much fish they take in, because they do not want to see another near-extinction.


Sema Aquarius has stayed largely the same, with only a few additions to accommodate the ruling Ulysses the Great. A few hundred years ago, Sema Aquarius was once the epitome of quality living. Now, it is poor, and its citizens live meager lives in comparison to the luxuries of Ellis Hominis. 


A small governing center was erected in Sema Aquarius to keep things in check. Seventy percent of all fish from Sema Aquarius are sent directly to Ellis Hominis, and this process is run carefully by Governor Rue and his few advisers. 


Governor Rue lives in relative luxury in a small home on a hill overlooking Sema Aquarius. He has two daughters and a son. 

Here is a bonus picture since everyone waited so long for the update:


As the culture of Ellis Hominis continues to grow, painting has become one of the most revered art forms in the Kingdom. Here, we see Ellis Hominis at night, painted by a local artist hired by Ulysses the Great. 

May you seek the light.




Ellis Hominis is in the midst of preparing for battle as we speak. Before we begin the telling of their story, however...


Reikhardt: I must admit, I agree with you!

nickzou: Yes, I simply love the idea of it! Anthropology has always fascinated me, and although this isn't meant to be a realistic picture of anything, really, I hope to see the world evolve naturally. 

Schulmanator: It is so great to see you here, and I'm very glad to have your support! I really appreciate those kind words. I hope to stick around.

Hermannleicht: Thank you for the kind words.

Battalis ema Sema Aquarius


After several months of battle preparations, 40 men are sent from Ellis Hominis to take Sema Aquarius for its succulent fish and crystal clear fresh water. The men take to the hills, planning to sneak up on the small village in the early morning.


In a field just above Sema Aquarius, the men rest and take stock of their weapons. The plan is to head to the village meeting place, swarm it with men from Ellis Hominis, and overpower the new village by sheer force and impressive size.


The invasion begins. Villagers in Sema Aquarius hear the roars from the oncoming pillagers before they see it: The screams, the pounding of running feet, the crackle of flames on torches, all of these send shivers down the spines of the villagers. Battle was something new to both villages, and the reaction was utter confusion and chaos. Villagers from Sema Aquarius, fearing their own lives rather than the livelihood of the village as a whole, picked up knives and pitchforks and stood outside their home, ready to defend themselves and their family. No one from Sema Aquarius thought on the scale of the whole village being taken over. The only concerns were their immediate surroundings: Their own life, their home, and the lives of their family.


The battle lasted long into the night. Men from Ellis Hominis entered homes, killed men, women, and children, and stole their possessions. However, the ultimate goal was not this measly pillaging, but rather, the conquering of the entire village. Therefore, the men abandoned their pillaging after a few hours and instead focused on the village meeting place, essentially the government (or whatever the primitive form of that looked like) center of Sema Aquarius.


As they entered, they discovered who was generally considered to be the leader of Sema Aquarius, Aqa. Aqa was an old man, with a long, golden beard. He was not one of the people that retained the pasty white skin and snow-white hair of the original ancestors, but rather seemed to glow a soft, golden aura. The men from Ellis Hominis slit Aqa's throat in seconds, and dragged his dead body to the center of the village. The villagers, still focused on protecting their own home rather than the livelihood of the village, saw Aqa's dead body and began to swarm around it. Aqa was an inspiration more than anything else. His wisdom brought success to the small village, and to see him die so easily at the hand of these foreign enemies drew fire at the core of the villagers' hearts. What was once a defense of each individual home suddenly became the protection of one, collective home, their home, Sema Aquarius. A pride unlike any that had ever existed sprouted at that moment, and the villagers fought back with hearts like lions.

Although the villagers of Sema Aquarius fought valiantly, there were simply no match for the organized power and sheer number of those from Ellis Hominis. They surrendered after several hours of fighting, not out of fear of the enemy, but of fear of the death of the newfound prideful spirit. Ellis Hominis took control of Sema Aquarius, encompassing it under one governing body. The age of kingdoms begins.

May you seek the light.



Aquarius, sema aquarius


Good morning, everyone. It's time to find out what the meager group of explorers has discovered in their travels. But first...


Waterclaw: Thank you! We shall soon find out if you are correct.

Eldaldo: Thanks for visiting!

Reikhardt: Thank you for your kind words. I hope to see you again soon here!

nickzou: Thank you! It is quite ambitious, what I'm doing here, and I hope it pays off.

JGellock: Thanks! That is a really wonderful compliment

Devonf!: Great, I'm glad you're excited!

Aquarius, sema aquarius


It was decided that a search party would set out in search of a source of water. Many were starving in the village of Ellis Hominis, as the settlement had come to be called. It was difficult to find men willing to go out in the search, for the land outside the lake shore was thoroughly unexplored. Whatever horrors awaited were a terrible mystery to the people of Ellis Hominis.


Within an hour of leaving the village, the men discovered the first horror in a field of beautiful flowers. The men had just stopped for a drink from their water pouches, when they heard a grunt, followed by an odd sort of spitting sound. They turned, ready to fight, when they found...


Oh, how the terror that followed the discovery of these sick beasts rocked the very core of the people. The explorers ran out of the field and into the woods, the beast trotting and spitting at them all the time. Never had the men been so frightened.


The men found that the beasts were scattered all over open fields, but tended to avoid forests, so the party stuck to the trees.


At last, the group of explorers discovered a tiny spring, with a creek trickling down the slope. It was the perfect place for a settlement - flat, clear (On a side note, although the beasts preferred meadows and open areas, they seemed to stay away from civilization, hence why they were never seen in Ellis Hominis, and why the men thought it would be safe to settle here), and right next to freshwater.


The spring-fed pond contained an abundance of fish, including many that did not exist in Lake Hominis. The men were amazed.


Within a few months, a new village was built, with materials from Ellis Hominis for the construction. The place was deemed by the explorers as Sema Aquarius, roughly translating to "sweet water." The new settlement included ten homes, a village storeroom, a meeting place, three fields for cultivation, and a fenced area for sheep and pigs. A path was also created between Sema Aquarius and Ellis Hominis. 

Initially, the inhabitants of Ellis Hominis were overjoyed at the discovery of fresh water, and so they were eager to cooperate with the new village. They provided construction materials, expecting new fish and other delicacies in return. However, no one from Ellis Hominis dared live in Sema Aquarius, for they had heard the stories of the beasts and did not want to face an uncertain fate in a (seemingly) far away land. 


A few weeks after the construction of Sema Aquarius, a group of men were travelling to Ellis Hominis with fresh fish. However, when they neared Ellis Hominis, they discovered a new hut erected, and the path blocked by a group of strong men. Confused, the men from Sema Aquarius attempted to inquire about the situation, but were quickly beat with clubs by the strong men. They ran back as fast as they could to Sema Aquarius to tell their friends of the event.

See, the village of Ellis Hominis grew anxious at the growth of Sema Aquarius. The people of the new village seemed much happier, stronger, and more fearless than those of Ellis Hominis. And so the inhabitants of Ellis Hominis slowly but surely began to resent those of Sema Aquarius out of jealousy. They weren't getting as many fish as they wanted from Sema Aquarius, and they wanted it all for themselves.


And so this was erected in Ellis Hominis. Essentially a military camp, self-appointed officials at the village began training men, and especially young boys, into warriors. They wanted to plunder Sema Aquarius for its delicious fish, fertile fields, and beautiful women. Slowly but surely, they built up an army, which, granted, only consisted of about fifteen or twenty men, but compared to the defenseless Sema Aquarius, it was enough. Plenty, really. All Sema Aquarius had to defend themselves with were strong hearts and brave souls. 

May you seek the light.



May you seek the light


Lucem Seqiumur is the evolution of a world. You, as reader, will witness love, scandal, war, and so much more in the epic journey of the land. Nations will rise and fall, revolutions will tear across societies, and the wrath of the gods will be unleashed upon the people. Join us as we seek the light.

Sincerely yours,


In the beginning, there was El and Sa.


They were alone, living next to the peaceful Lake Hominis.


They fished.


They raised sheep for wool and meat.


One day, El and Sa were blessed with two children. Yet, these children were not the product of El and Sa, but rather wandered into their small hut one evening, starving and weak. Where they came from was a mystery. The boy's name was Pae. El taught him how to fish and tend to the sheep. The girl's name was Naeti. Naeti quickly became better at fishing than even El. Eventually, Pae and Naeti built a new home not far from El and Sa.


Many years later, several more small children came wandering into the hut, all of them looking starving and weak, just as Pae and Naeti did. The strange phenomenon was a total mystery to El and Sa, especially since the children did not seem to recognize each other. In fact, they could barely speak. There were a few strange similarities about them, however: They were all extremely pale, their skin was smooth as silk, and their hair was a blinding white.

Eventually, the population boomed as more of these strange children arrived, grew up, and had children. The sickly, pale children stopped wandering toward El and Sa's home about ten years after the first pair arrived. The mystery of the children was lost, but not forgotten...


However, with this increased population comes new problems. The first: Lake Hominis. With so many people, the once abundant population of fish in the lake has dwindled to almost none. The lake is now lifeless. 


Rumors are spreading that a search party plans to go north into the valley in an attempt to find a stream or maybe another lake. But this has been met with much opposition. Having never left the lake shores, the villagers are terrified of what lies beyond. The issue is splitting the village into two: Those in favor of searching for fresh water, and those in favor of attempting to live off measly helpings of sheep, pig, and soybeans, which are limited in supply, as well.


May you seek the light.


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