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About this City Journal

Chronicle of my job as mayor of Tronton, my first city in Cities XL 2011 and surrounding area. Join me on my journey of trials and tribulations as I strive to build a massive city worthy of...

Entries in this City Journal


After about a year of play time on and off I have finally completed my city. I achieved my goals of constructing the Chrysler, Empire State buildings and Football Stadium megastructures but I could not entirely fill the map due to my system bogging down under the intense strain the simulation was generating. Too bad the game only can use 1 cpu core. I never thought I would enjoy this game more than Sim City 4 but I really did have many hours of fun creating this huge metropolis. It's amazing to see the finished product after all the work that went into it. It took so long becuase I like to micromanage every detail about how the city is layed out. I only started to use the auto-zoning tools near the end so I think the city has a unique and realisitic look. Hope you enjoy the picture gallery and thanks for checking out my journal.

See the pic gallery here:



Building a Highway

So I finally hit 500,000 pop and now I can finally build that big, huge highway through my city that I always wanted right? Wrong! Well, the game's design tools really try their best to prevent you from doing what you want with a highway. First of all, the intersections are huge unmodifiable pieces that must be placed first before building the highway or connecting roads itself. It's very difficult to make things connect properly. For instance, you must use the large luxurious avenue to connect to a avenue/highway interchange,no other types will work. There doesn't seem to be any way to build an elevated highway. As soon as I started raising it, the tool would snap it back to the ground. Since the connection types are so limited it makes it neraly impossible to build a highway running through your city which is kind of the point of having a highway in the 1st place. Since you can't easily run roads under or over the highway, it will instead divide your city in half if you're not careful.

After some testing, trial and error I found a way to make it work for my city. As you'll see inthe screen shots below I downgraded the highway to an expressway intersection when I  needed it to cross my existing expressway. For the next avenue connection I used a T-interchange which worked well for my situation. For the rest of the highway I plan to build a cloverleaf in the south area near the shore. These types of interesctions let you easily connect highways together and I want to have a highway running east towards my main industry, south towards what will be the future downtown commercial core (on the island) and west to provide quick transportation from a far distance to the commercial area from residential. There will also be north arm which I'm in the progress of building now. The goal is to use the highways to go through the middle of my city to facilitate fast traffic flow from most areas all the way to downtown.





Traffic Woes

I haven't updated in a while becuase I've been frantically racing towards 500,000 pop so I can get highways! During this period of rapid development I ran into major traffic issues. The main reason for this is becuase I built most of the new heavy industry sectors far away on a small flat strip of shore between the ocean and sheer cliffs. There is only one main access corridor but it's an expressway. This expressway runs the entire lenght of the industry zone and through the rest of the city. Since residential has become much more dense traffic has begun to build up to the point where even parts of the expressway have heavy traffic. but the real problem is the bottleneck where it turns into an 80 cars /min avenue where it runs thru the industry section with the seaport bfeore going back to an expressway.

I built an above/below ground subway system although it is a small one which helped provide a secondary acess method to the industry. It was very difficult constructing above ground and it's a pain to go back underground just to build the stations. 

I expanded the bus transit lines but they are extremely expensive so I haven't used them extensively. My plan is to build the most efficient road network possible. I 've already started by keeping intersections on expressways and avenues to a minimum and to not use long stretches of 2 lane roads or small streets.

Recently I also constructed a small airport on the west of the city which has  helped the office sector a lot to provide passenger service.

Other notable events were the coming of the Elites! Yes, those ultra snobby super rich have finally moved into town and they sure are picky. I developed a nice neighbourhood just for them with winding quite streets, lots of greenry and ammenities such as the Carrefoure Hypermarket and Cathedral.

I've also built another support town to produce holiday resources and expanded the 1st support city which now has massive farm areas with silos to boost production and many oil harvesters to supply the glutenous appetite of my main city's huge industrial might.

new industrial area

Elite hood

High density beginning to develop


Birth of Tronton

Here we go, my first city in the revamped Cities XL 2011. I used the map "Delta River" to start my city. ( I will upload pics a bit later when I have access). I wanted to build near the edge of the map so I could benefit from a city link nearby and not have to spend a lot of money building roads. My strategy initially is to be very conservative and efficient to build up a profitiable city. The area I chose was a flat valley nestled between two mountain plateau's. I built up a large heavy industry sector within this valley area right to the edge of the map with one main two lane road running through the middle which served as the main corridor of transportation between the small town and the industry.

My first big error was not realizing that I could build avenues with higher capacity from the beginning. ( I just didn't notice where they were in the menu) So here I was waiting as my city developed for the avenues to unlock meanwhile my city began to get severely congested by all the traffic. Traffic became gridlocked at around a population of 30,000. Apparently I was doing enough other things right because I kept getting messages saying "despite all the problems your citizens are still happy" and "traffic is totally blocked" lol I tried building an alternate road that snaked up a hillside and down back into the industrial sector and placed skilled worker houses. This area was a bit outside the city proper and although the environment was very appealing, the people hated driving so far to reach city services and unwind at the town bowling alley (which was one of the only entertainments spots in town).

Finally at a pop of about 50,000 I got access to the bus system and quickly put in a bus line along that all important tiny road to the industry that was the backbone of my city. The people immediately flocked to the buses and there is now finally some relief. The dirty industry farthest away has now developed and some manufacturing has moved in.

Elsewhere in the city I built a harbour port on the coast with a long road connecting it to the city and starting building some hi tech industry. I'm now in the process of building a large avenue on the perimeter of the city and trying to get as many people using it as possible. That's all I have for my first entry. I'll get some pics up soon and I hope you check back from time to time to see how I'm doing. Thanks for reading.

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