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About this City Journal

The Good and The Bad of Herstingville.

Entries in this City Journal


After the Disaster of 2005, the entire city of Herstingville was obliterated, thankfully, the old mayor died in the disaster and now Herstingville is now under control of the Mafia. They have no idea how to run a city, in a city of now more than 1,200,000, they only have one hospital, with a capacity of 3,000. They have one Police Sation and one Jail, crime isn't on the rise, the few criminals that operate in the city switch hideouts every two to three days, so the Mafia and the Police could not find them. The New City is stronger, better and more desirable. 


Although it is still a very, very dangerous place, residents are happy, but limited to what they can do. During the day, everyone goes out and has fun shopping, playing tennis, soccer or just driving around town, passing the taller buildings and remembering better times. Although poverty is rampant, most residents make more than 50,000 a year, which is fair gain in Herstingville.      


Air Pollution is low, even with many industrial buildings. Remember the Divider that seperated Rich and Poor? Well there is a new one that seperates the Poor with the Environmentally Poor.


Waste Managment has been taken to new heights with new Black Hole management systems. These were built next to the Old Reichburner House. 


The Mayor lives and Works among the rich, every night, he comes home to an amazing lightshow. Too bad he is a Mafia Don, he plans a waste displacement program, the good thing is that it will increase the number of these buildings but it will massacre many poor people along the way .



Three Volcanoes, Two Earthquakes, An Alien Invasion and A Huricane later, the city isin turmoil, 360 buildings were destroyed, the city is desperate for help,the budget has been downed to 12,000 dollars, the bill for the disaster is 149,669 dollars. Aidhas come from New York and Berlin. The Aid was a Giant Laser that irradicated all life in the City. Look's like I need to create a new city.






The Entire City Has Changed Rapidly. This is the New City. The Greasers have gone, the Mafia has been taken down by the New City Police. Curruption is gone, Desirability is up, Commercial demand is lower, but Resedential and Industrial demand has gone up. This is all thanks to the New Mayor Charles P. Norris. The Corrupted Mayor was assassinated by Etzio Audiraiht, Famous Political Assassin.   


The Architect; Kellie Dorris was hired by 26 different contractors and builders to construct many buildings.Too bad the Building were all the same. The mayor has plans to destroy 14 of the buildings to make way for new more Contemporary Designs.


The Main Power source for the Entire City. This was once used by junkies as it was isolated, but nowadays many skyscrapers and police patrols circle the Dish and all traces of the Greasers are gone. Some Traces of the Mafia still lurk, like ghost houses and the divider has been moved. Many vintage or totally black mafia limos still remain.  


The Great Divider that once went through the middle of the City has now been moved to the North-East, past the Construction Sites, now that the gangs have "dropped their flags" the divider now serves as a misplacement of the poor. Although new gangs have appeared they do not pose a major threat as of now.   


The New Industrial Area towards the North-West have been upgraded, the dirty industry that polluted a lot is now a mere 7 buildings strong, they will soon be replaced with manafacturing and high-tech industrial buildings.


What was once very poor and degraded is now home to famous authors, singers and movie stars. While Health is rising so is the population of the city. More hospitals are needed to cope with the growing skyscarpers. 


New Gangs might be poping up, but they are all petty criminals compared to the Gilinado Biker Club. While the Public, Increaed Traffic and Police Patrols are keeping them at bay, they are getting stronger and might soon attack.



The Poor among the Rich, this building is frequently bombarded with Fire Bottles, Eggs and many teenagers use their fathers' helicopter the wreak havoc on it. But the Mayor still holds the building close to his heart, and many times, has renovated it. The building has been made historical but Eggs and Arson is still present in and around the Building. 


Where the Avenue stops, the Danger Starts, frequent wars between the Mafia and the Greasers has residents on the edge. The area where all the Mansions are is called the "Safe Zone", where nothing usually happens, but after the zone, the rich, and on the other side, the poor. The Avenue has hosted many riots though, the police just ignore them and let them destroy the mansions and Tenements. Pictured is a newly renovated Road and many renewed Buildings.


This Building use to be among the Mayor's "personal" buildings. He built some for his wife, children, mother, father and closest friends. The Mafia launched a stage of succesful attacks against the city in 1987, they worked so well that he created a very poor area, that grew and grew to become the slums of the city. Many a Mayor of the fine town tried to fix the poor problem, but each was killed in a series of "accidents". By the time that the city prospered (1994) the city had had 34 mayors and 3 Mafia Dons that had control of the entire city. Once said by ex-Mayor Jonah Y. Mellow "The View is Rather Salty".  



The City of Herstingville is very exciting and has many stories to tell, so stay tuned.  

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