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About this City Journal

This will be my first stab at a City Journal. The region is made up of 3 x 3 large city tiles. Geographically, the region lies on a peninsula dissected by a large river branching off into...

Entries in this City Journal


A small group of brave Sims arrived on the southeastern coast of the Bensylvania peninsula and decided to stay.  The Sims were fleeing persecution in their home country on account of their simulated status.  They decided to settle where the unnamed river flowed into the unnamed sea over which they had traveled to reach their new home.  The Sims named their first city Bensterdam in honor of the deity whom they believed was looking over them as they settled in Bensylvania.

Sven McGilicuty, the self-acclaimed governor of the new colony, briefly discussed the Sims' plight while speaking at the dedication of the new courthouse shortly after the founding of the new city.  "Here in Bensterdam, on the banks of the unnamed river, we are free from the persecution of the Actuals.  In this place, we will found a city and a nation where all people, whether simulated or actual, can live freely and pursue whatever interests they see fit."  McGilicuty's brief remarks were met with enthusiastic applause from the collected Sims.

View of Bensterdam shortly after settlement:


The Sims were pleased with the location of their new settlement.  This corner of Bensylvania was completely uninhabited, so there was plenty of room to expand and their were no worries about unfriendly neighbors.  The surrounding area was covered in forest and inhabited by friendly moose and deer, as well as a few roving packs of llama.

Moose and squirrel:


The soil where the unnamed river met the sea was also very rich, and a few Sims started large farms on the outskirts of the village.



At this point McGilicuty began to get high ambitions for the young colony.  He believed the industrious Sims who had joined him on the journey to Bensylvania were uniquely positioned to build a strong city and country which would serve as a beacon to both simulated and actual persons around the world.  The first step in building a strong city would be to develop industry and trading.  

McGilicuty therefore proposed that the Sims build a seaport on the other side of the unnamed river from the young settlement.  The Sims built their first bridge crossing the unnamed river, which was the largest public works project in the young city's history.  

Unnamed River Bridge:


Construction of the bridge required demolition of a row of commercial buildings which had been built along the river at the founding of the city less than two years earlier.  This would not be the first time in Bensylvania history that historic structures were sacrificed in the name of advancement and growth.  

A seaport was built near the point where the river flowed into the sea.  Bensterdam city fathers now expect a great deal of industrial and commercial develop on the west side of the unnamed river, and hope that Bensterdam and Bensylvania will grow into the shining beacon that they envision.




Untamed Wilderness

Below is the region of Bensylvania prior to development.  The first settlement will likely occur on the far southeastern tile.  The next settlement will probably occur on the western side of the peninsula abutting the natural harbor.  Once a few cities start to develop, the regional government will establish a city in the center tile.  One of the first courses of business for the regional government will be to establish a regional transportation system and encourage further development of the region.  


The location where the first settlement will occur:


The mountain range in the northwest corner, which will likely be set aside as a national or regional park:


Future site of the regional government:


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