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About this City Journal

Watch this small industrial town grow and prosper into a bustling metropolis. Update 2: New Pattersburg begins to see growth

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_marsh_: Thanks for the compliment. It took me a long time to find the terrain texture to satisfy my desires. 
-?matire?: Thanks, I really wanted to go with a southern U.S. look. Kind of like the river/lakeshores of Texas or Louisiana.
K50dude: I do like the midwestern/southern smalltown feel. They are both very similar in feel. But as the city grows, the resemblance may change to a more cosmopolitian feel. My favorite city is Houston 2.gif.
Aaron Graham: Thank you. I hope you stay tuned in.
Paulobergonci: I am so sorry to say I couldn't find the link for the terrain; However, I can provide you with the name of it if you wish do search for it as well. It is the LBT Chihuahuan Terrain mod.

Thanks for everyones comments!


New Pattersburg has grown since the last update to over 4,500 sims but demand is starting to diminish.

A few things have changed since the last update, however not much since only 1,000 new sims have moved in. Here is an close-up of the town.

A small "hospital" has been built along with a Dairy Queen to satisfy any of the sims ice cream cravings along the main intersection.
UP2-2.pngA Taco Bell has also popped up to give Dairy Queen a run for its money.
UP2-3.pngAs mentioned before, the desire for sims to move in has decreased but the demand for agriculture and other industries remain. (I do use a money cheat).
UP2-4.pngSo a couple of new farms were constructed to help curb the demand for agriculture and increase the demand for residential. Needless to say, this didn't help out much. Here is the newest farm around town.
UP2-5.pngSo the city council want to do something to attract more jobs to the area so the city can grow. They have proposed a new industrial park in one of two of the locations.

The first location is just to the south of town near the freeway. The good thing about this location is that it is in a close proximity to the town and has great access to the freeway. But along with the pros come cons and those are: Traffic will become very congested to and from the industrial park, and with its close proximity may congest traffic within the city. Also, since the city is surrounded by water except to the south and the southwest, the industrial park may deter future growth in the city and may block any expansion to the south causing growth to have to relocate across the river.
The second location is just across the river just to the east of the freeway. There are limitless possiblities with the construction of an industrial park here. There is endless room for growth and plenty of space for a rail yard and train station to be constructed. The area will also have immediate access to water which can one day bring a seaport to the area. The cons of this area becoming a new industrial park are that there will have to be A LOT more money thrown towards the project if constructed here. A new on ramp/off ramp and overpass to the freeway would have to be constructed. Also, there may have to be a new power plant constructed for the amount of electricity needed for the area. Another issue is traffic. The bridge's traffic will become heavy during rush hours and more money will have to be set aside for maintanance. The city will also have to annex the bridge and land across from the bridge to benefit from the industrial parks taxes. This would make the bridge the city's responsibility and no longer the governments. Also, a new fire station would have to be constructed. This is both good and bad, creating jobs, but taking away from the tax base of the city. Here is the second location.
UP2-7.pngFinally, here is the overview of the whole city and immediate surrounding areas showing all new growth and the southern proposed industrial park area.
UP2-8.pngThat is it for now folks. Thanks for coming by and checking it out. Any comments are appreciated. 

Stay tuned for the next update to see where the new industrial park will be constructed. (YOUR INPUT COUNTS).


Welcome to the New Pattersburg Metropolitian area. New Pattersburg is a town of about 3,700 sims and just starting to grow. Demand for industry and agriculture is growing and sims are wanting to move in.

There isn't much interesting about the town as of now, for it is so small and basic.

The first update will just be an overview of the town and the area. Nothing in depth. I plan for the updates to become more interesting and in-depth as the city grows and more features of the city are constructed.

Overview of the area.

Exit to New Pattersburg from HWY 1

Close-up of the town. As you can tell, there isn't anything interesting of this generic town, (as of now at least).

Farmland around the area.

That is the basic introduction to New Pattersburg. My plan is to update the CJ on at least a every other day basis if not daily. This is only my third CJ so I am open to constructive criticism and suggestions. I appreciate any comments or feedbacks to make my town more realistic or my CJ more interesting. Like I said though, it is a small town as of now and there isn't much going on, so I know the first update is kind of boring. so STAY TUNED!

Thanks for viewing. Until next time...

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