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About this City Journal

This is a personal (wasn't going to be up on the internet) region. It has been growing roughly 150 game years, and details a natural coast-to-plains expansion. Because I never planned to put...

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Good Morning Folks, today I bring you a design issue i've always had. I've been a fan of mountain top villages, which are usually in some way associated with a road transfer from the plains below. I've tried long, sweeping switch backs, (picture 2) wrapping the road up the slopes parrallel to each other to gain altitude, but those are expensive, space consuming and unsightly to build. The other choice is a direct road such as I have below, which just feels treacherous and unsafe to look at. Anyone with some mountain experience have any ideas to run roads down mountains?




Design 2 - Switchbacks. 


Hunt Valley County is a Large SC4 city lot. Hunt Valley is entirely unconnected to rest of the region, instead it shares a border crossing with the region to the south.  It consists of a single unpaved road with several farms and an unincorporated group of houses and suppliers.

Picture One - This picture shows the unincorporated area that will, in the future, become listed on the regional register.

The population is roughly 200, most who have moved into Hampstead from the region to the south.


Picture Two - This shows the regional border crossing, staffed 24/7 by Hampstead rangers.

Tensions between the regions are virtually non-existent - trade, citizens and visitors run between the nations without question.


Picture Three - Cockeysville Farm

Longtime homeowner and original Hampstead resident James Cockey's farm. 



 Bowelys County is a Large SC4 city lot with three incorporated towns and a population of roughly 3000. 

Picture One - Gattlingsburg is, assuming a United States parallel, a mid-1800's town located on the border of Hampstead to the west.  Its population is only in the low hundreds, and has recently been involved in the region-wide cheap energy revolution involving the use of smaller power generators and renewable resources.  With the exception of the windmills, the town holds much of its original historic charm.



Bay County

 Bay County is a SC4 Large city lot, with four incorporated towns and a sparkling of farms and manufactured homes on the various country roads. 

Merrywood has a population of roughly 1,750,

Carriage Park has a population of roughly 750

Deer Park has a population of roughly 750

Empire Bay (Mafia II broke my creative mind) and various unincorporated areas have a population of roughly 3,500.

-First picture below shows Empire Bay, a town located on Empire Bay, one of two inlets into the region. 

Empire Bay hosts roughly 3000 citizens who work primarily in an industrial setting.  This picture is 150 years after its founding, the newer homes and commercial properties have for the most part moved the older style out of town. The original homes that filled this city can be seen the center of the picture directly above the railroad station. Empire Bay's railroads act as a transport by-way, goods move from the out-of-region states to the south to the counties eastward and rarely make they're stop in Bay County itself. 


-Main Picture Group 1

This chapters focus. 


-Second picture here shows the town of Deer Park. Founded just a few years after Empire Bay, the original houses still exist for the most part unchanged.

Deer Park is just now beginning to feel the economic depression that the other smaller towns in the region are feeling. 


-Picture numero three-o.  Carriage Park follows Deer Park closely, however it is more rapidly falling into economic depression. 

Carriage Park had a future that has, for the most part, halted. Unused streets, large spaces where trees were removed and nothing placed in they're spot, are all examples of the depression that has fallen on my region entirely by accident. 


-Picture four, Merrywood. Initially an unincorporated extension of Empire Bay, it grew during a time of economic growth, and over the last few years has begun to fall with the rest of the region. Original homes intact for the most part.


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