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Omaha City

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About this City Journal

The Big hub of central North America.... Follow this interestingly unique CJ using only MS Paint, Photoshop, and Sketch-up!

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I'm Back!

Hey, Thanks for the good words everyone!.

As for the Sewer city comment in the last entry... that made me laugh. In fact most of these mid west cities and towns are $%&^!-holes in real life. In this world I have created around Omaha is a prosperous hub of North America. This city has enjoyed the agri-boom as well as mining, business and strong power generation.

The university's are some of the best in the midwest and even the US. It benifits form a large student population similar to Austin texas.

Anyways I am going to keep posting now that I have my new CPU. I stopped cause switched PC's and have been taking a break from the urban design stuff to concentrate on the real life job(Architecture)

Anyways I have made ALOT of changes to the city to further enhance realism. What I have been aiming for is a layout of a city similar to Montreal, Canada and London, England. What I have been looking for is to make this a city of history(Bending the true history of the midwest albeit.

Anyways here is a little teaser for what is to come! For this teaser Im going to introduce and take a look at a neighborhood in Inglewood. This area is an older area with a rich eclectic feel. It is a student strong area as it is home to Stoneham University. Enjoy.

Here is a Key map of the area


Typical older houses in the area




Street scape on a main street in the neighborhood of Victoria


A Hall building at the University.



The Comprehensive Transit Plan

Part II


The Basics

So where does this fantastic service run you ask? This HSR will serve the residents of the towns of cities of South East Nebraska via 35 stations along 1003km of track. This overall project cost is $25.497 Billion US dollars. That is more than $25 Million/km of track!

Below is a fact table for the lines [please refer to the Transit System Map above]


This massive system will of course be electric over head rail. The electricity will be supplied exclusively buy the Thorium Reactor in Plattsmouth. This will give the train the ability to travel at very high speeds. The trains will reach up to 210km/h in between stations. Some townships, cities, and towns have imposed speed limits along certain sections of track. This is to maintain safety in high density areas.

Some of the track is still going to be on existing rail line juring the first phase. Only a small portion of the network will travel on existing or "shared" lines.

To better Understand the Speed Zones and the existing track areas I have made a map:

Black - Existing/Shared Rail line

Green - 110-155km/h

Yellow - 156-175km/h

Red - 176-210km/h




The Omaha Plan

Omaha and many of the other cities have audacious task of buying land, creating easements and designing stations. Omaha's stretch of the HSR track will be 90% brand new track and only use a little existing track. This means they will have to create easements and buy land downtown to build a brand new main station.

Here is a picture of the Easements and redevelopment to happen in Omaha; HI RES PIC [LINK]



The Comprehensive Transit Plan [Part #2 ii]

This update will be in a few days... tune in and see the architectural centerpiece that is the Omaha Main Station!!




"A Message From the State of Nebraska"

"Omaha City is among one of the top cities in North America for Transit service and ridership. The State of Nebraska has a great amount of pride in the achievements in engineering that counties of Douglas, Sharpy, Cass, Lancaster ,and Saunders have been able to archive in the past year.

The feats of engineering that have been archived in Thorium Power Research and Development. The power station alone powered 4.67 Million people in the first year of operation and since has powered and additional 2.89 Million people over the last year. The power of the plant will be increased over the next 7 years to power an estimated 13.5 Million people. Along with this it gives us great joy that it provides the power and revenue that is required to keep building on a already largely successful transportation network.

We are pleased to announce we are prepared to put the necessary funds toward the stimulus to help further expand the network in the state. Along with a partnership with Amtrak, The State of Nebraska will be operate a comprehensive rail service called NSTransit.



This transit system will operate in the counties of Douglas, Sharpy, Cass, Lancaster ,and Saunders. It will be the cheapest most flexible way to travel anywhere in the region, and fast! The stimulus will fund be a process of upgrades in many of the townships in the counties. It will aid in the reconstruction, redevelopment and rebranding. "

Words of the Governor of Nebraska, J. James Exon ~ 1996


The Comprehensive Transit Strategy

This is a comprehensive transit strategy that will improve on existing municipalities transit systems as well as construct North Americas first High Speed Rail Network. The Thorium power Plant Built, in place of the aging unhealthy Coal Plant in Plattsmouth, Nebraska(South Of Omaha) provides energy for Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois. This power plant enables the people of Nebraska to expand on electric transit like never before. The completion of the unit reactor #2 at the plant will enable the construction of the HSR.


Below is a map of the PTE(Power The Earth) LFTR(Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor).



For more Info On Thorium Power and how it can be good.

The new HSR will be entirely overhead electric and will travel at speeds of up to 210km/h. The average top operating speed of all the lines will be 158km/h. These 5 lines will travel throughout South-Eastern Nebraska and will be a total of 1003km of dual, over-head electric tracks. These trains will cut passenger travel times in almost half. A trip from Omaha City to Kearney will take a little more than 1h45m along the 180km of track(trip is 3h20m by car)

Other travel times:

Omaha -> Grand Island - 1h32min(2.3h by car)

Omaha -> Falls City - 1 hour(1.9h by car)

Omaha -> Dakota City - 1h10min(2 hours by car)

Here is a picture of the Three Phases to be built. There is a legend on the map.


Thats it for today folks... You are SO lucky to get two updates in One DAY!! ;)

Tune back later for Part Two of this amazing project as We break down the specifics of the first phase. Also we will be seeing what the city of Omaha are looking to do to accommodate this HSR!!





The ONE Dream

This update i would like to go into depth with the Omaha ONE Dream Project. This project is designed to make the commuter rail in Omaha more appealing and convinent. The Ministry of Transportation has rebranded the logo(Above) to attract people to a sharp, state of the art transit system.

They have also Updated the transit map to a more modern and sharp look(below). This transit map show a few key things that I will go over in this update. For now feel free to click on the link below and browse the transit map.



The map was redesigned and in this process a team of transit designers and engineers looked at the distrubution of service and asked "how can we make this service faster, more reliable and more user friendly.

  Frontier Loop Line 

The first area of improvement was to continue the Frontier Loop Line. This line is hopefully going to be a half loop around the city of Omaha, conecting Nahant(South) to Calian(West) to the University of Omaha. The ministry is looking at adding one additional station that will create a junction and transfer to the North City Line.

Below is a picture of Phase one;


Phase II & III will take the line North to U Of O.


Below is a full map of the three phases on the actual City Map:

  PHASE I  PHASE II  PHASE III (Underground) 


  The Spark Line 

The Spark Line will be a prtty short but expensive extention. It will be extended from The Falls St. Mall Station to The Central ONE Station. It will be mostly underground and will cost roughly 1.5 Billion dollars. There will be no stations added.

Below is a picture of the proposed line-


And that is It for today... Come Back tommorow As the Government Of Nebraska has a Wonderfull announcement!!!



Transportation System: Past

City area has transportation systems that service the 5.5 Million people in Omaha City and Council Bluffs. These two systems both include vast and intricate rail systems, and bus systems that are both rapid and local. Although there are areas serviced by rapid bus transit, there are alot more areas that are only seviced by rail rapid transit.

The Transportation Network in Omaha City is called the Omaha ONE> .


It operates around the clock and offers service virtually everywhere within the city. The system is a combined bus and rail service and it has a weekday daily ridership of just over 2.1 Million.



The System operates 16 Rail and Subway lines of which serve 83 stations throughout the city. All stations have local bus stations or stops and some even have rapid bus terminals. Most of the tracks are dual track, but most lines remain under deisel powered rail. With the new LFTR(Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) Power facility now open in Plattsmouth(south of Omaha City)... the city has taken up the inniciative to convert all major lines(10 out of the 16) into Overhead Electric Powered trains. This will make rail travel between Cities in Eastren Nebraska possible, and affordable.

The Transportation Network in Council Bluffs is called the Council >GO> Transit


This Transit system is slightly dated but none the less opperates under a very similar structure and layout as the Omaha ONE. Daily ridership is estemated at over 1.6 Million which is a higher percentage of people that use public transit than that of Omaha City. The system opperates 12 lines and along these lines are 53 stations. Unlike the Omaha ONE, the Council >GO> only contains one line that is Overhead Electric, but all lines but the Yellow and Beige lines are dual track rail. This system does contain rail tunnels but nothing significant enough to call "Subway".


A dusk picture of Coucils busiest station - Bel City Junction Station.


Anddddddddddd..... what you have all been waiting for and wondering what the hell I am talking about...

Full Size Image LINK-HERE->> dl.dropbox.com/u/9042880/Omaha%20%26%20Council%20Bluffs%20GO%20Train%20Map.bmp


And yes give me a break... all my maps are a Work In Progress... This means there may be floating stuff, unexplained lines, and things that dont make much sence. Have some faith and use you imaginations!!!





I will introduce this project first...

When I was about Twelve years old I had an obsession with Sim City 4, and Map Art City Maps. Due to the lack of realism in SC4, my obsession of looking a Map Art maps, and a bountiful amount of free time I started drawing a town(in the classic map art style) on Microsoft paint.

I started with a small pallet and expanded the edges again and again. I made improvements to the city and expanded it over time. It came time for me to name it. I looked at the North-South river and picked a few cities that look similar in geography. I picked the name out of a hat and that was Omaha City/Council Bluffs, Nebraska. Lol

I didn't know anything about the city at the time so i said, hey why not and continued drawing... but i kept nothing the same as the REAL Omaha. I kept drawing and drawing.... and drawing... for about 8 whole years HAHAHA

I have taken away the map off the intro page. It has been split into three separate maps; Omaha City, Council Bluffs, and Plattsmouth. I will not be showing the full maps until I am finished making major changes. I will be breaking down the Transportation of the city, as well as taking a look at some key industries and suburbs.

So sit tight and wait for some new transit maps and the next few updates.

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