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About this City Journal

A collection of cities made with minimal custom content, created just for fun.

Entries in this City Journal

The Ambassador

It's been a while since I have updated this journal, or anything on ST. My interest in SimCity comes and goes. However, I now have a reason to bring this CJ back. (If there was anything to bring back in the first place!)

Tomorrow I'll have a new, high-end PC for SimCity and gaming! The first game to go on to this new computer will be the new SimCity. I plan to change this journal from being SC4 focused to being SC13 focused. My current computer struggled to even run SC13 on minimum quality. I hope my new PC will be able to run the game without these issues.

Updates to this CJ will likely be sporadic, possibly non-existent. But that's the way I work. My ADHD makes it difficult to stay interested in games for more than a few days, quite awful considering that this kind of hobby is a major commitment. Still,I will do my best to post something in the coming days. Stay tuned!

The Ambassador

Hey everyone. It's me, 10goliath. I've changed my screename. :party: Crescent City is gone... And it has been for two years! However, I finally have a new city to show off. Again, beyond the NAM, no mods were used in the making of this city. For now, I've just got an overview of the city, I'll post a proper update soon:


I'm done with realism, I don't have the patience for that! :golly:

The Ambassador

Hello everyone! Welcome to my second city journal. Weesburg was deleted a while back as I was not happy with it. My goal with this CJ is just to have fun with SC4 and build really big, efficient cities. In this entry I'll show you the first city in the region, Crescent City. To me, what is done so far looks a lot like New York. Grids are used throughout.

Custom Content Used:


All of MadHatter106's lots (except for NIMBY's)

California Trees by Heblem

...and that's about it.

The city is far from done, but it already has 50,000 residents.


The main part of the city.


A zoomed in shot of a neighboorhod.


The heavily polluted industrial sector.


And finally, the future site of Downtown Crescent City.

I hope you enjoyed this entry. Stay tuned for more!

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