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About this City Journal

Windom Springs is a small town nestle in the middle of the Rockies in Colorado and is famous for its hot springs. It is where the mountains plateaus out and water runs down towards the...

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Windom Springs Post

Vol. 1 Issue 5

(Special Edition)


Pop. 9000

Windom Springs and Surrounding Areas History


Windom Springs:

Est- 1948


History- Route 44 was a major road used to get from Denver to Rawah. Which were some of the biggest cities in Colorado at the time. Also, since Pikes and Silverton were to far off the path the towns people established Windom Springs. It did not become a big place, but it was a great place to stop and rest up for the 380 miles to Rawah or 530 miles to Denver. Now It only became a popular place to go to when the hot springs were discovered. Which was only back in 1950. After that some new growth happen over the last 7 years.




History- The lands in the area of Windom Springs were great for farming. So, a small community formed. Now they farm most of the land in the area producing food for all the neighboring towns.





History- The start of this town is plain simple. It was created by a bunch of middle class people that loved the mountains. And has not grown in the past 5 years.





History- Silverton was a boom town. In the late 1930s copper and iron ore was found in the area. Which then caused a rush out there and creating Silverton in 1940. Right now they are still working the mines that are 5 miles up road and processing the ore there.

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Windom Springs Post

Vol. 1 Issue 4


Pop. 9000


The Rain

It has been raining here for the past 8 days. The Farm fields are flooded and crops are destroyed. So do expect a raise in food prices. Also, some businesses along the Fall river have some damage. The river is expected to go do in the following days, unless if the rain does not stop.


Riverton National Forest Fire (Update)

The lightning storm we had on the 24 of August caught fire to some trees in the Riverton National Forest. Crews from Silverton and Windom Springs were position up there to fight the massive fire preventing the best fire service from helping our towns. The fire did burn over 70,000 acres after it was put out. No one was hurt during this fire which is great to hear!


Our Next Post will be a Special Edition Post




Windom Springs Post

Vol. 1 Issue 3


Pop. 9000



It is that time of season again. RAIN! No we are not excited about the rain. We have had several reports of farm fields being flooded. Which could mean lost of crops. We will have report back soon and see if there is any damage to the crops. Also, we could have rain every day.

Forest Fire

Looks like the lightning storm we had yesterday caught fire to some trees in the Riverton National Forest. Crews from Silverton and Windom Springs are position up there to fight the massive fire. So far it has burn 24,000 acres of forest.


Windom Springs Post

Vol. 1 Issue 2


Pop. 9000



The town of Windom springs is seeing little growth compared to some of the other towns in the area. Pikes has new growth, it also acquired more land. Also, Silverton has expanded and has new industrial jobs now.


Seems like most of the people who live in the area are mostly farming. As you can in the picture below, there are plenty of new farms.



The Beginnings

Windom Springs Post

Vol. 1 Issue 1


Pop. 4485

The Windom Springs area finally gets the newspaper. We are glad to announce this new newspaper with all the joining towns in the area such as Silverton, Englewood, and Pikes. Also, here's a great overview shot of the towns.

And go check out the Windom Hot Springs!


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