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About this City Journal

The next chapter in American city building.

Entries in this City Journal


Escape from Odessa

 After the crash, all Willy could do was wander...

empty streets...


Empty factories...


Empty docks...wait a second... thats the USS H20! Willy is greeted to a sailor mentioning that this the final Odessa Evac and taken aboard the extra storage compartments.


No reports of enemy attacks recently on the river...but you can never be too careful...


At the sub pen Willy manages to slip away from the crew. He has about $2.25 in his pocket.


Enough for a bus fare...


The bus dumps him off at the Financial District. "Sleep. Need time to think." mumbles a broken man. A broken man known as Willy.




" I see something...in the skyline...hotel...yes..yes!"


As he enters the lobby he realizes he has absolutely nothing in cash. He pull out his debit card, mumbling, "Please, put me in whatever room I can afford." Going up to his room, he realizes he has a key to the penthouse.


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On the Heli

 Willy regained consciousness. His head is limp against the interior window of a helicopter. He can't muster the energy to move it. 

"Looks like we're taking off." He mumbles quietly to himself. Within moments, the severity of the situation strikes him. Willy decides its best just to watch:


" Looks like a nice place to live..." passes through his mind, as the helicopter speeds by this mysterious city.


" Tanks...what could tanks be doing here...just a training exercise, I'm sure..." he thinks.


"Must be a whole division down there...looks like they're going somewhere..."


"What? What... in the name of god..."


"What's happened!?!Odessa! " he finally says aloud, which is met by silence from his captors,

"My wife! My kids!" fails to generate a response.


A flash can be seen from miles. Willy's attention is focused immediately on the source. "Preforming Evasive Maneuvers" is heard from the cockpit. "God..."


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Wilks "Willy" St. Jaques, the soon to be dispatcher for the C&O on its shelbyville branch, was greeted to the glorious morning sun from his two- floor home right next to the John F. Kennedy Industrial Park.



After gathering together his lunchbox, keys and his wifes home baked cookies. His car is the blue 1955 Chevy approaching a stop sign on the T intersection closet to the shore.


Eventually, he reaches the freeway and braces himself for the city. "Mmmmmmm....Wendy's......" is the first coherent thought to come upon this morning!


He makes a quick stop at pine tree plaza just to get a little something for his son after daddy's promotion.


A short ride later, hes at Suburban station, and already waiting for his train. But this isn't going to be another boring commute. Oh no, this time hes going to drive the locomotive, although without an engineer or cars. With his former expertise as an engineer with the C&O on its commuter division, he requested to be moved to a more peaceful part of the railway. With this, is a promotion to a Dispatcher, and as the C&O believes, a dispatcher must know the territory he's dispatching in. So they've given him an Rs-2 to deadhead back to Shelbyville and more than enough time explore portions of the route on foot!


Shes a bit difficult at first, but Willy knows machines...


...and soon they're highballing out! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Slowly traveling through the portions of the line completely surrounded by wilderness, Willy noticed a small trail jetting off the tracks...with so much time on his hands, he decided to investigate.

There, he found a town completely abandoned. Looks like a mining camp...but these houses...they're in near perfect condition!


All these trees...they're all dead...even weeds won't grow...



A bit spooked Willy went back to his cab and proceeded cautiously down the line... and noticed another abnormality...

Unmarked construction equipment...abandoned...looks like they were going to dig something up too...


Determined to know what was going on, he found a path leading to some sort of granite mine. Although it looks abandoned, tire marks and foot prints are everywhere.


Looking for a better view, Willy climbed to the top of the granite mine...


Than everything went blank.

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After another successful meeting with the North New Little Odessa Chamber of Commerce, Mr.Brown, owner and proprietor of Potomac Attire, must return back to his shop keeping duties. With two Chesapeake and Ohio tickets in his back pocket, Mr. Brown set out for Union Station.


On foot, he passes by the district court and the WNRR radio station.


His walk takes him through the city's bustling CBD.


Being a very portly man, Mr.Brown can barely lug himself up the stairs of Union Station.


Within moments of boarding, Mr.Brown is shown to his seat in the parlor car, and the train pulls out of the station.


After a quick nap, Mr.Brown realizes hes already in the country side!


However, the expansion of suburbia continues to encroach upon the most beautiful of rural scenes.


At last, Mr. Browns train finally arrives at South New Little Odessa and he readies himself for another painful walk.


However, under the circumstances, Mr. Brown decided it would be best to take the subway. At long last, Mr. Brown returned back to his business, Potomac Attire, in the south side.


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The Suburbs

"If you follow the suburban fashion in building a sumptuous- looking house for a little money, it will appear to all eyes as a cheap, dear house."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The words of Emerson ring true today within New Odessa, as can be scene with the beauty of Clayhurst university corrupted by the bland monotonous suburbs.


Cars pass below the old railroad embankment, which is still in use today.


Washington memorial park with its open grass spaces and lovely brick walkways makes it an excellent spot for young lovers.


DB Intercity Express speeds by at over 120mph! Thank goodness for the embankment, otherwise, there would have been a lot of lost motorists.


People need to buy their crap somewhere...


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A City In Motion

Here a LRV pair speeds towards the edge of the suburbs.


Another LRV pulls out to transport another batch of commuters off to the sterile office buildings of the Financial District.


In a city that never stands still, another train coasts into the beautiful Victorian Jamaica Plain station.


DB Express 2056 speeds through South Minister station in cross-town service.fairbanksmay52181294518.png

A rare moment of peace at Diamond Zebra.fairbanksdec27166129064.png

Finally, the B32 slows for a stop sign in the Industrial Quarter.


Even through the rain, the trains do not stop.



A City Of Industry

"There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. "

-Charles Kettering

We begin this city Journal with a look at New Little Odessa's gritty industrial waterfront, a center of manufacturing and commerce.

Unfortunately the cities docks are ill equipped for large container ships,making the loading process slow and expensive. Hopefully this issue will be resolved with the opening of new container port on New Little Odessa's northern shore.


The waterfront also provides aid to the city's essential public services in the form of trash disposal.


The Old South Coal Station stands out in the waterfront.


Trawlers and their crews awaiting better seas at port.


Odessa's coast guard station prepares for search and rescue on high seas.


Hope you enjoyed! I'm completely open to new suggestions, so if you have any, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!


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