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Araluen 2.0

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About this City Journal

Expect the First Update to be sometime in late August! Until then, there will be plenty of teasers =)

Entries in this City Journal


Well, next week, I'm going to be gone. So, No work on Araluen. Also, it is gonna be delayed quite a lot, due to some kind of incident happened, causing me to rebuild loads of the city..

Anyways, These pictures are meant for update 1, But weren't top quality, so I'm just going to post them to tide people over..


Some heavy Traffic on the main Corridor..


More Traffic...


A updated interchange, with a better on/off ramp system..


Another Updated Highway Interchange..


Now, there is traffic on it...

There was going to be a entire story with that, and it was going to be about 10 pictures longer.. But the incident stopped all that..

Anyways, here's a teaser for Update 1.


Hope you like this CJ!



Well, lets start the real story now!

The current year on Araluen Island is 2020. It is a completely independent Country, and is among the most economically powerful in the world. Almost a quarter of all world wealth is inside Araluen.

The current goals of the country, are to become the World Super Power. With the best country in the world.

This means, best transit, best parks, best health care, best protection, best everything! So this means, that the counrty won't stop at spending vast amount of money to achieve the best.

The country is also making a unbeliebable amount of money from loans. In early 2010, the United States, was loaned nearly 10 trillion dollars from Araluen, which is now being paid back at a rate of half a trillion a year. For the next 30 years. Also, Britian, and France needed a combined 40 trillion, to pump into their economy. This loan was a very big loan, and is now giving Araluen nearly 1 trillion dollars a Year.

Though the Countrys Currency is Certs, Dollars is used by a lot of people in Araluen.

The current president is pumping nearly 3/4 of all money Araluen has, into making the country overall better.

(this gives me a good excuse to improve the city in large ways)

Anyways, heres that *Real* Teaser..


As you can see, I have'nt even developed outside of this City Tile.

Also, please note, that I am going to be wrting a story, and would really like a person to help me with it!


It will be based around the old Tim Stories, and I will NOT have a story if I don't have help.



Well lets continue upon my storyline:

The country was founded in 1705, under the name of Century Island. Back then though, it was a very poor place. The first year it was inhabited, it had nearly 70% of people die from unknown disease. But, in just 5 years, the disease was cured. With this disease cured, nearly 30,000 people came to the island in just 10 years.

But then, a large problem was appearing; Britian. Britian started taking interest in the island, and eventually took it over. From the year 1710 to 1889, it was under British Control. Eventually though, britian gave the island away. Mostly because, they mined the island dry, and harvested all sorts of resouces from it. Basically, it was a dead island now.

That didn't stop the people of the island though. They quickly massed up a force, and attack britian. With such a strong attack, in just 4 weeks, they were marching down Londons Streets. They pillaged Britian, took nearly twice as much as what Britian stole. Britian had bigger problems though, the Americas. This was right after America one it's indepenence. So, Britian was forced to not pursue with a attack on the island.

After this all happened, the county was renamed Araluen, After Old Arnold, leader of the attack on Britian.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --



So, that is how this country came to be. Stay Tuned to Learn more about how the country got to where it is now 2.gif



Well, I think I am starting this CJ with a before line Introduction............

The Intro:

In the late 70's, China was becoming quiet the super power. The City Nation of Araluen, was also quiet powerful. For it's size anyways.

The county started investing greatly upon Computers, nearly half of peoples investments went to computers. Which, finally payed off in the 90's. When, computer company's become very wealthy. The Nation of Araluen started building unbelievble wealth, and soon started investing into the internet.

After 6 years, the country tripled it's wealth from investing. From nearly 5 Trillion Certs, to 17 Trillion Certs. With a increase of 5 Trillion Certs a year. The government was saving a vast majority of this money, for secret projects. So now, in 2003, with nearly 20 Trillion Certs (About 1.2 dollars per a cert). The government started it's "Super Power Project". Which, enacted unlimited resources to the country, to make the economy, and people of it the most powerful in the world. After just 1 year though, the plans were abondoned.

Now in 2009, Projects are being done througout the country to build up the city nation.

Now, lets watch as this nation transform from a meager City Nation, to a potential Super Power.

Now, a few pictures!


What a busy overpass!


Some pictures of development.. (just to show how *not* finished the city is.)


This could probably be in update 1, but figure to show it now 1.gif


This is a good picture too! In my opinion...


Just showing some traffic on the highway... Anyways, this is the last picture for this post..

Hope you liked the intro, and pictures!!



Well, some of you may be thinking that i am releasing Araluen 2.0, but sadly.. Nope.

This is just a space holder, for the index.. I'm still going to have plenty of teasers, and other things..

But anyways, Welcome to the index page!

On the index, you will have a little overview of each update, before it comes out!!

Also, I'm trying many new things with araluen 2.0.

These things are called segments..

What Segments are... They are updates, that are all on their own, no storyline, no future, no past..

But, each segement type is related.. By this i mean, that not every segment is related, only the each segment type.. And they aren't actually related, more like they follow the same patterns, and stuff.. Kinda confusing lol..

The Segments I'm Planning on having:

1. Short Stories

2. DOT (department of transportation)

Also, each segment will get it's own post.. As not to confuse people..

If you really want to understand about segment, read more here:

A segment will be a indepent update, following a specific Segment type, wether it be a short storie update, of DOT update. No segment will be part of any story line, nor will it contribute to any story line, they are simple updates. They may be referred to in regular updates though.. (I.E That new highway is looking good (the new highway would be a DOT Segment)

Current Types of Updates:

Regular Updates: Regular updates just show off new/remade parts of town..

Story Updates: Yep, I'm bringing Tim back to Araluen!

Segment Updates: Explained Above

All updates will be random, and if you really want to know when the next one is going to be, or what it's going to be about check this post.

  Update #   /   Status   /   Release Date

Araluen Update 1  /Almost Done / N/A

Araluen Update 2  / Under Development / N/A


I actually haven't been on AT all since the last batch of teasers, these are just pictures that didn't make it into the first batch..

Here they are:


Some fancy houses!


More fancy houses, along with a 6 lane avenue, oh how I love them things 9.gif


I'm going to let your minds wonder on this one.. *Cough* Government Building *Cough*


Some nicely laid El Rail Tracks.. But, notice the commercial, Once again showing the city isn't ready for release..

Hope you liked batch 2 of Teasers..

Expect Batch 3, sometime in the next many days.. 2.gif



I actually haven't got much done since the last teasers, expanded town, worked on the highways, and started designating parks... I have plans for a very very large park, located in some part of the town..  Not sure yet though.. Also in parts of the suburbs I plan on having a massive canal system (for looks)..

Anyways, heres the pictures!


A large church.. but maybe it's something more than just a church?


Something like this isn't hard to make, I just like the look of the 6 lane Ave..


And, I'm going to end this with, a highway interchange.. No sound walls yet, and barely any traffic.. Still need to develop the Right side of town (Right side of this highway is completely undeveloped, and this highway goes straight through town)

I'm really liking how town is working out so far!!



This, is really just a teaser, and a text update...

I uh, remade the downtown of the new Araluen today, increasing the commercia jobs from like 80k to 168k. So now, I have a larger downtown, and a much better look 18.gif

I just need to expand the city out, say a few tiles and make some parks, and stuff and the city will probably be done.

Anyways, before i make you fall asleep, heres that teaser picture:


I still have plenty to do, but downtown is like 70% done.

I really like the dense look of it too, the last downtown looked like it was small, even with some pretty high towers.. Mostly because the towers were more spread out.. But, hey hope you like it 29.gif


Also, I have kinda gave up with story telling, there may be a few story updates here and there, but i don't know...


Update 4.

Well, I already made update 4 before starting the new araluen, so here it is...

I thought very carefully about this, since it was the biggest task ever given to me.


I had to make some kind of T-interchange, but which one would be most appealing, and cost effective.

Option 1.

(please note these are all designs of what they would look like in the area they aren't actually built)


Option 2


Option 3.


I very much like option one, but it is nearly double the cost and building time, than the others.

Option 2, is just to big for me...

So, option 3.. is the one i choose, small compact, and cheap. Easy.

First we have to bulldoze the existing road and on/off ramps..


Then build the bridge...


Then select the place for the interechange...


Then, build the interchange..


And, done! It cost a total of 70,000 Certs, and 3 weeks to build the interchange, and 7 months to build the bridge.


Now onto the task of connection the new highway stretch to the old.. (the old is that stub of a highway on the left)


But, that'll be someone elses project.. So, bye for now 9.gif

That was the last update for chapter 1. Chapter 2 will be released sometime around, uh.. august..

It will almost be a lot sooner if someone helped me with writing the storyline.. Maybe with new characters? I don't know, if anyone is interested just PM me, or leave a comment...



Araluen 2.0

I have some good news for you all today!!

I am going to announce the start of a new project today...

Araluen 2.0.

With better looks, better region, better city, better everything!

The reason behind this, is I just downloaded the newest NAM, NWM, and RHW.

I couldn't before because of conflicting issues, but now i can!

So, expect maybe a update or something.

It probably won't be a story update, just a city update.

So now there will be 3 different kinds of updates..

City Updates: Focused all about the city.

Tim Updates: Focused on Tim's life

Tracie Updates: Focused on Tracies life.


Well, since I won't be updating the CJ for over a week, I am going to have this.

This is something I am trying out. It will be a behind the story, part, where I talk about the development of the city.

So lets start.

The current city is at 220k people. Thats including North City though.

Just a fun thing for you all to know... The story is actually in chapter 2. I just haven't caught up with the Story yet. The city is very close to start updating, just a little more expansion, and growth.

Each new chapter will see the city growing in a large way. And each update will see different amounts of growth. I think in chapter 3. Yes Chapter 3. I am going to have tim develope a entire neighborhood!

But, lets not give to much away...

Lets also talk about the story.

The new charater coming into play, will be a girl named Tracie. She lives in North City.. That all i'm going to give away with that...

But, in chapter 3, she becomes much more, a part of Tim's life.

Basically it goes like this:

Chapter 1: No real story, Yet.

Chapter 2: Still not much of story, but towards the end it starts to.

Chapter 3: This is probably the most story filled chapter so far.

Chapter 4: Idk yet

Chapter 5: Idk yet

Chapter 6-8. By chapter 6, 7, or 8 Tim and Tracie will know each other pretty well.......

I think chapter 8 is the last chapter in this story. But that won't mean the end of Araluen. I'm sure I could start another story.

Anyways, I seriosly hope you guys like how this will turn out 48.gif



Today, I was visiting my friends house. He lives on the new developments on the smaller island across from downtown, called Lower Island.

It didn't really take me long to get there, since my house was right off a highway, and close to the bridge. But, about 20 minutes into chatting with my friend, my Aunt Called...

She was moving, into the newest developments in the eastern part of town. I said I would be there, in maybe 20 minutes. But, I forgot what time it was, and it just so happen to be 5:32... Rush Hour.

Rush hour delayed me alot, it now took me 40 minutes to get there. Once I got to the eastern part of town though, it was good.

So, now I have to help my Aunt find a house, in this area....


Sadly, more poor people live on this side of town. Probably because of the lack of Schools.

Well anyways, heres house one....


Sadly, my aunt is about as poor as most people living in this part of town, so this one is just over her budget.. Moving on...


This one is probably the best one for her, since it's perfect size, and no big crime in this area. But, she says no.

So, onto the next house.. Igh i'm starting to regret helping out my aunt...


She said, that she will take it. Thank god, I was about to make her walk to the next house...

...The next day, while at the office, I mentioned to my boss, that traffic was terrible. Though he didn't give me a reply, So through out the day I thought about solutions to getting places. First thing that came to mind was a Under Ground highway. But, that wasn't going to work since the islands water table is to high.

Next idea was building a new unified highway system. But, how much more unified can you get? So that was down the drain...

The, I hit my head. Like super hard, and it was when holding the ice bag over my head that I got the idea. A bridge!

Build a bridge from the eastern developments, to the eastern part of Lower Island. To act like a detour. It woul save me countless hours of commute from my house to my Aunts.

I told my boss about this, and for the first time. I was given a major Project!

(to be continued)


I changed parts of the story, so that it could be more easily read.. Hope this helps.



Hi again. Today, I woke  up normally, did my morning routine, and headed down to my office. Once I got there, everything seemed the same. I had the usual pile of minor tasks needed to be done.

But, when checking my office Inbox... I had a special note. It was basically 1 neighborhoods list of complaints. On the top was Highway Traffic Noise.

I thought for a second... Before reading more. It's when I read more, that I started to take interest. This group said that they will pay for the walls to be put up.

So, I asked for this task, and got it!

I headed on down to the neighborhood, and took a look at the situation...


Traffic was pretty bad. So, I decided to rightaway build the walls.

But I came across a problem...


The crew putting up the walls, didn't put them up behind the commercial buildings.

I had to then decide wether to waste another day, or let it be.

I decided to let it go. Since, the commercial buildings act like a wall.

So here's the finished Product!


Looks good if you ask me!


Bonus Picture!


This region is kinda starting to come together! 

Stay tuned for the introduction of a new Character!



Hi there, my name is Tim, and I am a City Engineer!  I am just moving into this city, and hope to help make this city wonderful!

First though, I need to move in.  So lets check out some houses for sale.


I like this one, but there is just to many rich snobs living by here.

Lets check out another house...


I like this one, but it's just to smelly for me.. I wonder why...

Well, lucky me that theres another house for sale...


This one is really nice, but, it's really far away from my downtown offices.

This ones the last one.. Hope I like it..


This one is perfect! It's right off a highway, and right by a park!

I'll take it!


Thats the end of Update 1, of Chapter 1.

Give comments, and replys.. Thanks!




Welcome to my CJ!

This, is a CJ based around a character names Tim, and going to be new character Tracie.

This is the Index for Chapter 1.


             Update 1: Moving in.

             Update 2: Complaints

             Update 3: It's Easier Than You Think

             Update 4: Cost Vs. Future


             Update 1: Job Hunting

             Update 2:

             Update 3:

             Update 4:

I will introduce Tracie as the next update (update 4) It will be quite awhile before her first update is ready. Mostly because building a new city takes time... Plus I'm gone at camp for a solid week.. So, Stay Tuned for more!

Also, make sure you read the story. It may take longer, but it really makes the updates look better....


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