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St Jérôme Side

First : thanks for your visit on my last page.

TowerDude and Samerton : thanks so much for your comments and support.

My CJ can now have votes so please vote !


Today we're gonna take a ride in St Jérôme Side. This is a very old side of Vaillante. His name was given because of the St Hérôme church that is in the middle of it.

Aroud the church, you will find a food market (one of the most reputated of the city) evry wednersday and sunday morning.

Tou can walk also on Rue St Jérôme, a pedestrian street borded with charming cafés and restaurants.

This side is very pleasant during day and night and is very appreciated by young couples and students. Despite it is a valuable side it had kept is popular spirit.

Where is St Jérôme Side in Vaillante 1st District ?


St Jérôme Side by itself


The St Jérôme church and the famous St Jérôme food market. Bon Appétit !


A larger picture.


The St Jérôme pedestrian street. Bottom left : a state administration building.


The eastern border of St Jérôme side. Going north, the climbing street to go to the last northen part of Vaillante 1st District. There is also a aerial subway line to go to north and to the suburbs.


Thanks for your visit of St Jérôme Side.

To be continued


Library Side

Long time snce my last page !! Sorry about that !


Welcome to Library Side, one of the smallest area of Vaillante 1st District.

A it said, the side contains the oldest and biggest Library of the city. In the Antic time, scholars and scientists could spend several days in this building to learn and study. Rooms were built to sleep in it.

After that, they usually walk down the beautiful plazza and arrived in the Science Academy  (see page 5) to expose there results.

It is now a very touristic part of the city but have a poor night life. Very cool to walk that big plazza during spring. The prices to live here are high.

Where is The Library Side in Vaillante 1st District ?

The Library Side by itself.


South part of the plazza with the famous Odeon theatre, the ancien observatory a beautiful "dome" church then the "Canal Palace" surrounded by water.


A closer shot


Close shot of the Canal Palace.


The east part of Library side is more modern.


Close shot of the back of the library. An annex was buid behind in the 18th century in a north european style. It's used now only for administration.


Thanks for your visit of the Labrary Side.

To be continued.


Fourth stop : The Colum Side

First : I noticed that my text and my pics were cut on the right side of the screen.

           If anybody have a solution or an explanation, I'll be happy to hear it.

           The, thanks again for your great comments.


Here we are to visit the Colum Side. This is one of the most vast side of Vaillante 1st District.

You can see that his size is at least 2 times bigger than those we already visited.

Colum side is called like that because of this huge monument with colums.

Colum is latin for Colums.

In old days, this used to be the science academy. In fact all this part of the city was

dadicated to science and knowledge. We will see later that the Side upper the Colum area

was build in the same spirit with the great antique Library (that's for later...)

Today, this side has a little bit loose of his superb. The city has respected the tradition of science institute of the old days but it has been moved in Vaillante 2nd District

(that is for later too...)

This big monument is now a concert hall and administration building

(that welcome the ministry of culture for example...)

It's a nice side to have a walk because of his Cafés, restaurants and shops.

It's not very crowded at night.

The inhabitants of this side are more wealthy calm and conservative people.

Let's take a look!

Where is The Colum Side in Vaillante 1st District ?


The Colum Side by itself.


The ancient science academy


The market of the Colum Side


The national Opera and behind an open subway station.


Walking south Colum Side through the park...


I tried to be as curby as possible in the area...well...can be improved


This area was rebuild in the 80' : residential and a huge highschool.



The southern limit of the Colum Side.


Thanks for your visit of the Colum Side.

To be continued.


Third stop : Le Center Pôle.

First : thanks for your great comments…


In the beginning of the eighties, the city of Vaillante wanted to create a major transportation, commercial and business pole in the east of the first district. So was build le Center Pole : a huge structure that included a mall, a transit subway station and offices buildings. This combo has been constructed right in the middle of traditional residential buildings.

In the nineties, a plazza has been created with a movieplex and other stores. A big and modern hotel has been also constructed in front of that plazza.

Today, Le Center Pôle is still a very attractive place where a lot of people transit every days for their shopping, work and tourism. It looks a little bit oldie now and some people of Vaillante would like to see it disappeared cause it looks so ugly in the city landscape. Le Center Pôle Side was inspired by the Montparnasse area in Paris : a mall, a skyscraper (the tallest of inner Paris) and a massive train station that was build in the eightees right in the middle of a traditional Parisian urban area.

Where is Vaillante Le Center Pôle in Vaillante 1st District ?


The Center Pôle by itself.


The front view of Center Pôle (The Sheraton Hotel, the front of the Mall and the plazza with the movieplex on the right)


The Left view of the Center Pôle (the aerial terminus station, the bus terminal station and the two twins buisness towers)


The back view of the Center Pôle


The right view of the Center Pôle


Around The Center Pôle : traditionnal euro urbanism.


Another pic from around the Center Pôle


The Montparnasse area in Paris who is the main inspiration for The Center Pôle Side



Thanks for your visit of the Center Pôle Side.

To be continued...

VAILLANTE 1st district

Second Stop


Before exploring:

As you will see I chose not to put only landmarks but also grow zoning. It would have been much easier to chose myself every building and plop them but I didn’t for two reasons :

- Primo : I want my city to live. I want my buses, subways, schools and hospitals to be functionals. I didn’t want an only eye candy city.

- Secondo : Sim City is a game so let’s play !

Another thing : some of the functions of the NAM never worked on my computer. So for exemple no turning lanse mod for me. I would have preferred to have it but…c’est la vie…

Last thing : for an unknown reason, the night lights are very poor on my game so until I fix that, only daylights pics…ggggrrrrr….


The Theatre side a cool area of Vaillante 1st District. Like his name indicates, this borough is full of thaters : classic, comedy, musicals…theatre side is also called by the Vaillante people Le Broadway. And of course, you can find also a lot of restaurants, bars, lounges…The nightlife is intense and exciting. No need to say that it is very hype to own an apartment on this side of the city. But it is expensive of course

Where is the theatre side in Vaillante 1st District ?


The Theater Side by itself.


The Jules Verne Parc is on the major parcs in the downtown area.


The famous restaurant "Chez Guy" offers delicious food in a countryside atmosphere.


Let's go now south of the parc with this beautiful church.


Let's go now west of the church to discover the Alberto Pascal Plazza with a modern library and the subway station. U can also recognise the famous "Moulin Rouge".


We now walk down the street of the "Moulin Rouge" to discover more theaters and an other plazza with it's food market.


We go now south again till the south entrance of the theatre side. On the right the aerial subway.


Here's now a view of the west of the theater side. You can recognise at the below the Shakespeare theatre


Thanks for your visit to the Theatre Side

To be continued...




Vaillante first district is the heart of the Vaillante Metropole. Historical monuments, political administration, banking, museums…this district is a one of the most prestigious area of the city. For the little story, the 1fst district was the first map I built when I started a few years ago. A year ago, I’ve decided to erase everything and start all over! So this is the map I work on exclusively since then and it’s far from finished. In this chapter, I will make you visit what I’ve done so far. And let’s begin with the arrival in fisrt district…by the ferry hub!

First Stop


You just arrived at the St Lorenzo international airport.


After a few hours of plane you don’t want to waste your time in a cab stucked in the traffic jam on the freeway. Underground ? Worst than the plane ! Best solution : the ferry. 


In the beginning of the seventies, the urban explosion of Vaillante had forced the municipality to think of other ways of transportations. Among the construction of new subway lines and a project of a tramway line, the city decided to develop a vast program of maritime collective transportation. As the city is surrounded by sea it seemed logical that the TMV (transport maritime de Vaillante) will be successful. And the center of this ferry network is the Ferry Hub in the first district of Vaillante. It took five years to build this artificial island in the front sea. The project was very ambitious : three major ferry terminals, one heliport, a circular subway line, two highways to reach the downtown area, offices, hotels, industries…A massive investment for the city and major transportation hub where transit thousands and thousands of people every day.


The Heliport


The Hilton hotel, some offices and an Intermarché grocery store.


One the biggest Bus terminal is on the ferry hub island.


The "Belle Cruise" ship is located here.


Several free parkings have been installed for the workers who want to go to the office by ferry. Better for the traffic. Better for the environment.


The biggest subway station of the artificial island.






First, sorry for my English cause I’m French. I’ll do my best !

Two important things :

- I’m not a specialist of creating logos and graphics and all that. I just understood how to upload pics with ImageShak. Sorry about that… As the same for English, I’ll try to do my best.

- I’m always astonished by the capacity of some “journalists” to create an entire history for there cities with pics etc… I don’t have the time to do it. Sorry about that. All I want is to share my long building experience of my euro-region, the parts that I’m proud of it and the parts I failed.


-I- My thoughts before starting

As I said earlier, Vaillante is a European capital. My goal was to do it as real as possible. When I started in 2005, I was careful to respect some rules that I fixed myself :

-1- A euro city can’t be built like a typical Sim City creation. What is very difficult about them is that we have to imagine the urban history of it B4 build anything. Cause a European City has a long story, the urban structure has to be logical. That’s a mistake I often see : the classy downtown building just near suburb houses. The zoning of what historical areas, 70’ buildings area, modern, suburbs… have to be well thought before starting.

-2- The “Disneyland” effect. What I see sometimes also is when the cities are “too European”, like a perfect peace of urbanism. I Call it the “Disneyland effect”. When u want to do it too euro, it becomes a movie set. The Europeans metropoles are a mixt of centuries and centuries of History. You can find every architecture style in it. The trick is too mixt that with realistic view. Very Hard ! Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost !

-3- Not so tall son ! The temptation is high to use those incredible skyscrapers to fill in ur cities but u have to be very vigilant. Paris, London or Berlin are not New York, Shanghaï or Honk Kong. U can find, of course, tall and glassy buildings in euro cities but they are often grouped out of downtown or if, u can’t just put a forest of it. It would ruins everything.

-II- My intentions with Vaillante.

Vaillante is a Metropole of 1.5 millions people. It’s an euro-region.


The region is originally called “Keweenaw v. 3”. It’s a huge region. I’ll probably finish it when I’m very old ! Look at what I’ve done in 5 years of work and compare it to what is still untouched. (photo remplissage)


To be realistic, I’ve decided that the city itself (without the suburbs) will fill several large squares. Each square would be call Vaillante 1st District, Vaillant 2nd District…


The region is a vey large land separate by islands and semi-islands. It’s like an end of a continent, a dead end with the ocean around. There is a large mountain in the middle of the land that cross all he map.


The orientation I’ve decided to take is a mix between Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. I’ve imagine that Vaillante is a big euro-métropole with a Mediterranean weather. It allowed me to approach my city as an administrative/cultural/business major center combined with a touristic/luxury/entertainment urban center. That is the two directions I try to put together in that region.

The region will basically will be divided like this :

- coast areas : lxury/touristic/entertainment/bitches.


- Center of city : cultural/civic/prestige/historical.


- between Center-city and suburbs : civic/middle-class/sports and activities area/campus/70’ and modern buildings.


- the Freeway that is a turn around the city.


- First suburbs : middle class/large commercial stores/sports/70’ buildings/tall residential buildings.


- Second suburbs : middle class houses/low class districts/industrial… 



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