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The Kingdom of the Parnan Islands is a nation formed by four main islands and more than 140 small islets. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, about 1.500 km north of Brazil. Its capital...

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So you all thought this CJ was dead, right? Well, here I am to officially prove you wrong! 9.gif Welcome to the the third update of the Kingdom of the Parnan Islands! This one will talk about San Alejandro and its new CBD!


The CBD from the roof of a building. Citizens are very proud of having skyscrapers!


Another shot of the CBD with its 3 skyscrapers. Altrough quite small, this CBD is one of the symbols of San Alejandro!


The road leading to the CBD. Citizens call this street "Skyscraper Avenue".


The CBD. Alcora headquarters at the right, Maranet offices at the bottom left and KlaipedaCo offices at the top left.


"Skyscraper Ave." on a quiet saturday.


The CBD as seen from the roof of this building.


Another pic of the CBD.


The skyline as seen from a mountain.

Hope you enjoyed this update as much as I enjoyed making it!



Kingdom of the ParnanIslands

Reino de las Islas Parnas





Anthem: Todavía hay esperanza (There is still hope)



Capital                                                                        San Alejandro

(and largest city)



Official Language                                                      Spanish

Recognised regional languages                             Parnan Spanish



Demonym                                                                  Parnan



Government                                                               Constitutional monarchy


Monarch                                                                     King Jose Ramon I

President                                                                   Don Manuel Rodriguez




From Spain                                                                August 3, 1912



Currency                                                                     Uruno (U)



Drives on the                                                             right



Internet TLD                                                               .pi



Hello, and welcome to my new CJ! The Kingdom of the Parnan Islands is a nation formed by four main islands and more than 140 small islets. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, about 1.500 km north of Brazil. Its capital city is San Alejandro. San Alejandro currently has 123.669 inhabitants. Let's start with some teasers of it:


The busy streets of San Alejandro.


The well known Paseo del Descanso.


San Alejandro's skyline seen from a rooftop.


Nightlife in the capital.

Hope you enjoyed, more in the next update.

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