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About this City Journal

These two countries are part of the great kingdom of Fagunia.I have made some nice cities only using maxis default buildings and no addons.Enjoy my first CJ.

Entries in this City Journal


  Dear readers and good looking girls (my number is 0728391184 9.gif ) i will present you the dark secrets of the surrounding Hendermick Comunities!!!

 I have to tell you that Hendermick may have a total population of 280.00, but, please be careful , because i'he said that it has a TOTAL   population...

  In fact the City Hendermick has a population of  only 279.543 people leaving only 457 people to live in the comunities.The thing is that those little towns in the outskirts of the city are sepparated into 4 comunities: The Summer comunity in the North, the Autumn Comunity in the West, the Winter comunity in the South and the Spring comunity in the East.

 And now enough with the talking let's get down to business:

So this is the Winter Comunity


In winter Comunity, there was once just a farming town...

When Justin Bieber Hendermick , the great leader of the expedition " Baby' with the great general Ludacris, came, he brought disaster to the land: he robbed the poor, raped the women, enslaved the elders and killed the farming town's leader.He then founded Hendermick city wich was originaly called Justin Bieber's Memphis.Justin had tree wifes, Lady Gaga, Miley Cirus and Joe Jonas( wich was in that time a girl ), but Justin's father could not stand fis own son's brutal reign over the land so he detroned him and put mayor obreicht in Justn's seat...

 After that, the town rapidly developed, although it was little space.A beach, a marina and even a ferry was build to satify the people needs.Ten years back, a wind power plant was build so that the great strike in 1989.Now days a school was build so that the young generation could learn in Qinter Comunity and not in Hendermick...


Winter Comunity's electricity source.

Question for the public ( nerds):


What should Winter Comunity do with this land?

A) Build another farm so we can have more food to supply our troops in the upcoming war with Hendermick city for winning our independence..Yeah!!!, Long live Winter Comunity!!!

B) Just build some more residentials and shut up...

C) Commercial investitors are pretty interested in this bit of land.Maybe we can earn some money to buy new weapons for our troops.

Bye and hope you enjoy!


I think that i will be posting a new entry this Tuesday, stay tuned and the voting will be closed  Monday.BYE!!!


  Ok guys.Welkome to the Hendermick city tour.The tour will start from the costal road that goes to Avrig City and it will end by going to where the costal road meets Stahedler City.Enjoy!


So me start at the George Stobart Minor League Stadium...


After that we visit Fhreum Raiscen  Art Museum...


We are tired from all that walking and so we shall sit on a bench in Glenn Park...


If you wanted to do something different, this is your lucky day.Now we are going to visit St. Maria Cemetery...


Now we are going to have a serious talk about the undead with the priest at St. Paul Church...



Hendermick view from the helicpoter

Hendermick has been build on the left shore of The River to take advantage of the oil deposits on The River's bed.The city has a high commercial activity but also it host one of the most prestigious universities in the kingdom.


Hendermick's main residential neighbourhood.

Hendermick's build in an euro-contemporary style and favorizes the use of streets against roads.


Central City Park



East Park

 Hendermick is a green city and supports that the population do recreative activities like sports.


Hendermick University

Hendermick's mayor loves to see it's city residents educated and thus, hi-tech companies have established their headquarters in the city.

To be continued in part 2....



 Fagunia Kingdom is one of the first kingdoms to ever be founded in Europe.Passing three wars Fagunia kingdom has passed the test of time.Now that peace has been restored to the land, new cities have been build to suport the growing population.The River crosses three quarters of the Fagunia kingdom and near his shores there have always been fertile land to cultivate.Besides the fertile land in some zones on The River's bed there have been found several oil deposits that boosted the kingdom's economy.Now days, Fagunia Kingdom is the market leader in oli exports.

General information on Hermannstadt country:

Total Population - 442.000

Municipal City - Hendermick

Munincipal City Population - 280.000

Curency - Lei*

Lowest Salary - 1.200 lei

Power Output - 48% oil, 22% natural gas, 13% nuclear, 10% hydrogen, 6.8% wind, 0.2% coal

Languages - 79% romanian, 8% germanian, 3% hungarian, 10% others

Imports  - Coal, Iron, Exotic Food

Exports - Food, Oil, Plastic, Natural Gas

General information on Schassburg country:

Total Population - 520.000

Munincipal City - Sighisoara

Munincipal City Population - 340.000

Curency - Ban*

Lowest Salary - 700 Ban

Power Output - 76% natural gas, 14% oil, 7.6% coal, 2.4% wind

Inports - Plastic, Iron, Coal

Exports - Natural Gas, Food, Wood

* 1 Ban = 0.8 Lei

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