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About this City Journal

A wonderful peninsula metropolis center with suburban towns to bustling cities.

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After a long and violent war in the Cheryl Islands, Incandian forces push through and invade the remote area of Thaelsburg on the Babrican coast.

Below, Thaelsburg


Incandian forces had to fight fiercely in the trenches dug by Babrican soldiers expecting the invasion. However, the defenders were overrun but only part of the CIty of Thaelsburg was destroyed, because a peace treaty was signed between Incandia and Babrica in the Grathonian Parliment Building.

Thaelsburg after the battle.


Grathonian Parliment building in Grath City


The treaty declared that Incandia had to pay reparation for damage sustained to Thaelsburg but Babrica would hand over the Cheryl Islands.

Below, a map showing the theaters of the war.


Sorry for not updating in a while, I just had other stuff to do.


The war back home

Back in Incandia, things are much different about the war. Public opinions are split for support of the war. The opposers of the war say that it is merely the Incandian government sucking up to big buisness and completley disregarding the people. Some supporters of the war say that the government has every right to protect its buisness in foreign lands, where as others say that the war has nothing to do with Incandian Petroleum and that it is only a response to Babrican military aggresion in the Cherryl Islands. In the capital of New Dearsville protests are common both against and for the war. Outside of New Dearsville people have different opinons also. In the mostly conservative town of Port Town support for the war is high, where in the liberal and some what kind of a hippie town of South Island City, support for the war is extremely low.

Also, government propoganda is a common sight, like the one shown below.


In Fort Damsey, tanks patrol the streets in case any Babrican forces decide to attack, despite the fort being located thousands of miles away from the war zone.


And protesters line the busy streets of New Dearsville.


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The war rages on

In the Cherryls Incandia just recently invaded the coast of Barbana, the only real Babrican settlment in the thinly populated Cherryl Islands. The invasion was a definite Incandian victory and the city was completley destroyed.


Barbana  before the battle shown above


Barbana after the battle


An Incandian soldier petting a stray cat after the battle of Barbana, as it is now called.



On page 8 you read that Incandia sent a fleet of ships to the Cherryl Islands to guard the Incandian Petroleum oil rigs. Well on May 15th 2011 one of the 3 battle cruisers sent by the Incandian Navy was sunk just off of the coast of the Babrican contolled settlment of Barbana, in the Cherryl Islands. Before war was officialy declared by eaither side, Incandian jets bombed responded and bombed the place where the missile that sunk the ship came from. The missile launch site was located on the island of Planto. More missiles were shot from other places and Babrican tanks were mobilized in Barbana. Then, 3 hours later, Incandia officialy declared war on Babrica. War has come to the Cherryls.


An Incandian jet over Planto Island in the search and destroy bombings of Planto Island. Shown below


A Babrican tank on Main Street in Barbana



As you might of read earlier, Incandia Petroleum bought out land off of the Cherryl Islands (read page 7). Anyway, recently Incandian Petroleum has been receving threats from terrorists that have been known to be supported by the Babrican government.


When Incandian officials adressed the Babrican officials on the issue, Babrican officials denied having anything to do with the threats. However, when an unexploded bomb was found on an oil rig, action was taken. Incandian Petroleum (IP) lobbied in Incandian Parliament for military escorts gaurding the oil rigs and shipments off of the rigs. Incandian Parliament agreed, and 3 battle cruisers and an aircraft carrier were sent. 3 days later they arrived in the Cherryl Islands, despite Babrican warnings not to do so. What will hapen next is uncertain, but Intelligence is saying that it looks like Babrica is mobilizing its military forces.


In the past few years Incandia has gone from being a thriving territory of Grath to an independent international power. Recently, with the purchase of water area and islands off of the Babrican controlled Cherryl Islands by Incandian Petroleum Incandia's oil economy has skyrocketed. Also, the Incandian government purchased about 50 more square miles of land from Grath in a almost uninhabited place called Herringport. Herringport has only 3 towns, Herringport, Northton, Janingston, and 1 naval base; Fort Herring.


Herringport Territory, shown above.


The City of Herringport above


The town of Northton shown above


Janingston shown above

Fort Herring, shown below.



History of Incandia

After the Grathonian revolution, Incandia was a lightly populated area that was on the very edge of Grath's new territory. It was treated as a colony with no value until expiditions of the area said that the area would be a great port for timber and other supplies.


The old port of New Dearsville, shown above.

Since then Incandia has grown into the metropolis it is today, however it was still treated like an overseas territory or even colony until independence. Tarrifs limited trade and the city was given little representation in parliament. 

     Incandia was also a very busy port for immigrants as well.The 2008 census shows that nearly 35% of all Incandians today are decendants of immigrants who came in the port of New Dearsville or other ports.


Immigrants in New Dearsville harbour.

Now Incandia is a growing international power in trade and buisness.


 The Grathonian officials and Incandian officials decided upon a referendum, and the referendum turned out that Incandia would be an independent nation. 



Full name: The Parliamentary Republic of Incandia

Short name: Incandia

Government: Parliament

Area: 52.23 square miles

Population: 1,103,777 (2008 census) 1,140,000 (2010 estimate)

Population density: 300 per square mile

Drives on the right

Currency: Incandian grat 1USD=2.5IG


Religion: 58% Protestant

22% Roman Catholic


5% Eastern Orthodox

5% Islam

Language: None official English, Spanish, Other




Incandia declares independence due to the tariffs on foreign goods imposed by Grath that hurt the economy (like in Hailsburg). Since Incandia is a major port metropolis, and is heavelly dependant on raw goods from other countries, the last thing Incandia needs is a tariff. In New Dearsville the new Incandian parlament has set itself up in a new building built on the west coast of New Dearsville.


Also, a giant flag of Incandia has been put up in a place now called Incandia square


The thing about Incandia's feelings of independence that scares Grath is that the major naval and army base of Fort Damsey is located in Incandia. Nukes are stored in this base.

Fort Damsey

Meetings are being held in Grath City (capital of Grath) between Grathonian officials and Incandian officials discusing if Incandia can be independent, without war. Currently the meetings are discussing about a referendum of whether Incandia should be independent.



Hailsburg is the third largest city in Incandia with a population over 176,000 people. It is situated on an island and is connected the the mainland by ferry, causway, and subway.
The city shown above
Hailsburg has suffered economicaly from tarrifs imposed by the Grathonian government (Incandia is located in Grath) and this has led to many reccesions and depressions in the port city.
abandoned buildings
The economy even suffered in downtown, shown below


Dearsville Plains

Just north of the bustling city of New Dearsville is the suburban town of Dearsville Plains. The highway running through it and the connection to New Dearsville make it very conjested in parts.The City 

Just ordinary traffic in Dearsville Plains






The Region of Incandia, shown above, is home of the great City of New Dearsville (bottom of peninsula) . First off is the citie's Downtown.


When the city was small, the builders did not expect the city to explode to 557,000 and counting, but expected it to be more like, 3 to 6,000. They designed the downtown area with small blocks and alot of parks. Not good for buildings. Now this area is called Old Downtown.

New Downtown

New Downtown, shown above is not officialy the downtown area of the city, like Old Downtown is. It is just called that because of how it is mostly the center of the city and of commerce and buisness.

New Dearsville

Above, the actual city.

Below is a newer pic of Incandia, now about 1,100,000

The Region


Above, an updated picture of Incandia

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