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About this City Journal

Warren initially started as a natural growth journal, but something in my brain ticked and I kept building it to the point where I was unable to catch the story up. Instead, i'll showcase...

Entries in this City Journal


This entry is WIP and will be completed by May 25th 2010.

1)  This is the town of Hanover, in Dover County. A population of 1,700 ranks it high among the rural counties in Warren. It is built on the far western end of Cheshire Bay, which is filled by the Cheshire River that runs through Harpers and Carrol counties. Hanover is at a population "stand still" town, with most of Warren's population coming to Parish and Frederick counties. 


2) In 2025 a mining industry has been found scoping the Warren mountains for metals and coals. A prospective location is being excavated in Dover County, among others. This picture shows the mountain as it is being removed in a "strip mine" fashion. The location of the mine is a little close to town. Sorry about the dust, folks. 

 Also shown is the northwesternmost neighborhood, including a multi-grade educational facility.



This image from a strip mine in Wyoming inspired me in the design of Dover Counties' mine.


More to come.


Here is Harpers County, SC4 date of 2025. I'll revisit important counties in 25-50 SC4 years.

1) Here is a Cheshire Creek that runs through Harpers, before emptying into the Sagamore River.


2) The town of Harper. Harper was a fishing town, and one of the older towns in Warren. Harper saw an extreme decrease in population after the port of in Parish county was founded, dominating the fish trade in the area. After the town of Frederick, to the south, became a center of population, Harper was revisited as a bedroom community. (as of writing, 6000 new residents now live in Frederick, 25 years after my city journal entry was written.)


3) Harpers County is home to a few good sized farms (left) and ranches (right).


4) Another view of a farm in Harpers County. 


Thanks for viewing. Not much in Harpers as of 2025. 


Here is Frederick County, SC4 date 2025. I'll revisit important counties in 25-50 years.

1) Coming into Frederick County, driving southbound on Regional Route 1 from Harpers County, the first town- with a population of roughly 50, is Alliance. The local volunteer fire hall protects the entire north face of the mountain, meanwhile the population produces a localized food supply. At this point in history, Warren's trade is limited to inter-county relations. 


2) Rather than entering the Coshocton tunnel towards the town of Frederick, we'll take a trip southeast along the ridge of the mountain, visiting Canton and... (next slide.)


3) A local business owner from Frederick's non-producing farm. Warren, being young and undeveloped, burns the population with a desire for land.


4) Back northwest through the Coshocton tunnel, continuing southbound on Regional Route 1, you enter Downtown Frederick. 


5) Downtown Frederick, on the southwest face of the mountain, employs 1000 residents of Frederick and Harpers Counties.


6) Frederick County was home to the first multiple-grade educational facility in the Region, though at this time five counties have joined that rank. 


7) Residents move into Frederick County from outlaying areas regularly. This neighborhood's selling point is the clear creek. A local city planner and carpetbagger named Dewey, and his associates Cheetum and Howe, attempted to bring a multi-religion worship building into Frederick to save city funds. By the end of its first year, the only thing being worshiped in the house was they're own egos, and the building was burned down. Other "amazing" designs are being renovated, including the spiral road- which has caused more car accidents in Frederick than anyone thought possible..  


I'm doing more work than a delivery truck in Harpers County right now. TBA


Note: I have an ungodly large plugin folder that has been compressed and painted and dotted with hearts, so I can not mention all mods and other details beforehand.  However, if something interests you, or you demand credit, I will do my very best to find it, name it, and ship it to you first class. 

Warren - Natural Growth / High Detail.

Warren started as a natural growth journal, however I lost track of *keeping* track of my story, and ended up with a well developed region before I had taken screenshots or written a story for most of the area. Instead, i'll be switching back and forth between a highly detailed region, and stories and journal entries here and there to keep anyone interested. 


Above ^ Harpers County, Cheshire Creek. ^

Introduction: Howard County is the smallest, least developed county in the region. I'm choosing it as a starting point, because I said so. 

Howard County is a "medium" sized county directly north of Parish County which stands as the southernmost point in the region. (haha. Parish County. Punny. 14.gif)  

To the north lies the "large" Frederick County, a majority of which is taken up by the mountain ranges dividing the region. 

1) Anyway, first up is Butler Church. As you will find common throughout Howard County, and Warren in general, most landowners directly outside of the towns occupy large tracts of land. Due to the local mountain ranges, and the wind that comes with them, the property lines are most often laid out with rock, however lodgepole fencing becomes more popular in lower regions such as Howard and Parish counties. 


2) Next up is a small land grab on Regional Route 1, which runs from the southernmost point of the region in the center, north to Frederick county, before meeting the East/West Regional Route 2. My personal land system in Sim City 4 deals in acres, an acre being 4 of the grid squares IMO. Sometimes this scale doesn't make sense, and I don't care. Anyway, these are some varying sized parcels of land, each has been around for a few years at least. I make sure to add some form of grass in most of my larger properties outside of towns, such as the church above and the homesteads below, it can add an exceptional amount of detail to anything from a regional landmark, fire department, and even an otherwise useless, forgettable shack. 


3) As I said above, some properties, mainly ranches and horse farms, are framed with traditional lodgepole fencing. The wild west still rides with me. (and the rest of history, but the wild west demanded mention, and I can't argue with the outlaw Josey Wales.)


4) The largest gathered population in Howard County is this group of homes, however due to unmet requirements, it remains unincorporated as a town. Rumors around the region talk of a distillery disguised as a grain elevator in Howard County that is refusing to ship to the "man." Supposedly this is why the county is the only left in the region to lack a single recognized town. In Warren, a population of 26 and a single export- be it a commercial business, farm, export, or good looking girl, is all that is required to be named as a town. 


5) This is the cropped overhead view of Howard County. Howard County is the center land bridge. Hardly visible in the top right is the town of Frederick, Frederick County. The hill in the bottom left of the image is Parish County, directly out of sight is the largest community in Warren to date. The current population is 6000, and though in the grand scheme of things this number is minor, in Warren the 6000 residents makes up a half of the entire population of the region. 


6) Zoomed out further, this shows the southwestern half of Warren. This project will take me a good 9,347 years to complete, so be patient. I plan to build each piece of owned land, each town, each county, throughout the region, piece by piece, with as much detail as I can bring with Sim City 4. To date, there are 12 counties, 17 established "towns," and a single "large town," the port in Parish County, which will be shown at a later date.. 


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