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Abu Dubai

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About this City Journal

A masterplanned city on the map Archipelago without the use of grids. It is built with a lot of effort and time. The city is spacious and luxurious, boasting green energy, offices and high...

Entries in this City Journal


The financial district has been completed and people start to move in and work in the new offices. The district has been designed to offer working space in it's best qualities. Great care has been made to make the environment relaxing. Many trees and plazas have been made to achieve this. Water was a binding element in the design. It surrounds the buildings at the tip of the island. A canal has been made so that more buildings can enjoy the water. The next step is to build the residential area to facilitate living space for the people that work here, and for the citizens who want to live in this beautiful environment!

A view from the ground up



A helicopter view over the cluster of high rise buildings


A view from a high rise to the water


The district at night


A view from the top of the international bank toward the Abu Dubai Waterfrontcxl_screenshot_abu%20dubai_37.jpg

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Plans Revealed!

The plans for the new Financial District have been revealed! Construction is now in full sway, and it is only a matter of time now, before these pictures become reality.

The plans for the financial district. It offers space for financial offices, international banks, the bank of Abu Dubai, 7 buildings for other banks and/or financial businesses, a convention centre and a stock market. The buildings are set near the sea, and a canal will be realised to offer enjoyable working space. A boulevard marks the end of the Financial District.


A Sketch and a painting of the future financial district




The city of Abu Dubai keeps expanding and now the urban developers have set their eyes on the last remaining island. The mayor approves and plans are made. Their were already plans for a financial district, which includes bank headquarters, stock brokers and more businesses in these categories. This will be the pinacle of the new project. A new district will be build around it. Just as with the Marina, such a massive project cannot be done in one go. So this project will also follow a phased growth. It will be five phases, starting with the financial district and then gradually build the district around it. Not the entire island will be exploited. The mountaineous part will be preserved as it is one of the last natural environments in the city.

The island will be connected with the main land with a tunnel. A bridge would detoriate the waterfront views, and this is unacceptable. The tunneldigging has started and the foundations of the financial district are being prepared.

The island to be exploited


The plan


The foundations of the financial district



CBD Renovation

After a long time of not playing CitiesXL due to my study and other activities, I started playing again! I continue with this city, as I want to know how it will be when it is fully finished. And I just like this city!

As Abu Dubai gains more and more reputation around the world, rich international businesses want to have their offices in this city. It offers good quality work environments, leisure activities and living space. In order to cope with this new demand, a plan to revise the old Central Business District was created. The old buildings would be demolished or renovated and new buildings will be put in place. The new offices had to be attractive for the multinationals. Thus a skyscraper cluster was proposed. The mayor agreed with this plan, and the construction began without hesitation.

Artist impression of the new CBD in the Waterfront


Construction in full sway. The two biggest buildings are rising to their final height.


The new skyscrapers in construction froma street view


The pinacle of the CBD renovation. This is the biggest skyscraper under construction


The CBD is transformed in a bustling construction site


The finished CBD


The new buildings rise to the sky


A view over the city


The new waterfront


The new waterfront at night


The CBD seen from afar with the entire city


And a beautiful sketch of the same picture



Making Progress

 Abu Dubai Construction Journal

Phase 2 of The Marina development is now finished. This phase required less concerns for the engineers, as it contained few large construction projects. Nonetheless it is still quite an achievement what they realized in Phase Two. Most of this area is covered in condos and it also has a large high tech industry park. This certainly will improve the working environment for the offices. A park is also realized with some really exclusive villas for the elite residents. The entire area focuses on luxurious living and work environments, it has a lot of trees and green. Large plazas are constructed in the high tech industry park. Holiday hotels have also been built to attract tourists to this part of Abu Dubai.

An aerial view


The new skyscrapers


The park




The inner-ringroad between the office skyscrapers and the residential area


A view from a helicopter


The expressway is surrounded by palmtrees


A visit to one of the skyscrapers provided some nice pictures.

This is a view towards the Waterfront.


A view over Phase one of The Marina


A view upon the hotels


A view over the park


A picture in the night over Phase One and the other empty island, showing what potential The Marina offers



 Abu Dubai Construction Journal

The first phase of construction of The Marina is now completed. This includes a new high school, fire station and police headquarters. Office buildings make up the centre of The Marina. This is then surrounded with residential buildings, preferably near the water. Some further away from the centre are the somewhat smaller buildings for the lower classes of society. Luxurious condos have been built on the edge of the island for those that can afford it. A lot of attention went to the surroundings, plenty of trees and parks have been realized and a lot of plazas and squares.

Aerial view of the finsihed phase one


View from the main island


The luxurious condos



The residential buildings near the canal


A view over the boulevard


Office buildings dominate the centre


A view from the inner-ringroad


The Marina at night



The Marina

 Abu Dubai Construction Journal

The new development off the coast of Abu Dubai now has an official name: The Abu Dubai Marina or in short, The Marina. The infrastructure is now as good as finished and the construction on the actual buildings can now begin. A series of canals have also been dug to represent natural creeks on the islands.

As it is not very profitable to build everything it in one go, the plan has been devided into 5 phases. Phase one has just started and all kinds of materials are now transported to The Marina. This is where the new bridges really come in handy. 

The phase plans for The Marina


The Marina in its current state


Construction sites as far as the eye can see




 Abu Dubai Construction Journal

The bridges leading towards the new real estate development have been completed. The connection excists out of two massive suspension bridges, spanning the sea between Abu Dubai and the islands. The main infrastructure on the two islands is completed too. The outer-ringroad in the form of a boulevard surrounds both islands. Two elevated single lane road bridges form the inner-ringroad. In the centre runs a boulevard, connecting both ringroads. The outer-ringroad is connected to the expressway leading to Abu Dubai.

Aerial view of the main infrastructure and bridges


The inner-ringroad


The suspension bridge leading towards the Abu Dubai Airport


The suspension bridge leading towards the Waterfront


A spectacular view from the seas



 Abu Dubai Construction Journal

The first phase of construction on two of the three islands has been finished. The mayor wanted the two mountaineous islands flat and just above the sea level.  As no infrastructueis present on the islands, the entire operation had to be executed by ship. Large excavators and bulldozers were put on the island by ship and the earth and rocks were transported away with large barges. The construction activities lasted for 8 months, which is quite fast, regarding that the islands were first respectable mountains.

Engineers and architects now swarm the flat islands, planning and designing the new districts. The plans are not clear yet, but it is for sure that the quality of the districts will surpass the Abu Dubai Waterfront. Construction on a bridge have already started, laying the foundation for the infrastructure on the islands. 

The flat islands with Abu Dubai Waterfront in the background



Abu Dubai is a masterplanned city I had created 3 months ago. Now when the weather has become better, I became inspired again after a long time of doing nothing. The holiday is on the horizon and as I smelled the smell of suncream, I suddenly felt compelled to return to my city of Abu Dubai. A city journal seemed like a good idea, giving me an extra motivation to continue with this city. 

(If you don't like a bit of history, just skip this piece2.gif)

The city has quite a history, though you might not expect that with a building time of about 4 weeks in free time. That is because the city has been built three times over! I had the first go in the beta of CitiesXL with the first Abu Dubai, the city became great but had significant traffic problems in its centre. When the beta stopped, I could not wait for the main game. When it had arrived on my doorstep, I immediately started again on Planet Offer. This second Abu Dubai took me quite some time to build, as I was going through trial and error with building, requiring a lot of demolishing and rebuilds. The city had its own city journal on the CitiesXL site. The city had 2 million residents, some Blueprints and a lot of money. But the PO stopped, and as I did not put it in single player, I started over again. For the third time 29.gif

This Abu Dubai should be the best of all, so I created a masterplan that fitted the map of Archipelago. The plan included a flawless traffic system: Every district has its own ring road, which is then connected with the main road which spans the entire city. The high tech industries and offices were placed in districts together with its employees, so they do not have to commute. This system drastically decreases the use of expressways end thus creates better accessability. The entire city is based on this system. This is then combined with parks, water and creativity to create the city. Every district has its own feeling and design. 

Enough talking already, let's bring in the pictures!

Picture of the entire city, day and night.



A look over the city


The Abu Dubai Waterfront



The Panoramic Restaurant at dawn


City Hall and administration centre in the front, Abu Dubai Waterfront in the distance


Windmills in front, the bulk of Abu Dubai behind


There are still two other islands which need to be populated. I am making plans for them right know. Although I could use some suggestions!


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