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About this City Journal

Haludua, a region founded in the 1300's was built upon the people of Tuscany and Venice. This island region in the Mediterranean Sea will be marked by history forever. Around 700 years of...

Entries in this City Journal


(authors note- I know it has been almost a year since my last post, the reason being is that I haven't had the time to do so, and also, I haven't played simcity 4 that much either. Please forgive the excessively long delay and I hope to create more entries as my summer goes by.)

The Kreigan War 1560-1570

In the years following the MSRV's takeover of Mertucia, there was civil unrest within the town of Kreigan Atoll. In fact, several citizens believed that if they could defeat the Yandavarans 60 years ago, they could most certainly defeat the Venetians. In 1560, they rallied the citizens and attacked the main Venetian outpost in Kreigan Atoll. The attack was a very unsuccessful one. This action angered the Doge and the Venetians countered.


The counter attack burned the rebellious citizens homes leaving a pile of rubble and ashes.


But the Venetians didn't stop at just a few citizens homes. To anger the citizens more, they burned down several buildings in Mertucia along with their cathedral.



The overthrown government then addressed the citizens saying "Leave this to us, Do not get involved. We'll take care of them." Armed with magnificent ships and swords (since they discovered an iron deposit under New Ravenna.) They pleaded for help from Yandavara and since Yandavara despised the MSRV, they agreed to help. And together, the two countries fought against the MSRV.


The two opposing sides met outside Mertucia where a battle broke out. Mertucia and Yandavara won the battle, but not the war. After several battles, the two forces agreed to talk peace terms. Since MSRV was on the winning side, Mertucia had to give up Kreigan Atoll and New Ravenna. Yandavara had to give up San Vertucia. The Most Serene Republic of Venice would rule most of Haludua for quite sometime. Until, their power weakened in the region.

Spoiler? I think not.


Haludua 1530-1540: The Mertucia-Venetian War

         The last 2 decades were very important for the Haluduan people. Instead of telling you what happened from 1510-1530, I trust that you have already read those parts. 30.gif Now we are going into what happened after those two decades.

       As I left off, Rome had been sacked, and the two nations were panicking. They quickly built up their armies attracting the attention of one very powerful Republic, The most Serene Republic of Venice. MSRV immediately sent over ships to try to stop them. Now just how did they do that? you may ask. By taking the URM iron supply city, Kreigan Atoll. 6.gif Like the emoticon? let's move on.


PropCity21.jpgTheir first course of action was to blockade the port. The second which came a day after the first, was to take the city.

They succeeded in both actions and they immediately went to renovate Kreigan Atoll.


This is A new building. It is the barracks that Venice built to train their specialized units. It proved very useful in the URM and MSRV war. Mertucia got word that Kreigan Atoll got taken so they fought them as best as they could. But they were still no match for the Venetian Army.


URM was forced to surrender themselve to the Venetian army, and URM became part of the Venetian Republic.

Now you may be wondering, wait a minute, they lost one city, how did the whole empire became part of Venice with the lost of just one city? Well, Kreigan Atoll was the only city in the empire that supplied iron for swords and other melee and ranged weapons. They also sent all their troops into battle, and they all died. With the loss of those troops, Venice was able to attck Mertucia and New Ravenna with ease.

The next 2 decades after the war, were of worry and excitement for the Yandavaran people. First of all, they settled their first colony, San Vertucia, North of Kreigan Atoll, on it's own seperate island. It was a sign that the Island Republic of Haludua was recovering. Here is San Vertucia.


And since all people of Haludua are fans of the color red, they build their buildings with red roof tiles. 3.gif

The 2 decades were a time of anxiety because of the actions that the MSRV used toward their neighbors.

Now let's see who is psychic. PM me if you think you know what is going to happen next. the first person to guess it right gets to plan where the next colony will go, and what it will be named (it has to sound Italian). If you guess it wrong...it basically means you are not psychic 34.gif.

Now what I mean by happening next, is that I mean from 1560-1600. So get your 6th sense working and let me know what it tells you.


This is just a little guide I set up for to understand more about Haludua.

Reader's Guide Part 2: A Guide to the Region

As it is well known, this city journal is located on an island chain south of Venice in the Mediterranean Sea. Many people fled from both Tuscany and Vencie to Haludua. Now just what does the region look like? This is why I created the guide.

Here is the region at exactly the point of where we left off at.


Now there is currently two republics in this region: The Island Republic of Haludua and the United Republic of Mertucia. The IRH was devastated by the recent war with the URM so the URM is bigger than the IRH.

The two republics at this time had basically seperate identities. Here are each of the republic's flags.





Stay tuned because something exciting is about to happen in the CJ.


Sorry for taking so long for the latest update. Forgive me.

Haludua 1510-1530:

        The years after the war were different on both sides. The first Mertucian victory had an effect over the Mertucian People. It made them more confident, safe, and arrogant. The first defeat on Yandavara had a blow on their citizens pride. They felt humiliated and furious over the fact that they were defeated by the same people they helped escape from Italy. A person that is somewhat important to the story said "It is amazing how the mood of the citizens of a city can drop very drastically after they felt betrayed and humiliated." As I said...somewhat important.

         Yandavara was rebuilt in the following years. The building where the govener once ruled from was burned down. So they tore up the land and added a better cathedral. The only building that remained burnt down was the barracks.


The Cathedral is indeed a replica of Florence's Cathedral.

         Mertucia on the other hand started becoming quite the empire. They had celebrations for a year after the victory and the next 29 years were spent expanding the empire. In this time period, Mertucia founded two new cities: Kreigan Atoll and New Ravenna. Kreigan atoll was founded on...well an atoll. New Ravenna was founded on a rather large island somewhere eastward. Both cities grew pretty slowly though.

         Kreigan Atoll:


            New Ravenna:


While the Empire changed,the capital city only did slightly. They only added four new shops to the marketplace outside the city walls. (AWESOME ISN'T IT?)


In 1530 Rome was sacked. When the news finally reached here, they were frightened by the Barbarians and Ottomans. Both Republics rushed to increase their armies drawing attention from an unwanted nation north of this region: The Most Serene Republic of Venice. Stay tuned for more.


Now resuming to the story...

The story left off at the Blockade. Near the end of the second week of the Blockade, The troops were ordered to attack. They prepared to set foot on Yandavaran soil for the first time in twenty years. They expected it to be something different than to destroy the city.

The first thing they did was burn down the docks. This would attract the attention of the army. The army general from the barracks noticed the flames and ordered the Yandavaran army to investigate. Here is what they found.Docks.jpg

The docks were lit. They then saw the cause of the fire. It was the Mertucian Army prepared and ready for battle. That is when the army attacked and drove the Yandavaran army into their city walls. The Mertucian army responded by taunting them. At first the Yandavaran army felt safe behind their walls until the opposing army started burning down the walls. This made the morale of the Yandavaran Army to drop tremendously. The two armies met once again and fought on the city's farmlands. The Yandavaran Army retreated to the barracks while the victorious Mertucian army burned down the marketplace.


This action opened the city up for them to attack. They took this advantage and started burning down important buildings. Here is the burning of the city.




In the end, the Mertucian Soldiers figured that the damage they caused was enough to tell the Govener to free them. In the end here is the total recap of the damage.


(Due to some unknown cause, there is some radiation contanimation. Cause is being determined to make sure that the CJ maintains its representation of the past.)


The Govener fled to the northern reaches of the city. He decided to declare a peace treaty and allow Mertucia to be an independent state. In 1503, Mertucia was granted their independence. And in 1505, after 2 years of developing the government, The United Republic of Mertucia was formed and the two countries had an uneasy peace.


(This is a guide created by me to inform you on how this region developed, where this region developed, why this region developed, and anythng in between like political and wars)

Brief Overview of the beginning:

The story starts off right before a major expansion of the city of Yandavara. The year that the city was founded is estimated to be around 1350 to 1360. The first settlers probably arrived in the 1330's. It started off as a small village. But the founders must have left notes or journals of where they are going in their desk or anything relative to that because people started heading for the shore of the largest island Fleranzio. On the very south shore of Fleranzio is where the founding families settled. The founding families were the Gerios and the Lorezios. With the population of immigrants coming from Tuscany and Venice, the Gerios and the Lorezios ordered the construction of the dock to help the people enter easily. However, Venice found out of where their citizens are going and banned them from going to Yandavara. Then the fearsome Venetian Fleet came into their docks to reclaim any Venetian former citizens. The Gerios and the Lorezios risked their lives to escort the people to safety. They hid them in the northern-most reaches of Fleranzio. The Fleet came and demanded where the people where. After the fleet came up with no evidence that Venetian people were here, they searched other islands of the region.

After that, mostly expansion hit Yandavara. According to the city journal, the Mertucia Ravenna was the old home of the rulers of Yandavara. Here is the Mertucia Ravenna.


The Mertucia Ravenna was estimated to be built around 1370-1380 when the Lorezios lived there. The Gerios lived in the building south of it. You can see the north western corner of it inthis picture but you can see it in any of the overview pictures of Yandavara. in 1440 the Medici (the ruling family of Tuscany) sent armies to conquer Haludua. They captured it but allowed the Lorezios and the Gerios to keep some influence over it. Eventually, The Gerios were angered by this decision because they were from Tuscany themselves (the Gerios were from Venice.) They packed up and left for the closest island to Yandavara. This island was only but a couple kilometers south of Fleranzio. There they started a town and called it Mertucia in honor of their close friends. They declared their independence from Tuscany while also declaring their independence from the Lorezios too. 

Eventually, the Lorezios declared their independence from Tuscany. and fromed their own republic. They declared Mertucia part of their republic which caused the war. 

Now that I got that out of the way, I might as well tell you why they fromed this region: they wanted independence from the doges of Venice and the Medicis of Florence. They felt that there wasn't enough representation in their government, so they packed up and left. 

Now where, south of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. 

Now for those who want a hint in the future development of Haludua here they are. I suggest that those who don't want even a hint in the future of this journal, I suggest you don't read this.

Now this isn't much of a huge spoiler, all I'm doing is telling you key areas of the region's development. 

Areas of interest:















Most of those are major wars that happen during the course of events. I created a log of events just on the same day that this guide was created.

As for the journal now, I need some ideas for the expansion of both Yandavara and Mertucia. Right next to Yandavara is a river. Across that river is more land (of course.)  There are two ideas up for consideration. Build a bridge across the river making it easier for trading goods, or expand the city to the river and focus more on expanding north were there is more fertile soil and also making it easier to defend the city.

For Mertucia, there are three ideas. One is to expand the farms and the city walls to provide better protection and making it easier to defend themselves against siege. Another is to search for more minerals to increase trading to the city therefore increasing city profits so that they could use the money for providing more housing and the funding to get more parks and plazas in te town. The third idea, use the settlers that are ready for anything to expand across the waters to a different Island. Please add your vote to the comments. Government by the people, right?


After Yandavara declared Mertucia part of the Haludua Republic, Mertucia declared war. They refused to be ruled by a govenor from a city they had previously fled from. They had previously been building up their military to protect them and to escort settlers to other islands to create cities that will be part of their republic. They had plenty of wood to build their ships. They had to set their ships up to transport soldiers to Yandavara.


Mertucia was suprisingly able to support their vast troops. Mainly because they had support from the Most Serene Republic of Venice and Tuscany. Most people from those regions moved to Mertucia giving the city exponential growth. Like this:


After the fleet took off, it would take them about less than a month to get to Yandavara. However halfway there, they ran into an intercepting Yandavaran fleet. The battle started almost immediately.


There were reinforcements that came to backup the fleets. The battle lasted 16 hours and ended in a Mertucian victory. They statred north again and reached the coast of Yandavara. Th first order of buisness was to blockade the port. They did so, but it did little since the farms were located inside the walls and the city had been prepared for a siege. But they they kept the blockade in place until they were given orders to attack.


The circled ships are Mertucian. Also note that Yandavaran ships are with the sails down. There is very little left of these ships because of the battle. This would be crucial in the years to come.


After Mertucia formed, Yandavara's govenor grew paranoid. He desperately cut taxes and opened new city land to get people to come and stay in the city. This worked and by 1480 The city looked like this:


The govenor felt like the city needed more guards to keep the people safe from attacks. He built up another barracks. These Barracks were highly funded and produced many great military generals in the years to come. These are the barracks.


The next decade brought great expansion as the city's population grew. The Govenor was pushing for the city to build coastal fortresses and walls. During this time, the Govenor was setting up an official republic to keep the city organized. This is the city by the end of the 1490's.


The 1490's brought a wave that eased the people's worries. The city was becoming a republic and declaring its independence from Tuscany. By the Beginning of the 16th Century, the city was a strong influential republic and the people were protected and the Govener was happy. But he had became so arrogant that he declared that Mertucia was part of the Island Republic of Haludua. This angered the citizens of Mertucia that they declared war on Yandavara. When the war was proclaimed, many civilians moved to outer reaches of the islands. There they started new towns and many of them had their own island to themselves. The reason they escaped was because Mertucia had been building an army and it was already loaded with war ships and vast numbers of Kerildavers (Fancy name for Legionares from Mertucia. They recieved almost unbeatable training and were basically unstoppable.) The day war was proclaimed was the same date this picture shows.


Note the govener got the city walls and coastal fortresses. Also, the docks were more efficient.



Near the start of the 1480's, Several Citizens from Yandavara packed up everything and moved south. They settled on a hilly Island and named it Mertucia. They built a small city and several hamlets surrounding the city.

Here is a picture of Mertucia:


The only landmark in Mertucia is the Villa Mertucia. It was created in honor of the Mertucia Ravenna. It is the home of the govenor of Mertucia, Govenor Dante Rodrigo who is the present Govenor at this time (he is half spanish.)


The mines opened up when the govenor discovered the silver and emerald pits under the ground in the hills. The Emerald would be worthless if the jewelers hadn't found out how to craft it into fine Mertucian Jewelry. The selling of this jewelry made the govenor rich and not the actual workers themselves. Many riots and strikes happened and caused the city to enter into a slight recession as many buyers of this fine jewelery refused to buy it because of the problems there. Here are the mines:

MertuciaMines.jpg(sorry the picture is small)

The docks opened up shortly after the Villa Mertucia was built. It opened trade to many Italian cities and towns in the homeland. One major buyer of the fine jewelery was Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia (The Most Serene Repulic of Venice.) This brought about a major jump in GDP of Mertucia. However Yandavara would not purchase anything from Mertucia.

The Mertucia Docks:


Mertucia experienced an industrial revolt and the old govener was impeached. The Danieltidore Family seized control and the city experienced cut taxes and higher wages. The city was at peace again.



Because the Region Haludua is still under construction, we will dive headfirst into the stroy of the first city ever founded on Haludua: Yandavara. Yandavara started out as a small city grown on an economy based on Agriculture. When they built the docks, it allowed them to open trade to their city. But very few nations have anything to trade with them making their economy weak. But this small city has enough room to grow. Let's look at the city at this point:

Here is Yandavara. Red isn't it?


Now you can tell some major buildings in there right now. For those who cannot, I'll point them out.

Here is the Charlemange Cathedral. Named after the Emperor of the romans during Pope Leo III's Papacy. It is probably the only building in the city that is not red.


After the rule of Govenor Francesco Dorigio, Govener Leonardo Grevalzio moved the home of the Govener from the Mertucia Ravenna to the present Palace today known as the Grevalzio Palazzo. The building is located just outside of the Charlemange Cathedral.


More Specifically the building that is centered. It connects to the barracks  (just in case he needs a bodygaurd or two) in the bottom-left corner. There is a marketplace located behind the Charlemange Cathedral.

The Mertucia Ravenna is the old house of the govener. At this point in time, it was used as a forum where heralds repeated the news of the city. The Mertucia Ravenna used to be the largest building in the city until Leonardo Grevalzio ordered the construction of the Grevalzio Palazzo. The Mertucia Ravenna was constructed in the 1300's to hold the govenor of  Haludua. Many additions were added on as the city grew. But after the 1430's, the Mertucia Ravenna was abandoned. In the 1440's, It was remade into a forum.


After the 1370's, the govenor wanted to open trade to influence economic growth. He did so by building a dock outside the city. It didn't do anything to influence trade because all they had to trade with other nations is agricultural products.


So there is Yandavara in the 1450's. Pretty soon the culture boom would hit the city and cause it to be like the other Italian city-states. Pretty soon I'll have Haludua finished and have it open for viewing.

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