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Hampsterdam V.1.0

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About this City Journal

Hampsterdam is a fictional city made with the idea of a nice place to live

Entries in this City Journal


 Hello all and welcome, let me start by saying that mostly i do day pics, so this one si going to be the bigues night pics update yet! 

Since we have allready visited this district i will keep descriptions to a minimum because you allready know the basic information. 

Ok lets start by having an aerial view of one of the oldest neighbourhoods in this district, with a large waterfront.


Safety is always kept in mind in hampsterdam, in this district a modern police station, contrast with the old city buildings. Police cars patrol constantlly, having a positive effect on the comunity



There is some recreation in these parts, since there is not much room, i dare to say, not enough parks and recreation.


Hampterdam is a city that dosn't sleep, so we can see many of the commerce opening its dors late at night!




As a resutl, factoryes also work with late night shifts, making the industrial complex a nice view at night, even with all the smog and the nasty smell




thx to all for coming!

Cya all in the next update

As always comments and rating are very welcome


Hello all! and welcome again, it took me some time to make this new entry, had some health issues and couldnt compleat the development for this entry as i planed.

Ok today we visit one of the oldest districts of hampsterdam, actually downtonwn is not the oldes district of hampsterdam, rather this one is. Being the oldest, it has a lot of old factoryes, that as a result, polute both air and water a lot! not all is eye pleaseng and nose pleasing in hamspterdam! 14.gif


Here we can see a recentlly upgrader road leading to one of the smallest and oldes seaports (actually is a river and there fore, only a certain size of boats are alowed to anchor here.) in town.


Being an old district, some of the construction standars for the different industryes and housings are very low in comparison with other newer districts of hampsterdam, in order to avoid flodings or many other issues that could affect the well being of the sims living in these parts, a water wall proyect was conducted a few years ago, and now its compleat. Here are some parts of it.




Due to the heavy industryes in this district, there is too much water and air polution, even with all the water treatment that is present in all hampsterdam, this district lacks of a local water treatment plant, so the awter here is really foul and the smell is barelly tolerable.


There are many crossings on the Hampsterdam river, the old bridge in this district has been recentlly worked upon to keep it working correctlly, tho the original arquitecture has been maintained.


Also, we can find the local and one of the only iner-city landfills, most of the solid and reciclable material are stored in different places and recicling industryes across town, so this landfill is mostlly composed of organic residues, making it very smelly, in combination with the large amount of smog released by the factoryes, even with newer cleaning air politics staed city wide. A new Bio energy power plant has been built next to the land fill in order to try and maintain the levels of garbage to a minimum, and also to utilise it in a good way for the city.


Residentiall buildings have mixed arquitecture, recentlly a new biguer hospital has been placed in these district, in order to fully cover the needs of the many sims living here. 


Many of the older buildings of Hampsterdam are kept intact. some have been taken by commerce.



There is also some housing in these parts.


Cya all in the next update!

as always, comments and ratings are apreciated and welcome 9.gif


 Hello all again! i was planing on doing this update sooner but i got a bad case of the flu.. so i had to wayt till today to update (tho the darn flu is still here.. 14.gif)

Ok now to the update.

Due to the lack of voting on the different propositions, i have decided to eliminate that part of the journal, but as im interested always in different views and opinions, i will take any ideas on consideration! 1.gif, so dont hesitate on giving some 

Now we move North west to a different district of hampsterdam.

As the title states, hamspterdam is a city of great contrast!, were the old and the new live togherer, where you cand find hihg-rises next to small houses, that is due to bad planning of the different administrations that had something to do about asining zoning to the different districts of hampsterdam.


a close up of the houses


The old is kept mostlly because of spiritual reasons, where housing has been updated. Here wwe can se Saint Mary's Holly sisters church. (err im not to good with naming stuff lol)


But the old is neighbour of the new! in this district of hamspertam a lot of high tech industry has come to be, due to clean air, a good suply of workers and cheap land.


Also a ferry for cars and pedestrians is close by, tho the ferry network is not too used, some of the stations have more traffic than others.


But not only high-tech has come to this parts of town, we can also find som farms mixed with housing and industry  (as this district limmits with the city north-border)



We can also find in this district an old plateu, home of the Filip's castle, an old castle that is now restored as a tourism atraction, tho due to the extra space in the plateau, and some bribes im guessing, some residential areas have been developed. 


The roads leading up to the plateau have become  very scenic due to the forest that grow in these parts.


Thx for visiting! 

Cya ll in the next update.

Comments and rating are always welcome.


Hello all and wellcome back to my journal!, let me start by thanking all the coments that you have made!

On a side note, i have changed the rendering mode of my SC4 deluxe to hardware mode in order to take some of the airport's pics with better shadows from the planes, but i have a integrated video card that dosn't work well with SC4 so i guet tons of small video card crashes that make the gaming experience imposible, so you will notice a difference in the pics of this update.

Now this will be the largest update till now! brace your selfs for lots of pics!

Ok lets start by taking a global look of the ariport! Hampsterdam international airport is a middle traffic airport, so is not as big as other airports out there


Lets start the aiport tour by taking a look at the entrace, Hampsterdam is a very green city in many aspects! so in order too reflect that the entrance to the airport is acomanied by a park


in order to make space for the park with out compromising the parking space needed for an airport this big, parking has been made underground, and underground pasages have been placed, for those using the parkins lots, now also there are parking for more "temporal" usage  for those cars that only go for a moment to the airport, and an entrance for taxis


Also in this area we can find the Air traffic control tower, with its own parking space for workers.


There is also a cargo entrance, we start the tour of the different terminals here


This part of the airport is shared by the international gates and the cargo storage areas These gates are part of terminal B.



Here we se the were terminal B and Terminal A (with the bigues gates) merge


Terminal A houses the gates for most of the A380's so those gates manage a lot of traffic


Now we head to terminal C, this part of the airport manages local (nation) traffic, and so it mostlly is used by smaller planes.



Terminal C also manages smaller crafst that are accesed by walkways rather than gates, mostlly used by private corporations and rich sims that can rent or buy them.


Hampsterdam's international airport also has parking for emergency vehicles (and plains) and hangars for smaller planes.


There are a good amount of taxiways that allow for management of several plains arriving and leaving


Now we take a look at the runways, Hampsterdam's international Ariport, has 4 runways, 2 for local and 2 for international flights,

(2 mosaics coming up!)

we firts have a look at the 2 international runways , these are 2 9/27 presition runways with lenghts adecuate for high traffic



Now we take a look in to the 2 national runways, these are 2 36/18 non presition runways for smaller plains but do manage some traffic



(btw CA stands for civil aviation! and that is the logo totally fictional)

Tho Hampsterdam's Airport is small compared to other cityes airports, its an important one never the less, so it atracts may comercial activities to thes district of the city, one of the most common is tourism, so you can easylly find a hotel near!


Also some office buildings can be found, mostlly near some hotel, and dedicated to international buisness


All these buisness and also the residents that live in these parts are a good source of customers for all kinds of shopping centers, malls and smaller shops.




Such an active comerce demands for many type of products, some high- tech factoryes have made this distict theyre home, making products for export and also to sell to the comerce of the city (being the shops near one of their most important clients)


But not only comerce and industry are alowed to develop here, also some residential areas have apeared.been constructed, tho big buildings have a height limmit of 20 flors in order to avoid any kind of accidents.



Proposals for development!

(please vote) 

Proposal A.2 150.

Due to the high number of clients present, moving in and out of the airport, some commerce has been developed in the entrance near the airport park, some complaints from the local residents and from tourist that feel there is too much comerce, and from the shop owners that see too much competition, a proposal to buy these lands and put them to a different use is being debated, Please make your opinion heard!

A.) Buy those lands and demolish all the buildings to make room for aditional parks! let the green expand!

B.) Leave some comerce, not all.

C.) Bohooo bunch of cry babys! a little competition never hurt any one!

Thx all for visiting! hope you like my airport!

Cya all in the next update.


 Hello all! thx for the comments, i had a free day so i took the chance to develop fast the last proposals! here are the results!

Commerce is growing fast in Hampsterdam, and some bigh office and shopping centers hace started to apear


also casinos and entertainment, restaurants and food plazas. Here we can se the Caesar's Hotel casino.


Large department stores, malls and also small shops and markets find a place to do their buisness.


Transportation has been improved by adding aditional subway lines and stations, and because the high consentration of comerce (both jobs and clients) the network is widelly used. Never the less parking spaces are made available because not all come in mass transportation.


With comerce growing, the demand for manugactured products grows, and being this an industrial district of the city, industries keep growing.


as a result also more residents come to live near their jobs!, also the city has recentlly bought an statue of the famous Walter burdeos, a well known sculptor, to fill the 76'th avenue roundabout.


Thx all for visiting and comenting! all coments are welcome and apreciated :)

Cya all next update, (if all goes as planed, betwen tomorrow and saturday morning) 

Next stop, Hampsterdam international airport!


Hi all again! first of all let me thank you for all your comments! :)

Ok now we move south from our last position in the city, and we encounter an industrial complex, Hamspterdam is a big metropolis that has spread the industrial centers in many districs in an atempt to minimise the impact of pollution, because the enviroment is a vital issue for Hampsterdam's Goverment.

But lets start by haveing a look in the residential areas near the industrial complex.


We start to see more high-density zoning in these parts, and bigger more populated buildings.

Because of that recreation and sports have a fair amount of space, we can se the Jhon Martin memorial stadium here, that is actuallya complex of different public sport areas.


But there are some suburbs in these parts also, se can specially find them in small hills that wouldn't be a good place to build apartments, so housing proyects are generally the best option for these places.


Being close to the industries, we can find retail and department stores in different parts, having the advantage of being able to lower the prices of products a bit because there are no big transportation issues.


industries are a vital part in the Hampsterdam economy, both big and small so transportation in not taken lightlly i order to help them develop and grow.


Polution is a bigg issue, so watter treatment plants, trees and clean air acts are in place in order to try and reduce the pollution that all these industries produce.


The flow of traffic is very important, because many truck use main avenues and some roads in order to get to the freeway, and also space is not a luxury as we get closer to Hampsterdam's downtown, tunnels and bridges are used frecuentlly to leave room for aditional residential, comercial or industrial development.


illumination of the freeway, specially of the interchanges is a key topic.


Proposals for development!

(please vote on one or both proposals) 

Proposal A.2 100.

Usage of the designated area.


A.) Making a park in the designated zone, (sports or recreation)

B.) Aditional residential zoning (hihg. medium or low)

C.) Comerce will benefit from the near industries.

D.) Industries! thre is too much clear sky, we need to grow that green clow a bit more! 

Proposal A.2 125.

Transit proposal. Due to the highlly populated areas in this sector and the usage of the avenues and roads by freight trucks is important to implement one of these option to lower the traffic issues.

A.) Extend the usage of subway system by creatind aditional lines and stations. 

B.) Upgrade roads and avenues to a more capacity version of them

C.) add a tram system in order to give aditional mass transport options, that are cheaper to the subway construction. (tram would be limited by the freeway with few crossing options.

Thx for visiting!

as always comments are very welcome!

cya all in the next update.


 Hello all! ant thx for the coments... by popular demand 18.gif... the proposals have been implemented, and here are the results!

Proposals for development!

Proposal A.1 800.

the option selected was to keep the area as woods, and let nature do the rest...  this area as some other from Hampsterdam rural zoning have been marked as natural reserves in order to maintain a healthy enviroment.


Also small rivers and streams are maintained and taken care of to keep the natural beauty of the land.


Proposal A.1 765

The result on this proposal was to develop housing proyect, especially for the whelthy, construction on mansions and houses is now a reality


this also presented the isue of recreation and land value, so  the construction of a zoo and aquarium have taken place.



Also as a result of these 2 mayor parks being made, tourism has come to this part of town, so the development of big luxury hotels has been aproved, here we can se a pic of the Mandarin oriental, one of the newest aditions to the city.


Farms continue to apear in the vecinity, and the construction of the road and freeway network (inluding intercahnges) has concluded.


(now lest have a look of the city in a mosaic! brace your selfs! its a big one 6 images :P)







Airport sneak peek!

This is a small look in a proyect im currentlly working on, the airport will be for entry number 6 or 7, but here is a little something.


cya all in the next update. plz coment and rate if you can :)


Hello and welcome to entry 2, first let me point out two thing to have in mind.

First, Hampsterdam is going to be a huge city (still on development) composed of several region tiles, so you might find that i combine pics from diferent region tiles. (not on this one at least)

Second, on the journal i will make some personal notes, those will be colored  "like this" 

i will try to post coment replyes fast, but if i cant i will reply in the next entry. Ok now on to Hampstedam! 3.gif

Limits of Hampsterdam

Being a big city, hampsterdam is surrounded by other cityes and towns, the gaps betwen those cityes and towns are often filled with agriculture and big road intersections. This area of hampsterdam is precisely in that gap. Hampsterdam is a relativelly young city, and is still on development, as we can se in teh next image.


Cement being an important  part of the city grownth, we can se some big storage tanks still mixed with the residential areas, once this area is developed, most probably this tanks will disapear and be replaced with a park or some sort of recreation, we can also see work being done in the contention walls next to the sunken highway wile some midrise buildings are also in development. 

But not only mid-rise are available in this part ot town, some biger buildings are making there appearence.


we can se the foundations of a big high-rise being placed. and some zoning for high rises. ("i just noticed i could have made this shot a bit wider... o well 14.gif ")

Development of the main highway(sunken) takes place daily, also maintenance of the bullet train network, taht is vital to the city flow of commuters, is an important issue that dosn't get left behind.



Tunels are comon on these parts, theyre a great way to save space, specially in the residential areas. but not only mid and high rises are developing in these parts, a lot of housing proyects are taking place, and with the help of a near by bullet train station, comuters on these parts dont have problems getting to work.



Lots of farms are being built in the vicinity, and land is cheap at least for now, so big interchanges that use a lot of room are being made right beside the farms. 



(yes, that is not RHW, is the normal highway system of the nam, i have been playing arround with it and some of its new features, and i ahve been able to make some nice interchanges that would normally only be posible with the RHW

But development on roads isn't over yet. we can se construction being done in some interchanges and in neighbor conections


Both for rail and highway, you can even see the slope for a tunel being made and the foundations for a rail overpass being placed.


Bridges are almost finished and this neighbor conection is also almost done.

Proposals for development!

(please vote on one or both proposals)

Proposal A.1 800.

A.) Making a park in the designated zone

B.) some residential development would help improve the city economics

c.) are you mad!? woods is wat wee need! enough smog is coming from that factory next door!


Proposal A.1 765.

The designated zone has been previously decided to be a residential zone. 

A.) Make it a mix of low and mid density zones

B.) Make some real nice suburbs

c.) UP UP and UP!!! the only way to go is high density and some mid..


Thx all for folowing, next update is planed to be next week with these proposals integrated to the city and with the interchange and neighbour conections finished.

cya all in the next update. remember you can deside the fate of this city 44.gif

*edited for some spelling i found :S might i note that english is not my native language, so plz bare with my spelling 2.gif *


Hello and welcome to my new journal. This time ill take a diferent aproach to the journal, last one was focused on a story, this one is going to be focused on the city(es) it self. I will divide the journal i 2 parts per enty. 1st part will be updates of the cityes and pics. 2nd part will be proposals were you will have the oportunity to help me develop a nice looking and functional city 5.gif. (this first entry wont have that one)

Ok on to the teaser images 3.gif.

First one is the lake shore hotel, a off town hotel that is dedicated to ecotourism. 


Ok now some residential zones:


some big buildings are present even in hills


A night view... in the background you can se the lake shore hotel (small in the top left)


And some industry in development.


cya all in the next update 1.gif

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