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About this City Journal

This is now my second city journal (first was Independent Republic of Zdravad...Status: Active) covering many of the small rural towns to large buisness centers in bustling cities. Please...

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Oak Brook Beach


@thepokemaniac: Haha thanks, I guess I'm a bit too impatient. 3.gif


The Oak Brook central business district was built on a thin peninsula restricting any major mass transit systems, and instead uses a complex road network (using NWM). On the positive side to the crowdedness of this area it also has a great beach and marina for visitors to enjoy.





Here is a teaser of what's to come in the next update, were I'll show the full CBD of Oak Brook.


What I'd like to hear from you today:

How you liked the update

Any comments/suggestions you may have

What you'd like to see more of

Next Update(s): (Two of them planned)

Oak Brook (OMG! A MEGA Update!)

University of Northern Pinewood



@shyguy from SC4D: Thanks for the comment! I really like that about this city.

@ iGod: Thanks, I put quite a bit of work into this one. I really like the first one too. 3.gif

@ImVhOzzi: Thanks for the advice, I've downloaded it and it looks great. Ohh, and btw yeah I hadn't noticed the power line in the picture until I posted it so I guess it'll have to do for now.


As the land develops more and more debate is brought up about preserving the land and wildlife in the area. Creating national parks across the region seemed to be the better option for this dilemma in most of the citizen's eyes. The first national park to be created is the Ceader Valley National Park, which is what we'll be covering today. From this picture you can see I-55 runs right through part of the park attracting tourists to the location with camping and hiking, but also attracts new residence. With new residence moving in some of the wild life of this area is destroyed as suburbs start building up.




What I'd Like to hear from you today:

How'd you like this update?

Have any comments/ suggestions?

Have any recommendations for future updates?

Like every other update comments are greatly apprciated to help improve on this city journal.


Over the years Welington and its neighbors continued to thrive on the coastline, attracting new residence from all over. Here are some pictures to show it.





Any comments, suggestions, or questions?

Anything you'd like to see more of in future updates?

Next Update:




Throughout this city journal, as always, I'd like to hear what everyone thinks about it either through criticism, suggestions, or compliments. This way I hope to improve as much as I can and make Pinewood a more interesting city journal to watch develop. 9.gif

The past decade settlers had colonized from Western Europe to the unknown lands of Pinewood and with that the first settlement was built. Since then it has become a fairly decent tourist attraction drawing in people and with that of course traffic. Light rails have been a major investment of the small town but has become very useful with the uprising population along with an interstate connecting the region to even newer formed towns than itself.

So to start off here's a teaser of Wellington, the first town of Pinewood.


Quick News of Zdravad:

I've decided to keep developing the city and continue with the city journal to show. I thought it was a pretty nice city for the time it took me and I probably shouldn't just toss it aside. 3.gif

What I'd Like to Hear From You Guys Today:

What do you think of the start of this city journal?

Do you have any comments/ suggestions?

Next Update:

Further display of Wellington

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