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South Wends

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About this City Journal

City Journal about the region "South Wends" and its Cities. For Example Rongton and its districts.

Entries in this City Journal


While the researchers are developing a Microwave Power Plant, experts have found out that a nuclear disaster would cause a massvie power failure in the area around Rongton. Tony Taylor told us that the Explosion would destroy the Energypark."That would most hurt the Trans District, because it is deep in debt!".

The Trans District is poorer than the "Poor District" and its income is negative.There is only heavy industry and some houses. The inhabitants of Rongton can work there. Unlike the "Poor District" it has no Seaport but a connection to the highway.

But Simon Sim considers that he will  exhaust the nuclear power Plant up to its end.

Rongtons "Energy Park", with a film studio and a stadion in it:


This part of Rangton hasn't developed very well:


Rongtons "Trans District":



Welcome to Rongton

Welcom to Rongton, the Captial of South Wends.

Rongton was founded 16 years ago (SimCity time, 7 days ago in Real Time), and has now over 300,000 inhabitants. Because all the zones have costed much money, there was a financial crisis for over 4 years. It has many Commercial zones and two industrial zones. One of them is full of High-Tech , but the other has developed not so well. So in this 16 years, the researcher have developed the Nuclear Plant and a Nuclear Fusion Plant. 2 Years ago a Building was developed which kills radiation after a possible Nuclear Disaster. Now the develop a Microwave Power Plant.

Because they have so much Energy it sells it to the other Towns and Districts. Now it has two Districts, the "Poor" one and the "Trans" one, other will develop soon. Over the Poor Distric it is connected to the Yoki-River.

New Zones are planned for the next Years.

The Air pollution is around 95, the Water pollution ,too.

So Rongton is not only the capital of South Wends, it's the Capital of High-Tech ,too.

Image of Downtown:



About South Wends

South Wends...

There are two rivers , the Yoki-River and the Askend-River, which flow into each other. Between them is the capital of "south Wends" , Rongton with all its districts. Now 04/01/2010 (1.4.2010) Rongton has over 300,000 inhabitants and many High-Tech concerns. Over its Poor District it is connected to the Yoki-River. Other cities will develop soon.

South Wends doesn't have many mountains, but all of them are Mountains of uranium. So the Nuclear Power Plant in Rongton can work fine.

The Researcher have developed a nuclear fusion power plant and a building which kills the radiation after a nuclear Disaster.

Now the Researchers of "South Wends" are developing a Microwave Power plant.

But Last but not least "South West" is Fertile land.

Images Later.

Sorry for bad English ;)


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