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About this City Journal

A bustling port city growing bigger by the day. Exciting times are to come!

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First, a region view:


Just covering the main settlements; there are a few more towns that you can't see here, most notably Exeter and Washington, and we'll see them later.


Downtown Devon, circa 1910. As you can see, it's getting pretty dense; traffic is a bit of a nightmare in places but there's not much room for avenues. There are plans for one of those newfangled underground tram systems but it has yet to be implemented. It would likely be in some way an extension of the street car network, which currently is rather small.


One of Central Devon's most recognizable features are its many rowhouses. Several different styles of rowhouse prevail; these brick and concrete designs are fairly recent and are more common near the industrial Devonport neighborhood.


These older rowhomes are more common on the eastern side of Central Devon.


Other attractions of Central Devon include the 200-year-old Mayor's Estate and surrounding gardens; it's a nice area of tranquility and history amidst a growing sea of modern skyscrapers.


The City Mall is almost as old as the Mayor's Estate; the streetcar line was originally to be built there but the proposal was shot down by more historically-inclined members of City Council.


Finally, no tour of downtown would be complete without City Hall. Seen in the center, City Hall is over 150 years old and adds a sense of grandeur to Devon's center. Also visible is the Central Museum, to the left of City Hall Park, and the County Courthouse above it.



Hi, and welcome to Devon!

Well, I've started a couple city journals before (Amryai, Plymouth, Mitera, and Adobe Springs) but they never really took off usually because I lost interest. Hopefully that won't happen this time, and I'll try to avoid losing interest by posting frequent small updates and not going overboard with photoshop formatting etc, because eventually that just becomes a hassle.

This CJ (like millions of others recently, it seems) is somewhat inspired by CSGdesign's "Natural Growth", although perhaps not following his philosophy as faithfully. Basically I'm just trying to make as realistic a city as possible without using cheats. It's also not going to be quite as overflowing with mods as my previous CJs; there will be plenty of custom content but plenty of Maxis stuff too.

The city itself is based on Boston, New York City, and San Francisco, and is perhaps closest to the latter in many ways, although I'm going for more of a colonial look with the architecture.

Now, on to Devon:


Devon was founded in the early 17th century by English pilgrims seeking to escape religious persecution. Landing in what is today New England, they established a small settlement on what came to be known as Pennacook Bay, named after the local Native American tribe. 


Although conflicts with the Pennacook happened occasionally, the village prospered over time.

Today Devon is a bustling metropolitan area with a population of nearly 100,000. Although initially an industrial port city, Devon has transformed in the last 50 years into a center of commerce.


In fact, Devon has become so important to the economy of the region that a Stock Exchange was recently constructed. Naturally, this only enhanced Devon's economy and brought many new major businesses to the area (and a few new high-rise offices, as well!)


With all this new activity came increased traffic, and soon Devon was getting a bit crowded. To help fix this, City Hall commissioned a tram car system to be built through the most congested areas of downtown. While the program has not been fully completed, the current rail lines have already helped alleviate road traffic in the area.


Along with rail, Devon's air traffic was being taxed by the new growth. While the airplane was still a recent invention, the original Devon Airfield was outmoded, and it was time for something rather more suited for Devon's role as a regional business center.


The new Devon Airport was built right next to the old one, which is planned to be deactivated and covered with tree saplings to restore a bit of nature to the area. The new airport immediately saw relatively heavy use, and plans are being drawn up for new commercial and residential areas located adjacent to the new transport hub.

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