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About this City Journal

District 23 - The Regional Capital of Planet 23, an island in the most central geographic region of newly discovered planet The larget island on Planet 23 and the first to be developed after...

Entries in this City Journal


Welcome: The Fashion District

Welcome to the Fashion District -

"This is my favourite place to eat, shop and be entertained." M.P. Shawnster.

With tons of independent  & internationally famous designers to compliment every style. A wide variety of European influenced bistro's, cafe's, restuarants and bars to suit every palette. The fashion district is also home to art museum's and of course the Museum of Fashion. 

Welcome: The Fashion District Nordstrom's Department Store

Nordstrom's Department Store

Welcome: The Fashion District

St David's Hotel - located in the lush gardens of St David's Park just minutes walk from St Davids Square

Museum of Fashion in the heart of the Fashion District

The Musuem of Fashion (Foreground) Offices & Shops of independent designers of Europa, plus restaurants & cafe's

Welcome: The Fashion District

An arial view of the Fashion District.

Welcome: The Fashion District

Another arial view of the Fashion District

Welcome: The Fashion District

Highrise Euro-influenced condo apartments line the streets of the Fashion District

High End Apartment Condos on Napoleon Drive in the Fashion District

Apartment Condo's in the Fashion District

Welcome: The Fashion District

These apartment condos on the corners of Napolean and Concorde St's, are the homes to such celebrity designers as Donna Karen and Tom Ford.


St David's Square In the heart of the fashion district

Welcome: The Fashion District. St.Davids Square

Dillard's Department Store

IMAX Theatre in the Fashion District

Imax Theatre in St. David's Square and its neighbour the Musuem of Literature

St Davids Palace of Fine Arts in the Fashion District

The St. David Palace of Fine Arts.

The Fashion District

Thank you for visiting the Fashion District

Coming Soon: The Coast | Downtown Europa | University of Europa


Versaille District
The French Quarter

One of the first areas to be developed after the exodus, myself and a architectural research and development team from Paris, France planned Versaille "The French Quarter". W2W buildings resemble the romatic streets of old city of Paris.
Bistro's, Cafe's, Art Galleries with swanky residential apartments above line the streets of the Versaille district.

The French Quarter
French Elementary School

The French Quarter
Catherine Street Shops

Four Seasons Plaza
Four Seasons Plaza - The shopping centre includes some of the highest end stores in Simnation.

 - PRADA - Tom Ford for GUCCI - Chanel - Armani -

Four Seasons Plaza
Four Seasons - Subterranean Plaza and Shops

Soul seekers and the followers of "Thought" attend ceremonies at temples like this throughout District 23.

Cobb Plaza
Cobb Plaza at Versaille

Cobb Oceanic
Cobb Oceanic Apartments in Versailles

Cobb Plaza
Another Cobb creation in Versailles. The Cobb Europa.

The District of Versailles Government Building, need to set up a business in the district, want to buy that amazing condo on Catherine Street. This is the place for all your District needs. Also includes the Department of Social Affairs. Also pictured here is one of the entrances to the Four Seasons underground plaza.

Four Season Plaza
Another picture of the Four Seasons Plaza.

University of Europa
The Fashion District &
The Coast




"Welcome to District 23's City of Europa, the first city of Planet 23. "Education and Industry, re-invented veiws on global economics and exchange, NO WAR ZONE. Commercial Development and enlightment and the most fun of all relaxtion, rest and recovery." Thank you to the members of the exchange (STEX & LEX)  who will be mentioned as the architects of P.23 and the citys, regional countries that develope from there genius and talent." Mayoral President Shawnster.



The Europa Times.


The Ward -  Built along the border of what will be the regional capital of District 23, Metro of Jupiter. The Wards lends to the trendy Sims. Loft apartments, trendy fashion retailers, and sits on the outside of the cities financial district, perfect for those 9-5er's.

The Ward

Loft Condo Apartment on Ward Street.

The Ward

Architectural College in the Ward District

The Ward

Trendy Lofts along Ward Street.

The Ward

Ward Street. Transportation Hub connecting the future cities of Ganymede & Metro of Jupiter.

Ward Street South

The Ward

More Trendy Loft Apartments and restuarants on Europa Blvd. in The Ward

The Ward

Europa's financial district sitting on the edge of The Ward.


The Ward

Corner of Jupiter Avnue and Europa Blvd.

The Ward More pictures from The Ward coming soon.

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