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About this City Journal

Hi all! this is my all time first city journal, so i need to "post" a few things that i need you to keep in mind. 1

Entries in this City Journal


 Thx for all the coments! and sorry for the delay, past week was kinda a vacation so had no internet acces... wanted to post before but couldnt. well here we go. (sneak peak of new hampsterdam!! 11.gif)



"From the window in my room i can see the lake, its a small lake but full with people in it, it seems its a nice enough recreational spot.  you can also have a good look at the farms surrounding the town, they extend as far as the eye can see. there are lots of sunflower farms as far as i can tell. im guessing thats were the name of the town comes from. Far to the north i can see a peak mountain with some snow in it, and the clear air this morning lets me see it in all its glory. if some time is left i might try to reach its top!... im not too much of a sport's fan or doo much my self, but mountain climbing is one off the few things in sports i do."

Mary calls room service to get her breakfast taken to her room, and with a copy of the local newspaper. 

She looks one last time out the window whyle she waits for the service.


The news paper turned out to be from New Hampsterdam actually, it seems this small town dosn't have one of its own. 


(im just going to type some of the things that cought mary's atention, the text in the news is dummy text, dont try to read.. only the titles are real text.... and yes! pigs do fly! 10.gif)

The news had nothing especial, there was an interview with mayor pistachio, but it centered in cultural development, and how it impacts on comerce, tho in one part it did stand out the fact that altho many people travel in and out of the region, international commerce was scarce, and that they were looking to open trades with other countryes, and regions. That really interested her, it ment she can find lots of buisness to make! Also a brand new international airport opened a few years back (celebrating its 2nd year of service) and ofcourse some highlights on nightlife in new hampsterdam that point it out to be a cultural and recreational spot!

After reading a bit  Mary decides to go out and have a look in the town, its a small town so she can walk anywere and also its a sunny day so she puts on her hat and goes touring.


First stop, the fair near the hotel, it was a typical one, not too much to see in it.... 


She walked thru a comercial part of town, most of it was dedicated to things related to sunflowers, some seads, some sead neclases and lots of oil and food..  the buildings all loked the same, not much of a sight...



she turne to the sky as people looked that way, there was a ballon show going on, apart from that not much had interested her... it was starting to get late, so mary turned and started walking to the hotel, in the way she stumbled upon a nice bar/restaurant, so she stoped to taste the local food. "not bad" was the veredict.

There was no real comerce going on here... it was more of an agricultural town so she decided to go ahead of schedule and change a bit her plans... she whent to the nearest turism agency she could find and asked for options of trabel.

OK! first time to vote...  she can either:

A.) Take the ferry to a comerce district south of new Hampsterdam, where she is ought to find some trade buisness.

B.) Take a jet in the airport to pueblorueda a mid city mixture of comerce and industry.

C.) take the train to colinas de acerrin, a bibrant small city.

Thx to all for reading, please coment and rate if you can!


 Hello all again! keeping my promise of updating more often 5.gif.

To all who replied and helped me with the slope info thx again! it was very helpfull. I tested it and its really nice... tho cant usee it on some of my cityes, cuz changing some roads to a more smoth construction would cost too much on them... and they cant aford it right now.

Ok on to the CJ.



"After a good night sleep and a sucessfull last day i awake with many expectation to close the deal!, its not enough to compleat my plans of trade for now, but its a great start! if luck keeps like this ill compleat my plans in half the time i initially thought it would take!.."

With high expectation and impatient to start working Mary calls Bruce, the cab driver that is for now her right hand. Bruce arrives a few minutes later and they head aout to the shop, Mary had made an apointment with the owner of the shop to make the finishing touches in the deal that they started the night before, And also he told her he would try to show her a new craft they were starting to produce to see if it would interest her also.

Fortunatlly traffic was light that morning, so mary got to the apointment in time. It took her almost all day to finish all the details of the negotiation, she never liked to leave this thing with out the correct details, and checked it 2 or 3 times. The craft that the owner promised arrived a few hours after lunch, it was an interesting but weird looking box, made off wood, that initially Mary thought for decoration only, but the owner showed her the true purpose of it, it had a secret compartment! so it was kinda of a safe box with both decorative and storage purpose!

Mary was trhilled with it! and exited, tho she didnt know how the market back home would accept that kind of craft.. so she bought onlya few to test them, with agreemet of the shop owner, and with a posible increase in the trade if things whent well!.

The owner, Mark windstone, was a kind man, and incited her to have dinner with his familly, so mary called bruce to tell him that she wouldnt need his services that day because the owner would take her back to the hotel.


Mr Windstone house was not to big, it was a 2 story house, his familly composed of his wife and 2 son's welcomed her with open arms!, she felt just like home! the dinner was very nice and the talk too! . A few hours later, and happy to have meet such wonderfull trading partner Mr. Windstone took mary back to the hotel.

Day 4.

N_2.jpgThis was Mary last day on beach port, so she planned to take a few hours to relax before leaving to the train station, but the fone rang! it was Bruce!, he's wife mede him call mary to invite her to have lunch with them, that surprised mary alot! she never had such an invitation from a cab driver, never the less he had been kind and polite so she accepted. ofcourse bruce offered to take her to the train station after lunch so she would not miss her train.


Bruce had an apartment in an small building (but one of the tallest in town) with only 2 apartments per flor. 

The lunch was surprisingly good! Bruce wife cokked really good, and the talk was again a surprise to mary! Happend that Bruce was a son of a whealthy familly that didnt aprove his marriage, so he ran away with his wife and dosnt regret for a moment his desition. He had finished high scholland was starting studies in administration before he ran away, now he works as a cab driver and in nights he goes to school looking to finish his degree in administration. That was a very interesting info but mary decided to keep quiet for now... but in her mind she thought that maybe bruce could be a better ally than she originally thought. 

Like promised, Bruce took mary to the train station, and even acompanied her till she got in the train.


After a few hours of travel, Mary found her self looking at a very different landscape! she was passing thru a very high dense cloud off smog, produced vy a compleatlly industriallised town, it was a sad view... the green smoke that poured out of the towers in every building was as disgusting as it could get.




It was allready dark whene mary Arrived in Sunflower Valley, this was a farmer's town, and she didnt expect much to trade here, but it was a closer town to new hampsterdam, so she could get a basic idea of what she could encounter in the last city of her visit! (after a few more towns to visit)


It was late, sho se toock a cab and headed directlly to the hotel. In her way there, the only thing that cought her eye was a statue in the middle of a roundabout, it was simple but did stand out in the middle of all the houses.


The hotel had the same arquitecture that the one in beachport, with the difference that this ones beach was placed in a lakeshore, with a beatifull view of the lake. 


See ya all in the next enrty! plz coment and rate if you can.


Day 2 to the shop!

Ok 2 things before starting,

1.°main credits in the last entry... not going to put them again too lazy 14.gif

2° going to make the journals a bit less descriptive, and shorter and maybe do more per week... depending on my work time ofcourse...

Again sorry for the spelling... trying to improbe in it but... 28.gif.... sorry 14.gif

Ok onward to day 2!!



1572441.png"The hotel is nice, and room service is not bad at all" thought Mary whyle she put on her swiming suit, "now lets see the beach, besides i need to relax a bit before going shoping"


Mary spent the whole morning in the beach, it was a nice place to relax tho the sound of the city was too close, but she was a city women after al so that didnt bother her to much.

After a brief lunch she decided to call Bruce the Taxi cab driver, that was so polite the night before. She had planed to visit 1 paticular shop, that her friend Helena had recomended her, it was an artisan craft shop, and had some unique works to offer.  But she didnt came all the way here only to visit 1 shop, she had to visit a lot of shops and see if she can find some nice goods to bring home, and some exporting deals (and even some importing ones) that she can make.

Bruce, tells her that he will be available to drive her arround in the afeternoon, leaving her with some free time, so she decides to visit the monumet to the founding fathers, an old viking ship not far from the hotel.


Its an impresive monument, and well taken care of. The time pases fast so she dosn't stay long in the monument and heads back to the hotel just to find bruce wayting at the entrance! hes a bit early, but that is good, cuz now mary has a bit more time to visit some aditional shops.

"Good day Bruce! thx for coming so fast!" says mary, "No problem at all miss mary" replies Bruce, in his paticular accent!, "where too miss mary?" ask bruce with out hesitation. "i have a map pointing to the stor i need to visit! (see the last entry for the map ) But i would also like for you to guide me! and show me a few shops you thing sell nive stuff!" replies mary, ready to start her work. "With pleasure!" says Bruce, opening the door to his cab to mary!.


We took a one way bridge to a small island in the middle of the river. you could see a train crossing a modest but well cared bridge next to the one we were crossing, 


We stoped in a few shops in the island, nothing too fancy but with a few items the i bought, for my personal colection, nothing worth for buisness so far.

Bruce took me to the fishing harbor, located in the small island, its a big fishing harbor... too much tuna if you ask me, so aprt of the nice sight! i didnt find any buisnes or interest in it!


We pased yet anothe bridge and it was allready getting dark!, so i asked bruce to take me to the shop directlly now! i dont whant it to close!



Its was not a too fancy shop! ant first i was more interested in the statue just arround the corner, bt i started to find some interesting stuff inside, some interesting crafts and with a diferent cultural aproach, this was more like it!!! i was so interested in the crafts the i asked the store keeper to point me to the manufactures ot such fine work! he was very kind because he happened to own the shop and the manufacturing! my luck was turning!! 

It took us a few minutes to get there! it was a modest but well equiped lot! surrounded by wharehouses and other manufacturing industries.


After making a deal to buy at lesat 1000 units per month ! i was so happy that i hadnt realized how late it was!! so i asked bruce to take me the fastes way to the hotel! "That would be the ferry miss mary"  So we went to the ferry, it was a plesent ride, and once i got to the hotel i was sure to give Bruce a good tip! he was a great guide and very patient.


See ya all next week! (plz coment and rate if you can!)


Hey every one before starting the oficial story i whant to give some credits and presentations! (btw remember to bare with my spelling since im not native to english)

ok credits first!

Screens and editing: me

characters images: gaia online and tektek (thx alot!)

story: me 14.gif

and my girl friend thx for the inspiration.

Ok on to the small presentation.


This is Mary Eld. She is the traveling merchant and of course the leading character in the story, She comes form a medium-welth famylly that was able to afford a decent education, and some traveling arround the world, where she got her vocation from (traveling merchant) she is actually the owner of a import corporation that imports (dah!) cultural merchandise from foreing countryes!, she is not from hampsterdam Region (obviously 14.gif) but she is a natural explorer! so dont worry she wont get lost (even if i try to with my crazy road style! 9.gif)


Ship.jpg"I have been away from home many times, but this is my first time in such a big sea cruiser. 2 Weeks have pased since we left port, and it's been a pleasure trip i must say. It has been raing alot lately , im hoping that it wont be raining whene whe arrive. I have big expectations of this "New Hampsterdam" i've been hearing alot latelly, some of my colleagues have come before me, and told me that altho a small city its full of culture and some interesting things to import. I hope i get some nice stuf cuz buisness is not runing smoth lately."

the dinner hall of the ship is full of people and very active, the waiter arrives at Mary's table with her order, a red steak with some potato chips. She is not much of a fancy eater, so she keeps to the basics. There is a magic show going on at the moment, but shes not to interested in it, the expectation of arriving to a new land is eating her alive!. Suddenly the captain apears and sits with her. 

6b73282.png "Hey Mary" she says whyle she puts a chair next to mary and sits. "Hey Helena" mary replies, helena and mary where friends whene they were little and they grew up in the same town. "so how do you like the trip in my boat?" asks helena with a smile on her face... "i only took this trip because you were the captain helena" replies mary "you know i hate the sea, i get all dizzy and days like this with so much rain and the waves... uckk i really cant get how you take this all day long!"... its clear that mary would have prefered to travel by plain, but oh well friendship does have a way of changing plans.

"Hah! you cant complaint!, it has been a nice trip for most of the time, besides being friend with the captain has granted you som "special" attention!" says helena with an even greater smile on her face! "if your talking about that guy that keeps stalking me! your out of your mind!" replies mary with a grin!.. and they both start to lagh their hearts out!.

"must go now mary!, we will be arribing at port soon, better get changed to a more "rainy" outfit, cuz i cant say its going to stop before you get to the hotel" says helena whyle she gets up, "nice seeing you again helena" replies mary and turns to finish her steak.


Not so mucha as 2 hours later, mary starts to walk in direction of the taxi cabs in the port, its a big port! lots of people walk borading the ready to go ship, and even more! are still getting off from the one that just arrived!.


d089260.png"Fortunatlly it has stoped raining, never the less this outfit is adecuate, its a really cold night!, now to get a taxi cab to the hotel"

It doesnt take long to take a taxi, they are parked in a special area inside the port, with a good road conection to the outside. 

"to the grand beach hotel please" ask mary to the driver

"with pleasure ma'm" replies the taxi driver with a funny accent.

***** Ok here is the satelite view of Beachport, and the rout shes taing to the hotel so you can have an idea of what's happening ******


"Please, if you would be so kind as to talkme the way, and tell me a bit of this lovelly town's story whyle we get to the hotel" ask's mary to the taxy driver.

"but ofcourse ma'm" replyes the taxy driver " modesty apart but we taxy drivers know alot of the story of the town and of all that happens here!" 

she is well aware of that but its nicer if you ask politelly and let them tell it to you again and again... the cab startts to move and mary has the first glimpse of the town, a steep hill takes from teh gateway of the port in to the town, the night lights are on and the smell of sea invades the atmosphere.


"this town was the landing place of a viking ship from early eleventh century,  that ship was spoiled so they could get back, thee decided to stay and form a small village, since they had some knowledge about ships and hunting they were able to make a sucesfull town, this became a fishing center for the region and a trading port with other nations!, but that was a long time ago"   says the cab driver, with that funny accent that mary cant figure out.

"this city has been redone several times because of a few disasters, but they hapen rarely" 


"as you can see, we have a mixture of old and new arquitecture because of that, some houses are still standing from the last disaster, and some that fell down were rebuilt with a new modern style.. look! there's my house, " say's the diver pointing to an apartment in a not to tall building. "the  train is an important asset to the town, it movilises a lot of ppl and most travelers that get to the port, but are not coming to beachport continue theyr way in the train." 


"i see!, and its a moder one too!" say's mary "Yes! we ow that to New Hampsterdam's mayor Ryno Pistachio, from who you will be hearing a lot! he is a public figure in this parts!" yes, mary has heard of him, and now she's starting to belive in the good things they say about him.


"tho mainly a fishing industry town, beachport does have some night entertainment and bars, you could visit them they are not far from the hotel."


"thats the beach port public parking lot, most rich people of new hapmsterdam that come heare leave theyr cars there, we have a good police department so no car's are stolen!" says the taxy driver with pride


8ebd810.png"Finally here we are, Grand beach hotel" says the cab driver that just opened the door of the cab for mary "thx alot! you have been most kind! and your info on the town was outstanding!" replies mary! very happy with the service. "is there any way i can contact you in the morning so i may tour the town with your great knowledge of it?" ask mary... "Of couse replies the ttaxi driver, my name is Bruce Spring, and this is my card"  replies Bruce extending a modes card to mary. 

"thax again" replies mary waving to bruce, whyle she waks in to the loby of the hotel.

**edited to correct a few spelling things i noticed**

K this is the end of day one! next week day 2! plz rate and coment! 2.gif (any tips and sugestions are well recibed!)

Region Update

 Hey every one!, before starting the story im going to give you a little update in the region... Why not in the same post as the story? (public in a few minutes!) because i whant to keep that post onl to the story, but his update is important for it.

Ok i worked a bit on the region and added some terrain, downloaded snow lots to make a snowy peak, and added some lakes/mountains.

Worked on all the cityes and created 3 aditional cityes.

on to the image!

update region


as youcan see, population has grown a bit, those 2 new cityes (1 is pure agricultural so no population count :P) have added ALOT of people to the region! also main city new hampsterdam has gown a bit (and a bit out of control :P some ugly buildings starting to apear! and some abandonment, but real low.)

K now you know the actual region situation, so on to the next entry and the start of thee story!



Hello every one to my first journal entry, in this entry i will explain 2 things, the "spirit" of the journal, and the reason of the city name... (that is really not too complicated.. and kinda not too original 41.gif)

Ok first thing first. why new Hampsterdam.... yeah it sounds like Amsterdam, and it has its roots there... ok the explanation is simple... as you can see from my profile picture i love hampsters! they are the best thing arround! <3 so basically im playing sim city 4 with the idea in my mind "whould a hampster love to live here?" so i named the first (and would be more important) city of the reagion new hampsterdam. (new cuz itz like try 4 lolz)5.gif

so yeah, you should provably imagine this runing arround the city! .. YEAH new ride!

New Ride!


Ok tho the idea of the name id kinda cute, the spirit of the journal is not fantasy related, so basically you can forget seeing hamsters runing arround, tho i dont mind if you imagine them 9.gif.

K so the story is going to tell the travels of a merchant that visits thiferent cityes exploring their cultures and buying stuff to take to his own city (in sim nation i would imagine!). 

The story it self will start in the next journal entry (hope before the week ends 14.gif) but before that i would like you to seee the region, its kinda flat atm, cuz i usually only modify the terrain before starting a city so the region will be changing... 


the region

K see ya all in the next entry, and if you have any ideas im open to any sugestion 2.gif

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