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Peoria Region

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About this City Journal

My cities in my region loosely based on Peoria. Region includes lots of rivers and some hills.

Entries in this City Journal


Peoria Airport

Second Entry!

The airport in Peoria has changed a lot. It was a small landing strip when I entered office. I changed it to have 4 terminals. The terminals were as follows:

Terminal 1: Asian and African Flights

Terminal 2: European flights

Terminal 3: Mexican and South American flights

Terminal 4: all US domestic flights and Canadian flights

The airport did not work this way because of lack of space to build a runway. So, we decided to tear down all transportation networks to and from the airport and remodel it like LAX. The terminal pices are the Japanese terminal pices from bripizza.net. I intend to upload these very soon to the STEX. The terminal will be described in the following:

Terminal 1: This terminal is the largest gatewis with 15 gates. These gates serve two airlines: Southwest Airlines and US Airways.

Terminal 2: This terminal contains 11 gates and is the largest strip terminal areawise. This terminal serves Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air France, Avianca, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Volaris, and WestJet.

Terminal 3: This termianl has 14 gates. It is used by Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, Virgin Blue, and Virgin America.

Terminal 4: This terminal has 14 gates. t is used by American Airlines and Qantas.

Terminal 5: This terminal has 14 gates. It is used by Delta Air Lines.

Terminal 6: This terminal has 14 gates. It is used by Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines.

Terminal 7 & 8: These terminals are used by United Airlines and United Express. 8 has 9 gates and 7 has 11 gates.

Next update:International Terminal




Peoria summary

First Post!

Peoria is a city of about 40,000. It is mostly not employed. This is a serious problem that I am trying to alleviate with neighboring cities having many jobs. The city has a large international airport. It was just torn down and is being rebuilt in a different way. I will detail this in my next post.


The city was formed around a river intersection. The rivers come from the north, south, northeast, and west. At the point where they intersect is a large bay. It is called Peoria Lake. The river really opened up lots of trade for Indians that used to live in the region. About 200 years ago, this region was starting to be inhabited by pioneers. Eventually, they made up the majority of the region's population. In recent years, the mayor has changed several different times. The last mayor before myself really messed up the city by zoning more for residentila than other zones. This left the city with few jobs.

The City Today

Today, Peoria has established connections with other cities. These connections are made by rail, road, and air. The city budget would have been in the neagtives if it were not for the generosity of the Sterlings. The Sterlings made a gian skyscraper in the city. They leased the land from us until they were able to buy. The income from their tower has made the city over 1 trillion US dollars (1 billion simoleons) every month. (The file for this building is avaliable on the SC4 Exchange. Just search "citi".)

Next Post: Airport!

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