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Fairview is a small region of 800,000+ that exhibits gleaming skyscrapers to buildings of its industrial past to the rural farmland that supplies the region with top quality food. The major...

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Fairview City


Fairview city is home to 200,000 with another 100,000 residing outside its city limits. It has been in an intense battle with Golden Bay to attract businesses and citizens. While Golden Bay has the Hotel District, Fairview City boasts an entertainment zone featuring a convention center, indoor/outdoor mall, 20,000 seat Toyota Center, and the 2,000 room Fairmont Hotel. The most recent attraction was the Waterfront. It has opened the shore to the Carnival Cruise Port, marinas, and a thriving night life. Welcome to Fairview.




Founders Park


Grand Central Station with the Historic Grant Street District in the background







University of Fairview is working hard to revitalize this part of Fairview City





This is the last update from the Fairview Region. Thanks for a great first city journal. I'm currently working on a natural growth region by way of the San Francisco map so hopefully there will be a new journal in the future.


Winston: New and Old

Winston and it's neighborhoods have some of the oldest buildings in Fairview. It also has the region's highest poverty rate. Many have tried to improve the city but not many projects have suceeded. The city leaders are always open for suggestions. One of the problems that is holding the city back is its thousands of low paying dirty industrial jobs.


While reforms have condemned many companies, there are others that still remain. In recent years new developers have transformed some areas of Winston into desirable places to live, but thousands more have moved out of the dirty center to the hills that are cleaner and have better hospitals and schools. Welcome to Winston.




Reforms have brought new hi-tech industries to Winston and as a result cleaner air.

Winston-Apr23481268412658.jpgThe original downtown.


Newer business district


Oldest park in Winston as well as Winston.


Through all of the city's troubles, it has built a new $600 million soccer stadium on Pike's Hill.


New suburbs and suburban businesses have made Winston Hills a very desirable place to live.


A major problem Winston is facing beach erosion. This area used to be where Shell Beach was located. Now the water has pushed all the way back to the cliff and even past it, as noticeable by the lone plaza still standing.


Winston is encouraging new businesses and industries to locate in or near the slum areas to improve the lives there. This is best example. Johnson Co. is building a research plant and will hire 600 workers, with 200 workers coming from the housing projects.


While there have been efforts to improve the city, it is not stopping the expansion of the suburbs into the hills. Winston leaders are in desperate need for advice. So any suggestions?


Golden Bay

 Welcome to Golden Bay - home to 340,000 citizens and world class facilities that are used by millions of visitors each year. The city is recognized for its excellence in hosting conventions. The William Feld Convention Center hosts hundreds of conventions and has over a thousand rooms available in the Hotel District with thousands more available in the surrounding area. Transportation is provided by the Golden Bay Transit Authority which operates the bus, train, and subway services. Golden Bay International Airport - the only airport in Fairview - serves the city as well as the Fairview region.


In this edition the neighborhoods of Golden Bay will be explored as well as other highlighted districts.

Golden Bay:


Not only is Golden Bay known for its convention center and hotels, but it is also a regional hub for government services, hi-tech businesses, and education.

Hotel District:


Ten hotels form the hotel district. Previously this land, which made up the central core of the city, was abandoned as citizens and businesses left the downtown for newer developments outside the city. Initially the Golden Bay Redevelopment Authority razed buildings and built hi-rise housing projects. Years later, a new vision emerged and was acted on. The result was the construction of the William Feld Convention Center and adjacent Hotel District. Today, the area around the district is thriving and has brought many new businesses that cater to the center and hotels. Most of the low income hi-rises have been demolished and replaced with open parkland that is shared between the hotels and public.

Government District:


The Government District is another area where the GBRA transformed a neighborhood in decline into a business success. The project gave the regional government a chance to consolidate its offices and operations into a central area. Once again businesses moved into the area to serve the needs of the government workers. Many law firms have relocated their offices in the district, adding additional height to the Golden Bay skyline.

Hi-Tech District:


The Hi-Tech District is located just to the north of the Government District and has dramatically transformed the area. Once home to some of the dirtiest industries in the region, it has evolved into a clean and enviromentally friendly area. These high paying jobs have improved the surrounding residential neighborhood and recently many of the businesses donated $3 million to build a new baseball and soccer fields. 

GoldenBay-Res-Hi-TechDevelopment.jpg The GBRA has experimented with SCN or Self-contained neighborhoods. They are compact developments that contain residential, commercial, and industrial units. People that live in SCNs are given first priority to jobs. Supporters say that they are enviromentally friendly developments that are more pedestrian accessible than more traditional developments while critics argue that they are unstable because businesses close or move all the time and their presence in the SCNs are not guarenteed. The Highland SCN (pictured above) is the only SCN in the Fairview region.


Perched high on the hill top, Globe Arena is a premier arena used for basketball and gymnastics. This is one of three sporting venues within the city.


Beyond the 5 star hotels and gleaming office towers, there are other areas that have fallen into decline. This neighborhood to the southeast of the convention and hotel district is home to many of the displaced from the GBRA developments. There are plans by the regional government to build a new community college in this area as part of its plan to bring affordable college education to areas around the Fairview region.

River Hill:

This neighborhood is located southeast of the city of Golden Bay. It used to be independent of the city but was later annexed. Due to limited space in the city to build, developers have moved into surrounding neighborhoods to build new hi-rises and businesses:


These new developments have been encouraged by the government to build around existing subway and bus lines to reduce the amount of new cars on area roads. So far they have been successful, but only after promised tax breaks and incentives.

Financial District:

The FD was originally supposed to be what is was named for but it didn't quite follow through as planned. Part of the problem was the increased competition for the financial sector between Golden Bay and Fairview City. Ultimately, Fairview City won much of the sector's business. The FD is home to the Golden Bay Central Train Station and the Golden Bay Suns baseball stadium.


Grand View:

This neighborhood is home to the Golden Bay Sharks hockey arena and team. Fairview's only casino is located here as well.


North Shore:

This neighborhood is one of the first settlements in the Fairview region. Its hilly topography guarantees a breath taking view of the water and Cresent Bridge in the distance.



This picture reminds me alot of Pittsburgh, PA because of the houses built on hills and numerous tunnels.

While Golden Bay is a modern city with a world class reputation, Winston is built on the reputation of grittiness and hard work. I'll leave with a city overview:



Fairview is a fast growing region that is experiencing growing pains. It has a rich history of industry and agriculture but in the past few decades it has evolved into a thriving metropolis with two major cities. The problem is that the region is fully developed and the fingers of the city have been spreading out into the countryside. One measure that is being implemented is the building of large apartment buildings that can hold 800-1000 people (Hong Kong/Asia BAT team: HK Garden Estate Towers). Also new hi-tech industry is growing and is competing for land along with housing and commercial developers. So in the coming days and weeks I'll introduce you to the two major cities: Golden Bay and Fairview City as well as other places around the region.


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