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Tefe Bay Region

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Governor is here

 Region is growing well. ?There are over 5,000 people now and more are coming. Amington is becoming centre of the region as it has around 1,000 inhabitants. Country Ministry of Economy and Regional Development assigned well-known businessman John Radcliff as regional governor. His house is on coastline in Amington. 


The Ministry expecting that, with him in charged, region will develop better as he has great experience in this kind of job. First thing he need to do is to solve the traffic problems in connection between Amington and Bitterscote, the Tham Road. Many people travels between this two towns and there is also much truck traffic.


Starting point of this road is Buckington Bridge in Amington. As you can see it is overcrowded. 


The workers deflected traffic to other bridge across the River Aming so the reconstruction of Buckington Bridge can be done.


Just about 100 meters south of Buckington Bridge, authorities proposed new line for road because now road goes through residential area and many citizens are complaining because of noise.



 In the same time, there are workings on the other parts of the Tham Road. In this section in Bitterscote workers had problem because there were no alternative road to deflect the traffic so they needed to build the bay-pass first so the traffic can flow unobstructed while the reconstruction being done.


The reconstruction of Tham Road started July 15. and after exactly 48 days on September 2. it was opened for traffic.



There are pressure now on governor and his contributors by country Ministry and Government to build billing ramps on Tham Road so the money invested in reconstruction can be repaid in two or three years. There is no response from governor still, but he is not in good position. If he don't build it he will loose credit at government but if he do so, people definitely won't like it. We'll see what will happen...



 First, I want to thank you all for commenting on my CJ. It helps me a lot and gives me encouragement to go forward. Even if it's negative it's helpful. And please, if you don't mind, rate my CJ. It means lot to me to know what other people think about my work. 

 Daan300: Thanks man, I hope I won't disappoint you...

JLAAPRTM: I like the whole map of 3RR but it's to big so I pointed my journal on this part of map. It is really grateful for building...

Cisco2: That's what I'm talking 49.gif    I didn't even saw the grid before you told me. Thank you, I really don't want grid in my pictures.

ImVhOzzi: Sooooo.....

 Aldender: Follow my CJ and I think you will be pleased with results 29.gif

iGod: Thank you...

Mars250: Well, he has dilemma in his had. He likes the new farm but he was told by older villagers that it's bad and that changes will only bring bad things. I don't think that hospital will be built just because of him but the hospital will be needed and you gave me an idea for future update37.gif. Thanks

k50dude: I've noticed too that my pictures lack in farm variation and I am looking for some mods. If you have any suggestion I will be happy to hear it.


 Well. things going well in the region. "Fresh Start" is showing the results. In March over 1,000 applications for loans were submitted and more then 400 are already accepted. Road that connects region with Birmingham, which is main industrial center in country, is half-finished and right now workers are asphalting it.


This is the new Tefe Road that will bring industry in region as it leads directly to Birmingham, the city with great number of industrial giants.

There is of course, some people that don't like changes.


This is the small village of Wilnecote. It is the old village, it existed even before the government start the program to awake the region. People in here were living peacefully for more then century. But things are different now. Let's take a closer look...


This is the church of Saint Trifun. It was, always, a place where villagers gathered when they had something to discuss, like when Mr. Smith's son stoled small buck full of corn from a neighbor. Now there is debate inside of church about things that happens in region. People of  Wilnecote are unhappy with this new farm:


It is new modern farm that produce sweat big red cherries. The cherries are so tasty and good looking that villagers think they are toxic because workers on farm put many toxins in land. There are tales that new modern things will only bring disease to people and that all modern farms and industry should stay out of  Wilnecote. But, let's take a look in interview that Collin McFaren, journalist from Britannia Radio, had with Michael Shaw, worker on the farm: 

Collin: Mr.Shaw, you are supporting villagers that are against modern things?

Mr.Shaw: Well, yes. Modern...things are bad.....for..for...Wilnecote. 

Collin: Why?

Mr.Shaw: Modern world...is....is.....bad. There are ...to many toxins.....in land.....and in a...air.....

Collin: OK, but you are working here. How you feel as a worker on a Cherry Co. Farm when you are against them?

Mr.Shaw: Yeah, yeah, I work here. The farm is great! We have all new machines and everything is clean and boss is good man. it is funny to work..hm..here...but...cherries are toxic...

Collin: Mr.Shaw, you sound like a man who like to work here?!

Mr.shaw: It's nice to work here and cherries are so good and boss let us eat them....but...but...it's no good for Wilnecote.

Collin: Hmm, thank you Mr.Shaw.

Maybe there is good things that come together with modern businesses....


 "Government of the Republic of British Island, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development" 23.02.1960.

       ........so all citizens are able to raise a loan with 20 years returning period and 2 percent annual interest. National Bank will start with this program on 1st march......

Tefe Bay region is part of republic(this is fantasy republic that lies on British island similar to real one)  in south-west which has very small population, and on the other hand huge economy potential. There are no inter city roads that goes through this region and nearest port is about 1000 km to north. People that already live in region use forest roads to get to in heart of the island. And forest are rich in wood and position offers good site for new port that will connect south part of the island with Ireland and Wales(both countries are on different islands) . As population in other parts of republic grow quickly, and in mayor cities very quickly, and all that I mentioned in previous sentence, government decided to start so called "Fresh Start" program that includes beneficial lending for all citizens that want to move in Tefe Bay region.  

Workers already started to clear the forest and to build a proper road to region.



Of course, government do not expect rapid grow in population in next few months. This is rather a many years concern. There is few villages in Tefe region now, but population is less than 1,000 in all of them together. There are some of them:







Country leaders want this part of country to develop and stop being burrow of entire nation. They think that "Fresh Start" will encourage people to move in here.

Some of you may recognize this names, but probably only few of you. Those are names of Tamworth suburbs, and all my towns will have names from Tamworth. It is a town in England, Staford shire, the one that I like most. I support football club Tamworth and also have a replica t-shirt, and just to say: I live more than 5 countries away29.gif.



 Hi people! I am new in CJ and even in simcity. But I have played the game for some time and I decided to share my expirience with you. I am inspired by CSGdesign's Natural Growth (oh not unother one!). I am a great fan of his work and I folow his CJ on his own site every day. Before I saw his journal I was playing simcity without any background, just playing as I play any other game. But I liked the idea of giving my play a new dimension. So let's start...

Custom content:

Network Addon Mod

Rural Highway Mod

Street Addon Mod

No Fires or Riots Mod

BRF Tunnel and Slope Mod

Street End Cul-de-Suc Mod

Hole Digging Lots

This is files that most natural growth journal writers use, as I noticed, and I will do so. I am using more files like all CSGdesign's creations, Cycle Dog Tree Mod and other, but I won't write down all of them. Feel free to ask me for anything.


This is the map that I will use. It is South-East quarter of Three Rivers Region. No specific reason, I just liked it.

When I sad that I am new in CJ I forgot to add that I am complete newbie in creating pages of any kind on internet so excuse me for any mistakes. And one more thing, English is not my language,but I will try hard to make as few mistakes as possible.

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