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About this City Journal

Over the years I have been attempting to create an accurate Simcity 4 version of Toronto and have always wanted to do a journal. I thought that now was a good time to start.

Entries in this City Journal


Bob goes to work

Bob Boddington lives at the end of Maple Bush Aveune (near 401 & Weston Rd) and enjoys walking his cat on the trails of the Humber River.  He owns the Owl & Badger Pub on Eglinton Avenue West (near Eglinton & Bathurst) and works as its manager.  His business is over 10 kilometers from his home.  It normally takes him 20 minutes to get there by 10:30 when he starts the days work.  This is his journey.



Before Bob can drive to work he requires his morning Tim Horton's coffee which he picks up across the street at the Crossroads Center.



Bob, being in his mid-40s and driving a burgundy coloured supped up Honda Civic, he is not one to take the sidestreets to work, so on to the 401 he goes.



Every morning Bob battles his way through heavy traffic at the intersection of the 401 & 400 but today, there does not appear to be any cars on the road but him so he floors it.



Bob flies by the TTC's new Jane LRT line and would never consider using it because it does not go anywhere he wishes to go, and besides, he loves to drive.  Zoom zoom



Bob comes to the "Basketwieve" and knows that he must stay in the collector lanes in order to turn off at the Allen Rd.



Bob continues driving, passing this stretch at Keele in under 2 minutes flat.  Bob begins to wonder why portions of his city have magically disappeared.



He approaches Yorkdale Mall, normally a very busy place, but it appears that the parking lot is mostly empty at the moment.



Bob turns off the 401 onto the Allen Rd running southbound.  During imclement whether events, Bob Boddington normally parks at the mall and jumps aboard the University Line subway.



Mr Boddington loves driving this stretch of road when there is no one on it with its trench-like feel.  Go Bobby Go



There is a huge problem if you are speeding southbound on the Allen and that is this former expressway deadends at Eglinton Avenue West at a stoplight with a huge backlog of traffic waiting to turn left.



Bob finally arrives at work and when he gets inside his bar he smiles because he made it in record time of 11 minutes.



Bob wonders if anyone other then him will be on the roads on the way home.


From early 2010


Since 2008, I have made tremendous progress on my city and have started to push beyond Toronto's city limits into the suburbs.  Below is from early 2010.  The city now runs 30 km east/west from the edge of Mississauge at Dixie Rd to Brimley Rd in the middle of Scarborough and 30 km from the lake to just north of Kirby Rd in Vaughan.  Visible is the main highways of Toronto, the 400, 401, DVP/404, 427, Gardiner Expressway, and the Allen Rd.  There is currently 4.7 million residents living in my creation.

To get a close up view of the map go to:




I originally started my recreation of Toronto, ON, Canada about 3 years ago and have been playing on and off since.  The goal of this journal is to portray how close to reality Simcity4 can get regarding builtform and infrastructure.  I use only the 4x4 city size, money cheats, removal of garbage, and free water/hydro since they will complicate this simulation far too much.  99% of buildings are grown with only landmarks being placed in the correct locations.  I will attempt to update this fairly regularly since I have a heck of a lot built to show off.

Just to get a feel for the early years, the maps below are 10 separate large cities spanning 20 kilometers east to west (roughly just east of Birchmount Avenue to just west of Jane Street) and 10 kilometers north to south (just north of Sheppard Avenue to Lake Ontario)

As you can see in this early aerial shot, I am growing the city bit by bit before moving on.


Here is an older map (1 1/2 years ago) showing the higher order transit including subways (green, yellow, purple, orange), streetcar or LRT (pinkish), highway (red), and rail (black).



Please feel free to make comments or ask questions regarding my creation and I will be happy to respond.




I have dug up my original Toronto recreation in which I had to restart due to game crashes.  I used a more accurate map but I never grew the simulation.  This is from 01-01-2006.

Base Map



And the infrastructure



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