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Oahu region

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About this City Journal

John the tourist decided to go to an island, but he spent all of his money on the boat that took him there. All he has are his clothes,his camera and his watch. will he want to stay and live...

Entries in this City Journal




So after 2 hours of sitting in the back of a bus i arrived in a town called MountainCreek it has about 1000 people living in it.

We entered the town from the east via the main road.


and 1 minute later reached the edge of town.....


Soon it was time for me to get off at the bus stop,which i did and went for lunch in a diner across the road.


when i walked in the place was nearly empty and there was only one person serving people,luckily and out of generosity my friend gave me $50 and told me to spend it wisely.

I had a look at the menu and asked the person serving:

Me: Can i have a coke and two chicken wings please.

Employee: Yesh of coursh you can.

Employee: Anything elsh you want?

Me: No thanks that's all

Obivously this person had a lisp and could not speak very well which was a shame.

So after lunch i followed the road south towards the farms.


and further on till i came to this mansion.


So i stepped inside to ask for directions and after i rang the bell a little man in a suit came to answer.

Me: Excuse me can you give me directions? 

Houseowner: You are not from around here are you?

Me: No i'm not.

Houseowner: Tourist?

Me: Yep

Houseowner: So do you have a place to stay cause there ain't no hotels here?

Me: No i don't 

Houseowner: If you want to you can stay in my second home it is not far from here.

Me: Thanks so much

Houseowner: No problem just get out of town soon because the farmers don't like tourists i think they are up to somethin to be honest

Me: Ok i'll look out for them thanks anyway see ya.

Houseowner: See you later

The little man was very helpful he gave me a map with his second home marked on it.

So i followed the map walking along random streets


And still going on...


Until finally i reached it after 30 minutes of walking.


So after i got settled down and had a shower i went out exploring.


i turned left and followed the main road and passed large groups of beatiful wild flowers.


still following the road....


and at the end of the road i came to a great viewpoint of the town it was amazing so i took a photo.

but soon i realised it was getting late and headed back to the house where i was staying.


when i got there i had dinner,phoned the owner of the house and asked him if he could take me to the nearest town.....

he agreed.

Time for voting!:

John can ask  to go north or south but not west because this is the most westerly town or he could go back to Harbour town

which will you decide?

A) Go north towards the town of Belnit

B) Go south to the town of farmin

C) Head east back to Harbour town

I hope you have enjoyed!

see you next time.


Harbour Town


I first caught sight of the Island around 1:Pm local time and arrived an hour and a bit later.

So upon leaving the boat i took a look around the broadwalk also got a bit wet when a large wave hit the side of the broadwalk.


And as i walked further up the road.....


There was a large car crash on an intersection!


So after taking a photo i went along the main road through the downtown (there were some odd looking buildings there).


I got lost so i asked a local where i should go...

Me: Umm.. excuse me

Local: Yes?

Me: I'm lost can you tell me if there is somewhere i could get a map from?

Local: Yes in fact there is,just take the road to your right until you come to a cottage with a thatch roof.

Me: Ok thanks alot,bye!

Local: Bye!

So after my little conversation with the local who was an odd-looking fellow i followed his directions till i came to the cottage,but along the way i noticed something strange in somebody's backyard.


A radar?!!! (or is it just somone wants a good reception for their television?)

So after i walked past the house i came to the cottage which was quite pretty at this time of year.


Unfortunaly they had run out of maps because there was a coach full of tourists like me who had bought them all the day before.

So continuing my journey i followed the road to my left.


And then i turned left... and followed that road until i came to a bus stop.


I also walked past the towns medical clinic.

Still walking down...


Ah finally! the bus stop.


Time for Voting!

John happens to have a friend who is a bus driver in the area who does regular stops here on his route John has three choices:

A) Take the bus North along the coast towards Jointon

B) Go south to his friends house in the other half of the town to spend the night there.

C) Take the bus west further into the countryside.

That is all for the next five days or so

 I hope you have enjoyed it.

And most importantly.......HAVE A GREAT EASTER!!!!!!39.gif


A new start

Ive decided to change the region i'm using because i felt the other region was too flat and boring so ive gone with this region.

(i did not make this btw)

the west side of the island.


the south side.


the northern side


the towns that i already have.


i hope you will enjoy this new region!

i will also view this region as a tourist who came over with no money just his clothes, his camera and watch.

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