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The Highlands

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About this City Journal

my interpretation of the Scottish highlands,basically a mountain cj but it will have lowlands aswell just like Scotland does But all towns and cities will be fictional not real there will...

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Currentlyvacant: Thanks for voting!

Paramore22: Thank you for voting aswell!

Starcade: Thanks for your vote and i hope you will enjoy this cj as it progresses.

Simfreak90: Thanks for voting and for your complement, i always try to make things look nice.

Panoz360xbox: Thanks for your vote!

After an overwhelming majority voted for B that was what was built but it did not take up all the room so the town council filled up the sace with other buildings.

Here is the completed project.


Now on to the next town Inverlichty.

This is the town that used to be famous for it's whisky Inverlichty.


Here is the town with the council offices overlooking the centre of town.


The only large parking area in town.


The A56 (the main road leading into town)

it greets visitors with a pleasant drive in Summer and Autumn (not in winter though)


The community church.


The farmland south of town.

This is one of the few places crops can grow in  these parts due to altitude but there is lots of rocky ground here so it's hard to for crops to grow in most parts of the valley.


the industrial area all high-tech stuff.


The old whisky brewery now a popular tourist attraction.


a piece of woodland burnt down by a fire.


Two pictures to show how rocky the ground is here.



a small village that popped up not long ago to provide housing to  the industrial workers.


Now for some voting!


Yellow=suburb 1 (A)

Red=suburb 2 (B)

Blue=farmland ©

if you don't want them to go through just say so!

Inverlichty's stats

Pop: around 3,000

Fire Hazard: possibility

Safety: high

Education grade: high

Health: high

watered and powered: yes

income: +2,500

(i forgot to do the income on the last town 6.gif)

Hope you enjoyed!

see you next time next update will be on...

well let's see shall we?




Dirtyword: I'm sure your advice will help in future entries!

Jamonbread: I will revisit the town again in the meantime ill try sorting out that problem.

So here we have Kinterach a large town biggest one for about 8 miles anyway.


The town centre.


The construction of a new office tower


The small but growing industrial area.


The logging industry


The swamp.


The airport.(it only does regional flights and was established as a flying club in 1922)


A couple of rowhomes opposite the town park.


The town library.


And last but not least some voting!

pick which building you would like to see built in th town centre A,B,C,D or E ?


Kinterach's stats:


Safety: No crime

Education standard: high

Health standard: high

fire hazard: low

pollution: medium (in some places but mainly low).

Hope you have enjoyed next entry will be on Inverlichty and it's old whisky brewery.

Next update soon!



This is basically a much more detailed entry from the last one about this map tile.

ok so here is the pic of the tile (this is for lazy people who can't be bothered to look on the previous entry)


Here is the village called Terent (a bit unrealistic i know)


some crazy people sitting on the water tower.


The old Celtic church.


going out of the village towards the loch meeting a crossroads.


Going further up the road till it bends.


An area full of thistles and other numerous weeds (if you did not know already the thistle is Scotland's national emblem)


Where the road joins to become one of the main highland motorways.


One of the roads on the other side of the loch with the winternbines that power the village and a larger town nearby.


And finally the road leaving the map to the north by the rocky ground north of windy hill as the locals call it (due to the winternbines).


Stats of Terent:

Pop: 1,412

Education: none

Health: none

Safety: none (well no police force just the boys scouts but they don't do much)

Pollution: tiny amount

Tax: +500/month

Basically all the needs are supplied by the next town along the road Kinterach.

Hope you enjoyed 9.gif

Next entry soon!



Hopefully I will not get bored of sc4 this time so my cj will hopefully continue i chose the subject of a highland cj basically cause there aren't any also this will be a good insight on what parts of Scotland look like for those that don't know.

Note:this is a fictional region mainly because there are no full maps of scotland itself,also this will not be from a journalists point of view but there will be a couple of tales(folk law).

Hope you enjoy

let's begin

to start this is a photo of the map this entry will be on.

note: throughout the cj you will see mostly pine trees adfor these are the most common tress in highland areas.


This is only an intro so i thought 1 pic will be enough to get you wondering about the map

hope you enjoyed! next entry will be out by saturday! (it will cove this map in much greater detail)

PLease leave comments and suggestions

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