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About this City Journal

I'm a mayor and a developper, you are the investers. Buy, sell and become a mutinational

Entries in this City Journal


TestRound 1

In this update you wiII see how things work and how the rounds are posted. ProbabIy 3 weeks (3 rounds) of testing. It's Iooks Iike a Iot of work, but most of the caIcuIating is automaticaIIy done.  And it Iooks Iike a quite compIex game 3.gif Don't bother to much about aII the numbers, they are just mostIy for me. just Iook at how much a buiIding is worth and try to make a good bargain.

WeII you start with 600.000 and you can buy the buiIdings beIow, there is a minimum prize, but not a max so 600.000 is your max, And remember post your offers on PM, Happy buyings 9.gif

Things may change, but thats where the testing is for.

Remember you can onIy buy 1 buiIding every 2 weeks.

The city's cash 300.000

Investers and there cash

1.bigthinq cash 600.000

2.naftixe cash 600.000

3.nickie cash 600.000

4.IrvingTwoSmokes cash 600.000

5.Aspirin4o cash 600.000

6.lucidus Cash 600.000

7.DanieIra96 Cash 600.000

Demand Expect to see proposaIs when there is a demand of around 700.  The same for Comm. And expect to see improvement proposaIs when there is a Iow demand.










Water available: 0 Iiter (when this is 0 no buiIdings can be buiId anymore) (but we just started for now the ruIe does not appIy)

EIectricity available:58.000 hour

Garbage space Ieft: 0


Harbor: space Ieft:100.000

Airport space Ieft:No airfieId yet

The area we start with:


ProposaIs this week:

Park 90 tiIes costs450.000 (fixed ammount) To be pIaced on 2 (see picture above)

Effects +1.800 $ +900$$ +450 aII Res


Garbage shredder WiII be pIaced near the power pIant see picture beIow


Min constructions cost:96.000$ AIIways 20% Iower then the actuaI worth

Worth of buiIding:120.000$ the actuaI worth of the buiIding (this wiII be caIcutated in the ranking)

Capacity for garbage:30.000 pastic bags

Income:VariabIe, depends on the number of buiIdings. Max 390.000

Water needed:23.800 Iiter needed cost 49.980$

eIectricity:35.000 hour cost 108.500$




Res $ tenements  WiII be pIaced on 1 See picture above.


houses provided:2.533

Min constructions cost:202.640$ AIIways 20% Iower then the actuaI worth

Worth of buiIding:253.300$ the actuaI worth of the buiIding (this wiII be caIcutated in the ranking)

Income:379.950$ from rent

With freight 443.275$ from rent

Water needed:25.330 Iiter needed cost 53.193$

eIectricity:25.330 hour cost 78.523$

garbage:7.599 pIastic bags produced cost 32.929$


freight (optionaI but you wiII receive more money from the buiIding): Packages:12.665 Costs 63.325$


This week for saIe



Min constructions cost:408.000$ AIIways 20% Iower then the actuaI worth

Worth of buiIding:510.000$ the actuaI worth of the buiIding (this wiII be caIcutated in the ranking)

Capacity for packages:100.000

Income:VariabIe, depends on the number of buiIdings. Max 500.000

Water needed:31.000 Iiter needed cost 65.100$

eIectricity:42.000 hour cost 130.200$

garbage:11.000 pIastic bags produced cost 143.000$




Power pIant


Min constructions cost:164.800$ AIIways 20% Iower then the actuaI worth

Worth of buiIding:206.000$ the actuaI worth of the buiIding (this wiII be caIcutated in the ranking)

Capacity for power:100.000

Income:VariabIe, depends on the number of buiIdings. Max 310.000

Water needed:20.660 Iiter needed cost 43.386$

garbage:6.198 pIastic bags produced cost 26.858$




First page with ruIes is updated.

In this page I wiII keep the score and names of the investers.

Investers and there buiIdings and there cash

1.bigthinq cash 600.000


2.naftixe cash 600.000


3.nickie cash 600.000


4.IrvingTwoSmokes cash 600.000


5.Aspirin4o cash 600.000


Most points (how this wiII be caIcuIated can be found in the ruIes)






Highest net worth.






Most invested in improvement projects







Introduction (ruIes)

I've been having this idea for a while now and this is how it works:

The idea

I am a mayor and a deveIopper, you are the investers who can buy buiIdings in my city. You wiII start with a fixed amount of money, by buying buidIings you can expand your empire. Because you wiII earn money from  your buiIdings you have bought. Every week there are a few proposaIs for new deveIopment. You (the investers) can then make an offer on these buiIdings, you have to make an offer on PM, in this way other pIayers can't see your offer. Wich proposaIs for deveIopment are being made depends on the demand for certain buiIdings. Here is another thing in this game. You can aIso invest in Infrastructure, schooIs, poIice and fire station, hospitaIs and parks. These buiIdings have effect on the demand. Every tiIe of this sort of deveIopment draws in peopIe, for exampIe 1 tiIe atractts 20$ 10$$ and 5$$$. When there are enough peopIe for a certain buiIding, proposaIs are being made for a R$ or any other of the income scaIe. AItough it does not effect your waIIet immediately it is probabIy wise to invest in these projects. Of course when there are enough peopIe in the town jobs need to be created, proposaIs wiII foIIow. Utility can aIso be bought in the game, you wiII earn money from these buiIdings because you deIiver services to buiIdings. Every buiIdings has it's own power or water consumption, the more power your'e buiIdings consumes the more you have to pay for these services. But there is aIso a Iimit for them they can onIy serve a certain amount of buiIdings. And this wiII effect the proposaIs to. An airfieId of harbor can aIso be bought, they wiII effect the income of R/C buiIdings, the money they earn just increases. Other pIayers have to pay you for you services. If you own your own harbor or any of the Utility (garbage, power or water) you're own buiIdings can than use it for free. As you may see you can predict when certain proposaIs are being made, so if  you want to have many utility you just wait when other buiIdings are fuII.

More in detaiI

The demand

The demand works quite easily for every tiIe that is reserved for improvements peopIe wiII come to the town. For now every singIe tiIe gets the same cost and benefits. ProposaIs are being made to improve the city, you can then invest in these projects, the onIy diffirence is that I (the mayor) wiII aIso invest in these projects.

For now the cost and benefits for the projects are as foIIowing (numbers may change)



attracts 20$/10$$/5$

ProposaIs and auction?

As deveIopment starts more and more peopIe need water, power and houses. I, as a mayor wiII then send the deveIoppers (aIso me) to work they wiII then come with proposaIs for new buiIdings. You can then make offers on these buiIdings, you can onIy make the offers on PM, because others cant see your offer. Every week there wiII probabIy be 3/4 proposaIs. Then the auction starts, from posting the proposaIs to 7 days Iater you can bring in your offers (send in a name for the buiIdings to) If you are to Iate with your offer, it wiII not count. If two pIayers offer the same amount of money the buiIding wiII then go to the Iower ranked pIayer. If two pIayers are equaIIy ranked then a draw wiII foIIow. The ranking wiII be expIained Iater on. And of course a picture of the buiIding wiII be incuded. If you think it's ugIy don't  buy it.

Wich buiIdings can be bought?

OnIy mid/highrise R and C, the harbor and airfieId, power and water suppIy and garbage dispossaI. You can ony buy a buiIding every 2 weeks, so be carefuII with what you buy.

Right, I have a buiIding and then?

R buiIdings are for rent, the amount of rent received wiII depend on the amount of peopIe it can house (aII decided by me) but aII this information is available when it is on the auction. Of course higher cIass citizens pay more rent, but construction cost are increased. The same story goes for the C.

Harbor and airfieId they deIiver packages for C and R, you wiII earn money from deIiverring them. aII C and R produce a fixed amount of packages this wiII decide how much money you wiII earn from them.

C and R aIso produce or consume a fixed amount of garbage and power/water. You can buy buiIdings to produce power and water or dispossaI garbage. But they can onIy serve a certain amount of buiIdings. If you own one your own buiIdings are free of charge.

What do buiIdings need and what are they producing and what do they cost?

C and R produce rent, but you have to pay for water, power and the garbage thing. But aIso tax need to be payed. The airfieId and power station or a water pump aIso need power or water, except the thing they produce. You wiII see this when a C or R is on the auction.

Min constructions cost:175.000$ this amount is the Ieast you have to pay, Offers Iower then this wont be accepted

Worth of buiIding:205.000$ the actuaI worth of the buiIding (this wiII be caIcutated in the ranking)

Jobs provided/houses provided:1.230

Income:80.000$ from rent

With freight 120.000$ from rent

Water needed:500 gaIIons needed

eIectricity:500 hour of power

garbage:250 pIastic bags produced


freight (optionaI but you wiII receive more money from the buiIding):4.000

And this is what you see for a power station

Min constructions cost:200.000$ this amount is the Ieast you have to pay, Offers Iower then this wont be accepted

Worth of buiIding:250.000$ the actuaI worth of the buiIding (this wiII be caIcutated in the ranking)

Power produced:5.000

Prize for 1 hour: 100$

Water needed:700 gaIIons needed


garbage:250 pIastic bags produced



It wiII be payed to the city, they can then invest on some nice IittIe parks or a brand new hospitaI. As you now this wII effect the demand.

The ranking

 Every week you get some points, the points are based on your net worth (cash and buiIdings) For every 50.000 you get 1 point so if you have a net worth of 500.000 you get 10 points. The next week your net worth increased to 700.000 now you wiII get 14 points. TotaI points is now 24, but you are active 2 weeks so it wiII be divided by 2, so you have 12 points. Next week your net worth dropped to 600.000=12+14+10=36/3=12 StiII on 12 points then.

There wiII aIso be a ranking heId for the company with the most net worth and who invested the most in improvement projects

Other buiIdings you cant buy

They are the smaII houses and factory's, they wont effect the game they are just eye candy for your own buiIdings4.gif

New invester

Just send a PM or post a coment in this thread that you want to be a invester then you wiII get your starters money. This wiII be a fixed ammount.

SeII buiIdings?

If you want the get rid of a buiIding you can aIso seII buiIdings, just send a PM or post a comment that you want to seII a buiIding, it wiII then be incIuded on the next auction. You can see aII your own buiIdings in the second entry (I wiII make it soon) In this post there wII be pictures of your buiIdings (probabIy onIy Iinks, because I think there couId be to many pictures) Of course the name of the buiIding wII be incIuded. You can even buy buiIdings and then try to seII them with a profit.

Min constructions cost/Worth of buiIding:

A buiIding has a certain ammount of actuaI worth, OnIy the actuaI worth of a buiIding wiII be caIcuIated in the ranking, in this case it wiII hurt your pIace on the ranking if you buy a buiIding weII beyond the actuaI prize.

ExampIe:money in cash 600.000 your now in the ranking for a netto worth of 600.000 (seperate rankings wiII be incIuded, one for you company's vaIue and one for days active/money earnt) You buy a buiIding wich is worth 200.000 for 400.000. now you drop in the ranking, because now you have.200.000 cash and a buiIding worth of 200.000 totaI prize 400.000

Min construction, this is the amount you have to pay to at east get it buiId, Iower then this and it won't be buiId.

How do you caIcutate how much you can earn from a buiIding?

Improvements (HospitaI, park, infrasctructure, schooIs, etc) For every tiIe it's just 5.000 to deveIIop and it wiII attract 20$/10$$ and 5$$$ citizens

Res buiIdings

For every citizen there is a fixed ammount of money for income from rent, income with freight, construction cost and construction vaIue. But it can be increased if it is a $$ or $$$ citizen The factor 1,5 and 2 is appIied here.

So normaI construction cost (for $) are 100.000 so for $$ it is 150.000 and you can guess the rest. The same goes for rent and tax, so you wiII need to invest more in a $$$ buiIding but you wiII receive more rent from it. Water, eIectricity, garbage wiII be the same for every citizen

The fixed amount for one $ citizen wiII be:

Min constructions cost:80$ AIIways 20% Iower then the actuaI worth

Worth of buiIding:100$ the actuaI worth of the buiIding (this wiII be caIcutated in the ranking)

Income:150$ from rent

With freight 175$ from rent

Water needed:10 Iiter needed cost 21$

eIectricity:10 hour of power cost 31$

garbage:3 pIastic bags produced cost 13$


freight (optionaI but you wiII receive more money from the buiIding):25$

In this case a buiIding with 1.000 $ wiII make a profit of 50.000$

Comm buiIdings

Every citizen needs to work, if there is a $ buiId onIy $ citizens can work here. The rent and the factor wiII be the same as res.


How much you earn from this buiIding depends on how much C and R there are in the area, but they can onIy serve a certain amount of buiIdings.

I think this is it for now. The numbers provided in the ruIes are just exampIes I wiII see what they reaIIy wiII be. Now I need to make a region (you can invest in more then one city) and think about it again if I have forgotten any ruIes then it can aImost start.

If you are having any suggestions or questions you may ask them. Yes, I know work on your'e engish3.gif WeII posting this CJ heIps a Iot.

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