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From nothing to everything

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We want more.

Kollemerens economy: Untill now it mostly consists of lumber and agricultrual goods.  But thats going to chance someday. But not in this update  3.gif The area around the freight station is much better for expanding then the old town, so future development will be concentrated around it. Kollemeren now gets his first proper road, that to will contribute to the local economy. The only downside of this all is the breakdown of nature. You will see this in few of the pictures.

Pic 5.1 New farm near the railroad.


Pic 5.2 More and more forests are being torn down8.gif


Pic 5.3 The old town, most of the citizens are still living here but  the other town expands rapidly. (I like these homes more then the old ones)


Pic 5.4 Wohoo a road and a few... well for now they are highrises. a school, a police station, fire station and a post office, now we need a docter.


Pic 5.5 Oh I forgot this picture, it's before all the development.


Pic 5.6 A little higher.



Nature strikes back

It's 1867 now (first pictures) some weird chemical was thrown in the water and suddenly more shrubs are growing and even the water chances the area looks much better now.

Hopefully you will like the new river.

Pic 4.1 Thanks to Korot for letting me know about the new update of Peg PPond.


Pic 4.2 does somedoy know if there are better overpasses for the Ponds? I think this looks okay, but can be better


Pic 4.3 Improved downtown and grassland.


Pic 4.4 Some new farms and a railroadstation wich was build in 1872, mainly to transport logs almost the whole economy relies on logs. Time to build a sawmill to turn those logs into lumber, for higher profits.


Pic 4.5 Small outpost to signal the village when there is a train coming.


Pic 4.6 And the new sawmill build in 1880 this will probably have a huge impact on local economy. It will lure many new citizens to Kollemeren.


Pic 4.7 Two extra pictures Here it runs to the station and then goes to the sawmill


Pic 4.8 And then it goes down to the outpost and further out of the city.




Nice little village

Well after 3 years there was a little town. It's 1834 now, just a few homes, farms and a church and even a watermill were build.

Pic 3.1 Northern part of the town, some farms.


Pic 3.2 The watermill


Pic 3.3


Pic 3.4 This is sort of downtown.


Pic 3.5 And the whole area.



Signs of life

It's 1830 when the the first explorer arrived in the unknown area, this exlorer (Mr. Koller) found out that this place could be a heaven on earth. Enough fish and wildlife to hunt for and feed a few families. Large forests stretching out, enough to build a thousend or more new homes.

This is what Mr. Koller saw when he first arrived.

Pic 2.1 Can be used as refference to locate were the others pictures were taken.


Mr. Koller then reported back to his old country (the Netherlands) He asked the king (Willem I) if he could get a few man and supplies to build a settlement. His request was granted and he even had the honor to chose a name. Kolle, because of his name and meren because there are a few lakes. Meren=lakes  in dutch :)

Pic 2.2 River and 2 lakes in the west.


Pic 2.3 River in the west


Pic 2.4 The east with a few open spaces.


Pic 2.5 Wohoo the first signs of life in Kollemeren.


Next update the first homes and a church and maybe more :)


First update

So I´m here again.

I did remove all the plugins and reinstalled some plugins, but I´m still in the process to sort it all out.

Sorting dependancies is a bit boring and I like buildings city's more :) So 50% I'm terraforming this city and 50% I'm going to sort things out.

Custom content I'm using, If you see a building you like, you may ask where I get it from, but I dont know everything :)

-Columbus terrain mod

-Peg watermod (I'm acctually using almost everything from Pegasus)

-Cycledoggs Trees

Here is the start of my new region Kollemeren, expect to see a more european rural look at the start but later on a more american urban look.

Here are some teaser pics, not so much, but it's a start, I think wednesday the whole area is terraformed.

Pic 1.1



Pic 1.2



Pic 1.3kollemeren3.jpg


Pic 1.4



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