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About this City Journal

A series of journal excerpts that chronicle the hardships of an escaping slave population, and their rise from poverty once freed from their past.

Entries in this City Journal


Found Journal

Year 4, Day 32,

Dear Reader,

I have stumbled upon this journal at the site of a famous battle that took place over four years ago.  The battle took place just three weeks after our new town, Harper City, was founded.  The previous entries lead me to believe the journal belonged to a young boy named Jari, who sadly died in the battle.

From what I remember, a large contingent of the Emporer's scouts found our location.  They threatened to tell the emporer, who undoubtably would wage war on us if we didn't comply with their demands.  I won't go into the nature of these demands, but we knew that dispite our obedience, they would never hold to their side of the agreement.  Jari and about a dozen other settlers followed the scouts back into the woods, and ambushed them before they could return to the capitol city of Ordinan.

Years have passed without more than the occasional scout, whom we always dispose of. 

Life is getting better here.  The land is harsh, plagued with steep hills and little flat land.


We have begun flattening this land in an effort to expand our new civilization.  Fortunately, our people are skilled at molding the Earth, and as we grow, we will be able to continue our growth at a faster pace.


Farming has been critical to our survival.  But as we have stabalized, we now find a need to expand our industrial interests.  Until next time, farewell.


Year 4, Day 49,

Dear Reader,

I presented this journal to our leader.  He has suggested we make it a public journal that others can add to as time goes on.  Hopefully these entries will serve as a reminder of our struggles and successes, as well as motivation for our future.


Our Escape

Day 1,

For my entire life of 13 years, all I have known is slave labor.  Father tells me it's been this way for over 300 years.  The nation of Tribunial, a prosperous land filled with big cities and rich suburbs, has been a land of murder, starvation, beatings, and humiliation for my people, the Mangas.  We've built their cities, paved their roads and plowed their fields and have gotten nothing in return.

But today our fortunes change.  Three weeks ago, a wealthy man named Harper purchased a group of 150 slaves for his land.  My father and I were bought in the sale.  We prepared for more grueling work, but Harper had other plans.  He handed my father a map of a nearby land.  It was a rough terrain which the Emporer had decided to ignore.  Under the cover of night, we would escape to this land and start a civilization of our own.  That night was tonight.


Day 2,

We are free!  All 150 of us escaped last night.  We have already made it to the mountains to the East.  We should be safe from the Emporer's scouts this far out.

Day 4,

The mountain passes are rough, the wind is cold, and we are starting to run low on food, but overall we are in good spirits.  My father estimates we are halfway to the river where we will settle.

Day 5,

It was a rough night.  Four people died and several more are sick or starving.  My father and several other grown ups have agreed to forego their food rations so that others may eat.  A small group of Tribunial scouts came near last night but luckily did not find us.

Hopefully we are not too far from the river now.

Day 7,

My father has fallen sick.  He has hardly eaten in days and I worry for him.  I tried offering my food but he refused.  I'm cold and tired.

Day 8,

Father is terribly sick now.  He has ordered us to go on without him for fear that he is contageous.  I don't want to leave him.  He has given me his map and divided up his remaining food amongst all the travelers.  I tried to stay with him but he simply wouldn't let me. 

It's too cold to cry.

Day 10,

We can see the river.  It is beautiful.  Father would have loved to see this.  He promised me it would all be worth it once we arrived.  I hope it's true.

The new leader of our group has found a suitable place on the shore to settle.  We have plenty of water now, so tonight we hunt for food.  Tomorrow we will begin constructing buildings and a power plant.  Harper promised to have supplies to get us started waiting by the river, and he delivered.  There are enough materials to build a small town and get us started.

Before I left, Harper handed me a small note, telling me not to open it until we arrived.  It reads "The Emporer will never learn your secret from me, unless he learns to raise the dead."  I didn't understand, but several of the grown ups seemed to take comfort from this.




Thank you to Crusin_King for the Appalachian map.  It is perfect for what I had in mind.

The journal utilizes the NAM mod.  I will try to credit mods as I use them.

Also utilizing:

PEG Water Mod

PEG Rock Mod

PEG Industrial seawalls

JS Seawalls

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