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Afton Lakes

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About this City Journal

After years of suffering in cities becoming more and more polluted by the endless construction of heavy industry and manufactuing in cities all around the world. Citizens from all around the...

Entries in this City Journal


Blueprints are Drawn

With the City starting to bloom more every day, an famous architect has presented the city console with blueprints for Rijksmuseum, the city has chosen to place this great building in a undeveloped area of town so that its construction will lead to a buildup of the city and so the surrounding buildings can be carefully placed

Construction has been planned to take place just south of the Highway 55 and I-694 interchange


Here we can see the starting construction grounds




With the relocation of the city hall, the new city airport open, the first state park teaming with life, now just 1 year behind us the city looks as if its going to reach for the sky even faster, over the last year the city has had huge growth, lets take a look at some milestones over the last year.

The City became host to their very own football team the "Afton Lakers"



The city had a economic Boom in water production due to Water Inc. not only opening their regional Headquarters here in Afton Lakes but also due to a new university that specialises in water treatment




a new Elite housing community has been developed nestled in the forest behind city hall, this community's name is North Oaks



The City also had a local City church classified as historic as of late, The Church of St. Nicholas


cxlscreenshotaftonlakes.jpg    cxlscreenshotaftonlakes.jpg


The City has started to reach for the stars with its first High Rise's known as the Cenarion Towers


Here is the newly completed 2.7 Billion dollar interchange of 694 and highway 55, who's construction took over 2 years due to its scale, and budget cutbacks during its construction to allow for other planning since the interchange was not in use at the time



Current City footprint can be seen here from the Asob Satellite


With a Traffic pattern overlay we can see that the city's growth has not impacted commute times to much


View of the City from Bunker Hill


The City's Current Economic Status  looks decent as well!



Over the last Year There have been major changes in the town of Afton Lakes, the city has completed phase 1 of its original 3 phase construction and has begun on the Second phase of building, the city is now up to 200,000 Population and with this the city has decided to not only upgrade town hall, but to relocate it into the new construction area of the city.

With the completion of Phase 1 lets take a look at some of the current city

With Highway 55 rebuild in the Phase 1 area of the city now complete we can see here that there is still plenty of expansion opprotunity


Here is a shot of the River front Villas built at the end of Phase 1's construction


Two other shots of the finished phase 1 


Here we can see the city from the new 494 Bridge


Here we can see the new Intersection between the residental and office/high tech area of the south end of phase 1's area, just to the south is the Highway 55 Bridge crossing Dakota River and entering Phase 2's building area


The City has also welcomed its first elites to the city!


With this the city has become large enough that a small town to the south has developed providing the city with Many Industrial and Manufacturing goods, this city is known as Plainfield

Here we can see the start of the housing District



Here we can see the start of the heavy industry (right) and manufacturing (Left)


More Information on the Development of this Sub City to come as it matures, and yes as you can see due to the traffic there are 2 small ave's going into the industrial zone, and 1 leaving it

With the expansion into new land the city also breaks ground on its first commuter airport

Here we can see the start of construction in the phase 2 area, including the city's first airport


With the opening of the cities first airport the city also is great full to be the host of a new State Park next to the airport, it will provide nice views of city, has walkways and a small road down by the lake front and fountain in the middle


Park at night:


With the start of the more upscale part of the city the city console has decided to help being larger companies into the city by upgrading town hall, and also moving the city hall to a new location featuring a park and all city services near by


And last but not least the current road map of the city with traffic flow, you can see work has already started on what will become the Highway 55 and Interstate 694 intersection, expecting heavy traffic the city console elected to start off big with the possibilty of down sizing the interchange if zoning permits, they did not want to be as limited by highways size here as they will be with highway 55 and interstate 494 




A City takes shape

  Not much progress this week as i have been working on supporting cities

The city has slowly been growing over the last few months, and with it so have the road sizes, traffic congestion surrounding the cities first high tech plaza has caused the mayor to make many roads in the surrounding area one ways and to add additional lanes on the primary path in to the Shore line office district

With the coming completion of Phase 1 here you can see the current Highway 55 and Interstate 494

Yes i know that split should be ramps, all in due time

Here you can see traffic is getting heavy on Highway 55 and on 494 up until the Jackson Street split, The city console has already approved a 6 million dollars to go towards adding a addition 4 lanes to Highway 55 that will create 4 lanes in both direction, constuction will begin as building to the south of 494 begins this month


Here you can see the current plan for future highways and interstates, all names are not final at this time(update: see below), that information should be ready by the completion of phase 1, marked in blue you can see the complete stretches of 55 and 494



Current economic status:


And now for the postcard shots

Airial view
View from the top of the hotel next to the high tech office park looking at the Shore line office district

High Tech Area round office park to the right and houses to the left, just to the bottom(not visible) is the Shore line Office District

Currently Planned Highways

With the First few months of construction completed the city is 1/3rd of the way through Phase 1 of the Original construction plan, With this Mile marker the local City Historian commity doumented the city look and status as it stand

View that Visitors first see from the Main Highway coming into the City (Highway 55)(if you were really tall....)


From the Utility Station Hill just to the south


Aerial View of the City


Documentation of Current City Census and Economic Status (CCES)


A plan is laid

 After years of suffering in cities becoming more and more polluted by the endless construction of heavy industry and manufactuing in cities all around the world. Citizens from all around the globe are looking for a new city to call home. A intrepid few entrepreneurs set forth for a new city to call home and to build a city teaming with the best of the best in the office and high tech fields, and to offer a clean place to live for manufacturing and industrial workers. They then learned of the new city named Afton and set out to settle there however upon their arival they learned the mayor of afton is developing the town to be a small resort destination. So the entrepreneurs set out east of Afton in search on un-claimed land what they found would become known as Afton lakes

Land Survey results:


With the Land Survey complete planning of the city began after months of Debate the founders layed out this Development plan as a starting base for the City, knowing that if they must resort to even 1 industrial building to cordon off a small area for it to reside

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