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About this City Journal

Jerome is a relatively small, young, but growing comunity. With a population of only 27,000 in a Region of nearly 2,000,000, it is one of the smallest cities, but easily the best looking....

Entries in this City Journal


Bad news.

            It's been a very long time since my last post, and there is a very sad reason why. My computer isn't the best around, and tends to crash. Typically it isn't a bad crash, just a reboot. But the last time, it crashed and dumped my memory, not only erasing all trases of Jerome, but dumping all of my STEX files. Therefore, all my simcity stuff is up in smoke. Don't fear though, it seems everytime I give up Simcity for a while and come back I always get better, I intend to donate to Simtropolis and recieve a copy of the 3rd STEXcollection, and once I get that I intend to create a new large Island city. It's not the end folks, its a new beggining. Looking foreward to start over, thanks for viewing!


Downtown Expansion

With the great amount of newcomers to the city there's no surprise that downtown was due for an expansion.

One of the areas to be expanded, a perfect place being near the water and the Resort Hotel make it prime real eastate.

Another area to be expanded, just across the avenue.

A new airport was the first step in the process, providing long distance transportation to the rest of the world. (as you can see, some business has already moved in across the avenue)

The finished airport, just off the water. It is quite a nusiance, however, for the local golfers...

The city's first commercial shyscraper set the bar quite high, but it's influence was key to the expansion.

Soon the expansion erupted, cranes could be seen everywhere...

Some seafront construction on the southern end of the city.

Bell South moved their headquarters to Jerome, finding the city best suited for "The Bat Building"

Remember this old block from earlier?

...Well now it has become the most recognized part of downtown, not only housing three major skyscrapers but is also home to City Hall

Across the street is another collection of skyscrapers, particularly this beauty.

Just east is home to one of the cities tallest skyscrapers, and the convention center.

The City's second highest building stands firm on the southern waterfront, just across the street from the arena.

These twin buildings near the heart of downtown overlook the university campus. (I did not plop them, they grew that way!)

A distant shot of the southern downtown district...

The University of Jerome, smack dab in the center of downtown.

The Eastern District's expansion in full swing.

From this.....

To this in just under five short decades, the term "explosion" best suits the situation

The City reaches 85,000 people!
Thanks for viewing and thank you Simtropolis and all the BATers!



And then it exploded

The new business attracted even more wealthy citizens, and architechs flooded the city with new plans...


The city's first skyscraper, and its a beauty


Princess tower under construction, not only the tallest residential tower, but one of the tallest towers in the entire city.


The building completed, isn't it beautiful?


It even influenced more construction to the south!


These two towers influenced this area to become the most densly populated six blocks in the city


In just 3 short years 4 new highrises were built and a 5th was on the way


A nice new beach side highrise across the street from a seaside casino and only two blocks from the University of Jerome

Thanks for viewing! stay tuned for the downtown expansion!!!!


But it grew.....

It didn't take long for people to move in, and not just anybody, but the wealthy.....


4 Identical condos with plenty of tennis to be played...


Two of the most recognized condos in all Jerome, these two condos are the first buildings a driver sees when entering the city from the north.


This area was the cities densest for quit some time, but was eventually rezoned for commercial as part of the downtown expansion project...


The cities now densest area in its infancy.


A resort hotel was erected just off the water, influencing new buisiness.


A golf course was built just south of the resort hotel, the land was built up on the water for this project.

It was soon noted then a commercial district was needed to supply the sims with some jobs, after all, the outside industrial cities were getting too crowded...


A link established between the new downtown and the suburbs.


The new companies settled in nicely.


This area was invisioned to be the most recognizable part of downtown, and it will be.


The finished commercial district, not exactly pretty, for now....

                                                                                                     Thanks for viewing!!


In the beginning...

In the beginning, Jerome was a simple place, just a small collection of houses. But the cities planner knew that the area was prime real estate for the wealthy. Invisioning tall towers and expenive cars the planner set out to do his best...

The Cities first power plant, and hpusing.
The Cities fist housing and power plant.

More early housing development.

But soon the wealthy moved in, raising property value and bringing beauty to the city.

The planner wasn't partial to strait city blocks, and preffered crooked streets. This street houses the cities first clinic.

A new Library was added next to the train station to add to youngsters' learning.

People began to fall in love with the Jerome's location, the clean air, and the green trees, thus a multitude began to move in, and spark the inevitable expansion of this young town....

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