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Science and Coporatism

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Now we know that it takes a year to travel to earth at near light speed, if your not he one traveling. Physicists say that if you travel at near light speed, time slows down, to a stop at light speed, and backwards if you go faster. This is because light speed is the universal speed limit, and say flying on a space ship going at light speed, and you go to use the toilet at the front of the ship, wouldn't your movement on top of the light speed make you go faster than light speed? So what happens is time slows down just enough that at whatever speed your moving, it dosen't exeed the limit, so from earth it would seem like it took you a week to get to the toilet, but you wouldn't notice anything.

The same thing will happen to our astronauts, although it takes a year to get to earth, they will only spend 6 months aboard the space ship, because times slows down on the ship, hard to understand, eh? (Canadian FTW)

Well coporatism is even harder to understand.

When people of the great planet of home learnt that it would be engaulfed in the sun, land prices plumeted, and coporations lost money, but when the government anouced a colonization mission, who was the greatest sponsor, the tax payers? No, in no way could the government afford to do that, they had to pay for health care, education, and services, and were in massive debt from wars of a long time ago. No corporation funded over 80% of the project, why would they do it if they were losing money? because the governement offered them land and rights to do whatever business they were in of the new planet earth, and thus people invested in the companies that had these rights, giving more money to the government for more rights and so on. The economy was being run on migrating the population to earth, and too a Desertian student like Schulman, who lived in communism in his childhood, this new concept inspired him to build his own corporation on this new planet. For the first few years of migration, only healthy sapients in their 20's are allowed to go, but the candidents have already been filled in for 5 years so the government started accepting 15 year olds that would apply to go in 5 years, and moved the cut of age from 25 year olds to 20 year olds, meaning, that by the time they did go, they'd be the right age.

With the launch so close, the next batch of astronauts are being train, they will leave as soon as the others arrive, in one year. When the original astronauts land, they will said a radio message through a wormhole, a major advance in communication technology. Scientists say that like all 3 dimentional surfaces, the 4th dimension isn't smooth, and has imperfections called wormholes. Which can instately teleport form one end of the universe to the other, the only problem is the worm holes are so small, that nothing can egt through, except things that don't have mass, like radio waves, so thanks to technological advancements, instant messages can be sent form earth to home and back. As soon as they land they will send a message that they are safe, and the next round of astronauts will come.

The schedual is as follows

Original launch: 1 year before first landing, Arriving 0 years after landing

Second launch: 0 years after first landing, Arriving 1 year after first landing

from then until the next year a space ship will be launched every month.

Then in the next year 4 launches per month (every week) for one year.

In the fourth year after landing (AL) a ship will launch every day and will continue until every sapient is on earth.

The first launch will have 30 spients and equipement on it. After that they will all have 50 on them.

If oen launch happens everyday, an the population of hoem remains stable (apart from emmigration) at 45 million. (not including 5 million newians, who, unless the newians make their own launches, the united nations government has no control of, and the 10 000 dragons who at the moment are negotiating a way to move to the new planet too) ( So the population of home is around 50 million sapients and 10 000 dragons) Now for the launch

3, 2, 3, 2, Liftoff!


The parents of the brave 30 look at the space ship goin up. Tears in their eyes, the astronauts are all 20-24, if they weren't heading to this new planet, they would be in university, in school. Coming to this new planet is a hard choice, but i hope you make it. (That's right subliminal advertising in a emotional part of the story, for you to make a character for you to join the new world)

In a year by our standards they will arive on this planet, ready to set up a new colony, and a new way of life.


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